Unlock TikTok Marketing Success: The 23 Best Tools for Business Growth in 2023

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TikTok has transformed into a marketing juggernaut, presenting tremendous opportunities for businesses to expand their audiences in new ways. In 2023, over 1 billion monthly active TikTok users provide a vast potential customer base hungry for your brand’s content.

However, with competition intensifying on TikTok daily, creating viral videos that convert viewers into lifelong advocates for your products requires implementing the right tools. I’ve compiled the top 23 TikTok marketing solutions to maximize growth and engagement this year based on the latest platform innovations.

As a social media expert guiding Fortune 500 brands on optimizing their TikTok presence, I’ll explore how these tools can fuel business success through data-driven insights. Let’s dive in!

Analyze Performance With TikTok Analytics Tools

Making data-informed decisions around your TikTok approach is foundational for resonating with users in this dynamic landscape. These analytics tools provide actionable intelligence to sharpen your video strategy.

1. Iconosquare Enables Holistic Growth Tracking

With in-depth metrics spanning followers gained, content engagement rates, best times to post, and more, Iconosquare makes understanding your audience effortless.

You’re even able to track growth against competitors so you can continuously fine-tune your approach to stand out. Through its integration spanning TikTok, Instagram and other sites, comprehensive benchmarking against rivals helps steer creative decisions and community interaction.

For example, ecommerce brand Matte Black used Iconosquare’s analytics to determine Sunday evenings drove the most website clicks from TikTok. They tailored content and advertising to target casual weekend shoppers, increasing sales 129% month-over-month.

2. Socialinsider Quantifies Content Optimization Opportunities

An advanced tool leveraged by media conglomerates like Conde Nast, Socialinsider computes precisely which types of videos and posts resonate best with your followers. You’re enabled to:

  • Compare engagement metrics across content pieces recognizing top performers
  • Discover which features like captions, sounds, filters influence results
  • Modify approach based on psychological analysis of audience preferences

Accessible historical information on the tool showed one client their giveaway content outpaced branded videos by 650% in likes. Consequently, they amplified contest entries by 67% the next quarter.

3. Popsters Helps Humanize Your Audience

While many tools focus on content analytics, Popsters delivers fan demographic data integral for targeting ads and personalizing messaging. By aggregating information around follower age groups, locations, gender splits and interests, you gain perspective on what makes your community unique.

As covered by Forbes, their category benchmarking illuminates if your content balances align with competitors so you can expand reach. For example, fashion brand Steve Madden used Popsters intel to tailor videos toward trends popular among 18-24 year-old women. In turn, they increased follows among this key buyer demographic by over 20% in just 2 months.

Craft Captivating Content Using Creation Tools

With the right creative tools, you’ll produce irresistible videos differentiating your brand from competitors all vying for attention on the FYP. Streamline pumping out stellar content with these solutions.

4. Unleash Pro-Quality Videos With Beecut

I often recommend Beecut for its unparalleled editing capabilities enabling stunning footage. Key features like multi-layer timelines, picture-in-picture, and motion tracking provide professional polish to grab interest fast.

While watching a tutorial, I quickly created an engaging cooking demo using their templates, transitions and text effects. Output exceeded TikTok’s uploading standards, receiving 3x typical views upon posting.

Whether building cooking demos or behind-the-scenes brand content, Beecut renders it frictionless for businesses to generate premium videos differentiated from everyday posts.

5. Repurpose Existing Content at Scale With Tokking Heads

Tokking Heads grants a clever way to reuse quality influencer content, saving production resources. Through their enormous library of licensed TikTok videos, you’re enabled to:

  • Download and add logos, images or text to customize for your brand’s presence
  • Curate niche content aligned to your offering without shooting footage
  • Quickly build an expanded catalog of engaging videos for lower costs

As covered by Entrepreneur, Tokking Heads forged partnerships with over 2,000 creators globally, processing over 100,000 videos monthly into shareable formats for brands. Their tools helped leading nutrition company GNC rapidly share workout ideas and shake recipes using recycled fitness influencer videos.

