23 Best Telegram Bots in 2022


Have you been looking for the right Telegram bot to perform various functions for you on the platform? Then you have come to the right place. We have a list of Telegram bots that can do numerous tasks for you.

Telegram is a messaging app that is slowly evolving into a force to be reckoned with. Nikolai and Pavel Durov founded Telegram in 2013. Initially, the messaging app never really showed glimpses of life, but now, it gives other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger a run for their money.

And one thing that makes it quite appealing is that it has more privacy than others. You can interact secretly with another user, and disappearing messages can be sent.

And in the area of artificial intelligence, Telegram is far ahead of the rest. You can create and download high-quality Telegram bots that can help you execute so many tasks on the platform. Although there is no industry for them yet, we are sure that it is a matter of time before that happens.

The Telegram Bot API enables third-party manufacturers to make Telegram bots. This small software allows automation on the messaging platform, and there are some that have dedicated tasks on the platform. Let's take a look at them.

Best Telegram Bots

1. URL2IMG Bot


Ignore the name of the name of this Telegram bot because we all know it is unattractive. But when you get to know the task it accomplishes, you will understand the reason behind its name. It simply takes a webpage (URL) and transforms it into an image (IMG). The final output is more like a screenshot.

2. URL Shortener Bot

URL Shortener Bot

This Telegram bot also performs what its name suggests, although it is more obvious than the other at first glance. This one makes use of URL shortening sites like and to shorten URLs for you. The thing with long URLs is that they can constitute a nuisance and be all over the place.

Thus, having an automation tool dedicated to helping you shorten URLs while on Telegram is a welcome idea.

3. TweetItBot


It seems like all Telegram bots are carefully named based on the specific tasks which they accomplish. If you want a message carrier straight from Telegram to Twitter, then this Telegram bot is yours to employ.  TweetItBot tweets whatever you want it to say, photos, stickers, gifs, and so on. It can also help in retweeting, liking and deleting tweets too.

4. TriviaBot


This Telegram bot acts more like an IQ booster. It provides questions that you can attempt by choosing from given options. This can be a fun way to interact with others on the platform, as it would be ideal to keep members of a group going. You can also check your scores on the game-like software.

5. Sticker Downloader

Sticker Downloader

As the name implies, Sticker Downloader is a Telegram bot with which you can use in downloading stickers in various formats (jpg, png, and webp) or an entire library of stickers that mostly come in zip format. And one good thing is that these stickers aren't limited to Telegram alone; you can employ them on other messaging platforms as you wish.

6. RateStickerBot


This is another Telegram bot that does exactly what its name suggests. They allow you to increase your sticker assets by rating random stickers. It also sends you the sticker rating based on other users' evaluations. They can readily help you with stickers you would love to use while you are busy chatting.

7. PosterBot


If you are looking for a Telegram bot that can bring in posts or ideas from other social media platforms to be used on your Telegram channel, then you have PosterBot at your disposal. YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, other Telegram channels, and Instagram are some of the platforms where these bots can help run errands for you.

This bot can further do more. They can help modify the content it has helped obtained before you send it out to your telegram channel. It can enhance content with more text, change the appearance, filter the content itself, and so much more.

8. PollBot


As the name suggests, PollBot generates polls that can be shared with others on the platform. This Telegram bot was created as part of the platform's beta tester bots.

9. Movies Tracker Bot

Movies Tracker Bot

From the name of this Telegram bot, I am sure you can rightly guess what its duty is. It helps generate information about movies from IMDB. Movies Tracker Bot is a bot from the stables of S4 Dynamics. How it works is that it has a search feature that you can use in searching for whatever movie you want.

Before searching, do ensure you enclose the movie's name with single quotation marks if of multiple words.

10. Meme Autobot

Meme Autobot

Memes have suddenly become a trending culture on social media. And this is exactly what this Telegram bot is tasked to do. It is saddled with the responsibility of bringing into life unique memes. And it does this with relative ease and speed.

