24 Best Twitter Bot to Follow in 2022


Do you want to know about Twitter accounts that are completely run by automation? This post examines the top best Twitter bots just for you.

Twitter has distinguished itself as one of the best social media platforms in the world over the years. There are well over 271 million active users on Twitter today. But not all these active users are humans. It is suspected that bots are now controlling a huge chunk of Twitter accounts. Humans created these automated accounts to serve various purposes. One interesting thing about these bots is that they are very creative, diverse and have contributed immensely to the vibrancy of the Twitter world.

The creators of these bots are mostly lauded for the output of these automated Twitter accounts, which is unfair to an extent. As a result of this, we have curated a list of some of the finest Twitter bots we have come across.

Top Twitter Bots to Follow

1. Olivia Taters

Olivia Taters

Rob Dubbin is said to have accidentally created Olivia Taters while carrying out some investigation on some teenage Twitter accounts. Olivia Taters is a Twitter bot that creates profound tweets and also replies to her followers.

2. Netflix Bot

Netflix Bot

This bot gives prompts of new NetFlix content that are available for engagement in the US. This bot does a commendable job.

3. Dear Assistant

Dear Assistant

Amit Agarwal created this Twitter bot. It acts as an encyclopedia of some sort. It has answers to so many questions by using Wolfram Alpha. Thus, this bot is quite useful.

4. Pixel Sorter

Pixel Sorter

If you love art, then this Twitter bot will certainly catch your eye. Way Spurr-Chen created Pixel Sorter. Judging by the name, it turns images into beautiful pieces by transforming the rows of pixels.

5. Quilt Bot

Quilt Bot

Like Pixel Sorter, Quilt Bot is another art-inclined Twitter bot. Bob Poekert created it. Quilt Bot gives any image at its disposal a quilt fabric pattern. These patterns are always beautiful to behold.

6. Reverse OCR

Reverse OCR

Reverse OCR is another art-inclined automated Twitter account. Darius Kazemi created Reverse OCR. This Twitter bot uses lines to create intricate networks that are indecipherable but stunning to look at.

7. Museum Bot

Museum Bot

This is another automated Twitter account also created by Darius Kazemi. It is as well an art-inclined bot. The art which Museum Bot tweeted is said to depict images taken from the free online archive of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

8. Pentametron


If you are looking for poetry, this bot will interest you. Ranjit Bhatnagar created Pentametron. Pentametron comes up with tweets penned in iambic pentameter. They are usually interesting to read.

9. Accidental Haiku

Accidental Haiku

This Twitter bot is also a lover of poetry. Created by Cameron Spencer, Accidental Haiku searches for tweets that are in the form of haiku and retweets them.

10. This Is Just to Say

This Is Just to Say

“This Is Just to Say” is another Twitter bot that concerns itself with poetry. It fashions tweets from the poetry of well-known poets.

11. My Favorite Things

Another bot that loves poetry, but this time it is more of music. My Favorite Things tweets creative pieces from The Sound of Music.

12. Portmanteau Bot

Portmanteau Bot

This Twitter bot is a unique one. Portmanteau Bot does wonders with language. This bot was created by “thricedotted”. It generates new words by combining different English words.

13. Fake Bloomberg News

David Yanofsky created fake Bloomberg News. This bot picks headlines from Bloomberg News and forms new ones with them. And they usually turn out quite impressively.

14. Fuck Every Word

Fuck Every Word

There was this @everyword Twitter account that, for the duration of seven years, tweeted every English word. Because of this, some other accounts have emerged to achieve the same feat. Fuck Every Word is one of the most notable ones that do it uniquely.

15. Awl Tags

Awl Tags

This is another Twitter bot that does its unique thing. Since its creation, Awl Tags tweets only in capital letters.

16. Big Ben

Big Ben

Some Twitter bots are only being followed as a tool for distraction and not necessarily for their output. Big Ben is one Twitter bot that does its own unique thing. It tweets on an hourly basis.

17. Auto Charts

Auto Charts

This is another automated Twitter account also created by Darius Kazemi. Auto Chart spawns irrational Venn diagrams and flow charts. They are of no actual value, but then, that is what some bots do.

18. here's your reminder

here's your reminder

This Twitter bot was created by Jonathan Sun. @tinycarebot makes tweets that are motherly, heartfelt and uplifting. It tells you to breathe and take time out to care for yourself.

19. Emoji Aquarium

Emoji Aquarium

Joe Sondow created this Twitter bot. They are lovely emoji bots that were created in response to all-caps Twitter outbursts.

20. @tiny_star_field


Katie Rose Pipkin created this Twitter bot. @tiny_star_field turns tweets into magical-looking windows by using a certain kind of code.

21. Deep Question Bot

Deep Question Bot

Allison Parrish created this Twitter bot. There are questions that we never ask. This may be because we have never really thought of them or because we feel they are silly. However, Allison Parrish’s @deepquestionbot asks whatever question it wants to. This bot picks random facts and fashions tweets out of them. Some of them are usually thought-provoking.

22. soft landscapes

soft landscapes

George Buckenham created this Twitter bot. @softlandscapes is an art bot that generates fine, shifting terrains that are mesmerizing to view.

23. a plant

a plant

Nicole He created this Twitter bot. This bot takes a picture of Nicole’s fiddle-leaf fig plant so that you can watch the plant grow slowly. It does this every morning at 10:17.

24. Year Progress

Year Progress

This Twitter bot was created by Filip Hráček. This bot fashions out a growth bar for the upcoming year. You do not have to bother about what this bot does. It only acts as a reminder of how time never stops for anyone.


One of Twitter’s features is to make communication between individuals easier than ever. However, using a third-party service like bots to cut corners and gain more outreach is srtritcly against Twitter’s policy.

What do Twitter bots do?

Twitter bots are automated account that can stay online all day. They help you keep your account active and give you a wider outreach while you save yourself the stress.


Twitter bots have gained ground on the social media platform. They are making people begin to think differently. If used the right way, these bots could be a source of development for the creator and even the world at large. The list we have given above shows that these Twitter bots are diverse and unique in their way.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.