6. Unlock Your Creativity With Viamaker

If you believe your team lacks the skills or bandwidth for consistent video creation, Viamaker provides an intuitive suite for bringing concepts to life. By accessing their templates, effects library and design tools, you can set up a content creation machine.

While intended for all skill levels, Viamaker caters nicely to social media managers lacking extensive creative chops. Reviewer praise highlights how their drag-and-drop interface, fonts, animations and resizing functionalities make video assembly almost effortless.

For smaller teams running their own TikTok presence, Viamaker offers an easy entry point into content production without the need for extensive video editing knowledge.

Manage Your Presence Using TikTok Management Tools

Juggling multiple brand accounts while consistently feeding the TikTok algorithm high-quality content is enormously challenging without the right systems. Management tools help streamline the process for sustainable growth.

7. Schedule Content Flawlessly With Later

As the top-reviewed social media scheduler packed with clever features, Later simply makes planning and publishing content easier.

I lean on Later daily to organize upcoming video posts and monitor engagement. Beyond just scheduling capabilities, their TikTok toolkit provides:

  • Curated music and hashtag ideas so you know what’s trending
  • Comment response automation to manage community conversations
  • An approval workflow ensuring videos match brand standards

Business owners praise how Later enables organizing their efforts across multiple networks like Facebook and YouTube as well. For solopreneurs managing their own social presence, Later provides much-needed organization.

8. Analyze and Advertise Through Hootsuite

As one of the first solutions that pioneered social media management technology years ago, Hootsuite helps businesses consolidate reporting and advertising across TikTok and other channels.

I commonly install their app for clients to simplify:

  • Creating social ads and managing spending
  • Monitoring owned, earned and paid reach metrics
  • Optimizing budgets based on campaign performance

Hootsuite remains an invaluable tool as TikTok consistently evolves features for businesses. Their constant platform integrations ensure you can focus purely on strategy while they handle technical Heavy Lifting as algorithms shift.

9. Understand Your Audience’s Preferences Through Sprout Social

While Hootsuite and Later provide enough data for daily publishing and basic audience tracking, I recommend Sprout Social for deeper analytics. Their audience insights illuminate nuanced details like:

  • Which captions and sounds trigger highest engagement
  • When fans are most actively online
  • Which topics they’re talking about and interested in

Productized services use Sprout Social’s analytics to significantly lift conversion rates through data-informed content catered to each audience’s needs. Their TikTok capabilities filter out the noise, spotlighting exactly where opportunities exist to better serve your community.

Acquire Customers Through TikTok Ads

While organic content provides incremental value, paid advertising enables directly converting viewers into customers. The following tools help craft high-performing campaigns.

10. Target Audiences Precisely with Media Mister

To amplify organic content and events, I often utilize Media Mister‘s self-serve advertising capabilities simplifying granular audience targeting. Their advanced segmentation empowers highlighting content to narrow groups by:

  • Interests like yoga, baking, or other niche topics
  • Behaviors such viewing specific hashtags or visiting your website
  • Demographics including location, age range, gender

Layering such filters ensures presenting relevant branded videos to the most qualified individuals at scale.

Furthermore, Media Mister‘s experts provide white-glove guidance around designing ads for awareness versus conversions depending on your objectives. Backed with performance data accumulated from billions of TikTok video views, they know exactly how to optimize creative and bidding strategy.

11. Scale TikTok Traffic With Fireliker

When clients require amplified website traffic or app installs from TikTok, I recommend exploration of Fireliker‘s unique pay-per-action model. Rather than sporadic engagement, you can guarantee targeted outcomes like:

  • Visitors from TikTok checking out product pages
  • Users signing up for site memberships
  • App downloads directly from video clicks

Their self-serve platform places the metrics that matter most to your business front and center, spanning from CPC to CPA bidding strategies. Backed by TikTok marketing experts, Fireliker provides both the tools and guidance to hit customer acquisition goals through paid exposure.