11. ImageBot


Created by Telegram's beta testers initially, ImageBot is another Telegram bot that does what its name suggests. It provides you with images when you demand them. It is very easy to use. All you need to do when demanding images is use the keywords “get” and “getgif” for pictures and GIFs, respectively

12. GitHubReleasesBot


GitHubReleasesBot is a Telegram chatbot that keeps you informed when a targeted GitHub repository has something new on offer. All you need to do is to the target GitHub repository you want to be getting updates about, and that is all.

13. GetMediaBot


This Telegram bot does what its name says. With GetMediaBot, you are capable of downloading media from various sources and many social media platforms. You can satisfy your music needs with Soundcloud, your visual content needs with YouTube, and photos with Instagram, all through GetMediaBot on Telegram.

Thus, GetMediaBot takes away the burden of visiting these platforms individually on the internet. The software provides you with links to search for videos, photos, music, and many more when you use it

14. GameBot


If you are looking for a certified bot on Telegram, then you have to look at GameBot. With GameBot, you can play a few varieties of games. These games are chat games that you can play with friends on the platform. It also shares links to some demo games as well.

15. File to Bot

File to Bot

File to bot does what its name says. It helps you with infinite storage space where you can save files on Telegram. And one sweet thing about this bot is that it is a polyglot. The first thing you are instructed to do when using the application is to set your language preference. It then welcomes you and urges you to send any file for proper storage. You can share any stored file with any of your friends on Telegram.

16. File Converter

File Converter

File Converter does what file converters are known to do. With File Converter bot, you can readily transform audio and visual content from one form to another. You can change your videos, images and music from one format to another with relative ease. It functions on both Telegram and WhatsApp and supports 63 file types across 579 conversions at the moment.

17. Feed Reader Bot

Feed Reader Bot

This Telegram bot alerts you when there is new targeted media content available for access on the internet. It employs RSS feeds to keep an eye on websites, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and feed you back by sending a message to your Telegram inbox when something fresh comes up.

18. FB Video Download Bot

FB Video Download Bot


Do you want to access Facebook visual content on Telegram? Then you should use FB Video Download Bot. This Telegram bot helps you to download videos from Facebook. You can go about this by pasting the Facebook video link on the search space provided by the bot when it is in operation.


This Telegram bot helps you generate a temporary email address which you can do away with at any time. This is probably useful when filling in information on websites or platforms whose sources are doubtful. Simple instructions like “get” and “start” are what you need to get started when using the bot.

20. Dr. Web

Dr. Web

This telegram bot gives your files and links sent through Telegram the security you desire. It is heartbreaking to have important files saved up only to find out that you can't access them due to a virus attack. With Dr. Web, the risk of losing files on Telegram is made minimal. Dr. Web acts as an anti-virus bot. It can help evaluate your files when you send them.

21. DeLorean


Sending messages to the future can sound weird but cool at the same time. A telegram bot that can make that possible is the DeLorean bot. It takes its idea from the movie series “Back to the Future,” where a certain Doc's DeLorean took Marty McFly to the future.

22. BotFather


This Telegram bot acts like a master of bots on Telegram. It helps in creating and managing bot accounts. Through BotFather, you can get information about other bots, including the Telegram Bot API manual.

23. AlertBot


This is another bot on Telegram that does what its name says. It has a very direct use. With AlertBot, prompts and alerts can be easily created.


What can I use Telegram bots for?

Telegram bots possess AI functions. You can use them on group chats to teach, broadcast, connect with people, and reach out to contacts.

How do I block Telegram bot?

When a Telegram bot keeps sending you messages, you can block it just as you block normal telegram users.

Is it safe to use Telegram bots?

Using Telegram bots is safe. However, it is not much different from normal human user as they can as well see your profile pictures, your public name, and also read your chats with them.


The fact that there is no credible platform to manage the creation, technicality and monitoring of Telegram bots has posed an obstacle in the popularity of these bots. It is also down to Telegram being a social media platform still finding its feet in the challenging system.

The options available to Telegram users at the moment are either to make their own bots or find any present one that is quite capable of delivering what you want. Thus, we hope that this list of the best telegram bots will serve you best.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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