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The Ten Best Blog Sites for Every Day Users

People look to blogs to find out information, get new ideas or to just have something to do. There are virtually millions of blogs for you to explore. Each one has its own niche and specific genre of people who visit or contribute on a regular basis. A few of the best blog sites available include:


WordPress is popular for its exceptionally well designed dashboard. You can choose your layout, color scheme and font size to enhance and personalize your page. It can be quite complicated until you figure out its many features. Once you get the hang of it, however, you will be able to navigate the site and use those features to your advantage. It ranks as one of the best blog sites available for both commercial and personal use.


Blogger is easy to use and since it was taken over by Google, offers many new and expanded features. It is not as sophisticated and fancy as some of the other blog sites, but nonetheless can provide an excellent avenue to put your thoughts and ideas out there.


Blog.com offers a free version as well as a premium version for individuals who want to pay to access more services. As a hosting site, it allows people to post blogs over unlimited bandwidth and share their musings with anyone who wishes to view them. Blog.com is easy to navigate and offers paid subscribers a wide range of tools that can be used to create a personalized webpage.


Weebly uses a convenient drag and drop tool to help users easily navigate and build their own website. It allows users to embrace their creativity and build a unique website they can add to whenever they choose.


LiveJournal brings blogging and social networking together. Blending the best of both worlds, LiveJournal allows for community discussions and forums It is an excellent choice for individuals with similar interests or shared school connections.


Tryghost.org is an offshoot of Kickstarter.com. While only available to users from its parent website, Ghost should become available to the general public by the end of 2013. With its new style and unique approach to blogging, it carries with it much promise to be one of the best blog sites of the coming year.

Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes allows the user to incorporate many of the regular Facebook features in their blog posts. Pictures and links to other sites can be embedded and shared much like any other post on a Facebook page. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is one of the most lucrative websites for blogging.


Google+ is not thought of as a blog site, so it has few, if any, features that allow it to be customized on a personal level. Google does, however, offer a strong following and gives bloggers a sense of community in which to communicate.


Quora is an excellent site to share insights and information on a variety of topics. Information seekers flock to the website looking for information and ideas. It does not offer much in the way of personalization and there are limited tools to build a technology savvy website.


Tumblr is another site that benefits from its similarities to social media. It is easy to use and is capable of utilizing posts from both Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr is owned by Yahoo and has a strong community following based on the many features it is able to access through the connection.

These are just a few of the best blog sites available. With a little research, you can uncover several more that can be used for both commercial and personal benefit.

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