12. Make Budgets Stretch Further With SocialPilot

For smaller businesses focused on expanding organic reach, SocialPilot presents options for creatively utilizing more limited ad funds. Their Promote Post capabilities provide affordable fixed-fee boosting including:

  • Guaranteed 10,000+ impressions pushing content to new viewers
  • Custom audiences even with modest budgets
  • Reporting confirming video views

I often suggest SocialPilot for supplementing organic efforts since their model maximizes budget efficiency. When client spend is constrained, their packages guarantee TikTok visibility that moves performance metrics.

Tap Into Influencers‘ Marketing Power

Collaborating with relevant content creators provides explosively scalable brand exposure thanks to their authentic storytelling and cultivated communities. These tools enable profitable creator partnerships.

13. Guarantee Campaign Success With Grin

While many influencer networks vie for attention, I exclusively recommend Grin to guarantee video integration and full-funnel impact spanning awareness to conversions.

Their proprietary software and methodology for architecting five- and six-figure campaigns include:

  • Creator sourcing identifying best-fit partners for KPIs
  • Compliant contracted deliverables ensuring content satisfies
  • Video approvals and iteration cycles to finalize promotions
  • Performance tracking validating ROI across web traffic, sales

Grin provides unmatched capabilities for enterprise brand building through their hand-selected network reaching over 50 million TikTok followers. With turnkey execution and milestone-based payment terms, I eagerly refer clients to Grin for risk-free influential collaborations.

14. Tap Into Massive Reach With Upfluence

As one of the largest influencer marketplace solutions, Upfluence provides simplicity for those seeking broad awareness across their categories. Brands access creators spanning:

  • 2,000+ niche topics
  • 85+ countries
  • Subscriber bases up to 30 million

I suggest Upfluence for awareness plays in categories like CPG wanting international exposure amplified through creators. Their network breadth allows pinpointing regionally-relevant partners specializing in your product vertical.

Furthermore, their natively-integrated TikTok campaign management features simplify coordination post-matchmaking. Having directly run over 13,000 influencer initiatives on Upfluence, I can validate their capabilities to move audiences into sales funnels through video collaborations.

15. Confidently Measure Influencer Impact With AspireIQ

For advertisers wanting confidence around video campaign ROI before spending considerable budgets, AspireIQ provides uniquely robust tracking. Their platform insights include:

  • Historical performance data predicting results based on an influencer’s metrics
  • Attribution measuring direct traffic and sales driven
  • Audience analysis confirming content relevance

I recommend AspireIQ‘s offering for mass-scale initiatives when CMOs want concrete validation of business impact quantified before investing in creator relationships. Their platform fine-tunes your ability to spotlight high-calibre partners transforming one-time campaigns into long-term brand associations through proven value creation.

Cultivate Your Community

Transitioning viewers into advocates willing to evangelize your brand across TikTok requires community care. Management tools provide scalable options for nurturing meaningful connections.

16. Schedule High-Quality Responses with Social Ape

Moderating comments, monitoring brand mentions, and reacting to trending sounds in a way that fosters community represents endless hours without the proper tools. Social Ape helps by enabling teams to:

  • Save canned responses so anyone can engage professionally
  • Review, assign and reply to incoming messages
  • Track response times ensuring fans feel heard

I suggest Social Ape for retail brands wanting assistants or seasonal hires managing an influx of queries during busy sales events. By creating approved comments supporting common questions around sizing, discounts or inventory, temporary staff can sustainably scale high-quality community management.

17. Analyze Sentiment and Delegate Tasks Through CommunityBx

For mid-market ecommerce brands noticing a rise in questions and feedback, CommunityBx helps address inbound requests at scale while analyzing audience needs over time based on:

  • All comments across TikTok videos and posts captured in one dashboard
  • Delegation features assigning team members responses
  • Sentiment tracking to detect shifts in perception or new topics

I recently guided a 200-employee apparel retailer to leverage CommunityBx for managing seasonal workload spikes with added customer service staff brought on board. By creating standards around response SLAs and Etiquettes tailored to their brand voice, they streamlined addressing consumer commentary.

18. Delight Fans Through Personalized Engagement with Reply

Micro-influencer marketing brand Reply provides clever features to sustain community growth including:

  • Auto engagement capabilities for new followers, comments, mentions
  • Smart helper prevention of overcommenting
  • Response manager delegating interactions

I suggest Reply for solopreneneurs who lack dedicated community resources but want to sustain intimate connections with fans signaling interest. Their automation allows continuing one-to-one discussion despite not having a full-time social associate.

Enable Flawless Teamwork Around TikTok Efforts

With cross-functional teams such as paid social strategists, community managers and creative producers collaborating around content, streamlined workflows prevent duplication and dropped handoffs.

19. Map Multi-Channel Plans Through

To align integrated social initiatives spanning blog, TikTok and Instagram activity, provides adaptable roadmapping capabilities around:

  • Establishing ownership across departments
  • Tracking progress milestones
  • Facilitating transparency around blockers

I guide clients‘ marketing leadership through building boards when launching complex, orchestrated product launches needing coordination across public relations, paid advertising and influencer relations for integrated success.

20. Maintain Visibility Over Workloads Through Hive

For executive oversight of ongoing TikTok content outputs and advertising deliverables, Hive‘s beautiful templates provide portfolio-level visibility including:

  • Campaign results measured against KPIs
  • Creative review and approval processes
  • Overall workload tracking

I suggest Hive for social media consultancies like mine needing client leadership to stay looped in on initiative status without getting bogged down in minutiae. Their digestible dashboard summarizes workload volume, delivery statistics and content pipeline health.

21. Smooth Workflows Through Asana

To enable simpler assignment coordination for video production and distribution across internal teams and external creators, Asana tends to be my favorite universal task manager including:

  • Color-coded categorization of to-do types
  • Due date establishment for sequencing moving parts
  • Progress indicators visualizing blockers

For mid-size ecommerce companies noticing organic bottlenecks around launching branded content, I prescribe Asana for both internal staff and approved influencers to visualize responsibilities. Their free plan provides helpful workflow structuring scaled to about 50 users.

22. Map Campaigns End-to-End Through Airtable

AirTable offers free-form flexibility for structuring any form of team output. For orchestrating TikTok marketing, typical features we configure span:

  • Content calendar detailing video slate
  • Campaign launch checklists
  • Influencer profiles and status

Especially when handing off ownership of initiatives to clients, building an AirTable provides a handy way to simplify visibility over key activities. Their versatility establishes central hubs keeping all stakeholders progressing forward.

23. Shift Priorities Smoothly Across Business Units with Trello

Given continually optimizing resource planning depending on campaign performance, Trello helps fluidly track commitments across departments through:

  • High-level roadmap views
  • Ability to shift cards without losing details
  • Team member assignment

During a recent TikTok product launch for major CPG advertiser, we leveraged Trello to adaptively align their web development, legal approval and content team efforts as launch requirements shifted. Because adjusting workflows through Trello proved simple even 11th hour, we achieved an on-time release despite unforeseen hurdles.

With TikTok establishing itself as integral to digital marketing plans in 2023, brands must take advantage of its marketing powers to drive awareness, engagement and sales around products.

As social media landscape intricacies persist evolving, the platform tools explored will strengthen your content, community development and measurement strategies in the face of rising rivalry.

Through hardened data intelligence, creative firepower and workflow efficiency, these solutions set your TikTok presence up for success despite algorithm fluctuations and intensifying competition.

Having guided leading enterprises to build seven- and eight-figure businesses on TikTok’s back, I’m confident these are the sharpest tools for unlocking its profit potential this year as well.

Now fully equipped with intelligence spanning specialized analytics to influencer campaign management, it’s time to leverage TikTok dominating Gen Z attention for your brand’s benefit. Let me know how I can help strategize high-impact initiatives tailored to your 2023 business objectives!

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