Unlocking the Under Freeway East Warehouse in Warzone 2 DMZ

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This comprehensive guide will walk you through locating and acquiring the Under Freeway East Warehouse key in Call of Duty‘s new DMZ mode. With this key, you can unlock access to high-tier loot rewards tucked away in this hidden location.

Introduction to Warzone 2’s New DMZ Mode

DMZ is a brand new sandbox-style experience included in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. Instead of a battle royale, operators are dropped into the massive map of Al Mazrah with the goal of completing missions, fighting AI enemies, looting supplies, and extracting gear between matches.

There is a true risk vs reward element to DMZ as the weapons, equipment and keys you equip during a match can be permanently lost if you are killed. However, any gear you extract via helicopter exfils will carry over to future DMZ incursions.

This creates tense, engaging gameplay where you have to carefully manage your inventory. Do you push to dangerous areas of Al Mazrah to find rare loot? Or play it safe and focus on extracting common items?

Key DMZ Mechanics to Understand

Before jumping into a DMZ match, here are some key mechanics to understand:

Extraction – The main goal is acquiring gear to call in a helicopter and safely extract, adding that gear to your permanent DMZ inventory. You can extract at any time, but the longer you survive, the more gear you can obtain.

Inventory – This is your storage for weapons, equipment and items across DMZ matches. The only way to build your inventory is extracting items. If you die in DMZ, you lose equipped gear.

Loadouts – As you extract gear, you can create up to 10 custom DMZ loadouts using items in your inventory to equip for future matches. Create loadouts catered to stealth, assault, sniping, etc.

Keys – These special items are used to unlock stashes and points of interest with high-tier loot. Keys don‘t carry over after extraction, so you need to re-obtain keys each match.

Overview of Mawizeh Marshlands

Al Mazrah is a massive play space, so let’s get familiar with the region where the warehouse key is located. Mawizeh Marshlands is in the southeast corner of the map, comprised of wetlands, winding rivers, and small farm villages.

Long sight lines across fields make snipers deadly here. Stay near covered positions like buildings and dense vegetation when moving through marsh areas. Traversing the region can be confusing with so many twisting paths, so try to orient yourself using larger roads and landmarks.

Enemy AI soldiers heavily patrol Mawizeh, with squads showing up even in the most remote areas. Stealth and surveillance will be key to safely navigating and securing the Under Freeway East Warehouse key.

Locating the Under Freeway East Warehouse

Now let‘s get into the nitty gritty of finding this hidden location. The warehouse itself is tucked underneath a raised freeway bridge on the east side of the marshlands.

Check your tac map and look for the freeway running north/south through the region. Near the southern end, you‘ll spot a roadway passing under the freeway – this is the spot. The warehouse has a fenced exterior with double doors and a van parked outside.

For the easiest approach, land near the train tracks east of the marshlands. Follow these tracks north as they will lead directly to the warehouse area. This path provides cover and avoids open marsh areas.

Be extremely cautious moving through this area as AI patrols are frequent. Use suppressors and keep a low profile, utilizing cover as you close in.

Obtaining the Under Freeway East Key

Keys in DMZ are not static spawns. They randomly drop by:

  • Eliminating AI enemies (low drop rate)
  • Completing contracts like HVTs (better drop rate)
  • Searching supply boxes around the map

The Under Freeway East Warehouse key can drop from any of these sources. But realistically, you‘ll need to farm AI combatants in the general area for an extended time. Some tips for efficient farming:

  • Use cold-blooded perks to avoid AI detection
  • Engage from cover at long range, don‘t rush groups head on
  • Kill smaller isolated patrols first before taking on larger outposts
  • Extract and return for more farming runs if carrying other valuable gear

Once a teammate grabs the key, your whole squad retains access for that match. Make sure to exfil ASAP after acquiring the key to avoid losing it. Now the fun part…

Looting the Under Freeway East Warehouse

After the long search, you‘re ready to reap the rewards inside the warehouse! Expect to find top-tier Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles, SMGs and more that can be extracted for permanent inventory use.

Make sure the exterior area is clear of patrolling AI before unlocking the doors. According to community stats, some rare item variants you may find include:

  • "Gilded" blueprint weapons – Special gold-plated weapon skins with boosted stats

  • Exo Armor Plates – Increase armor past standard plates for extra durability

  • Dual-Wield Weapons – Allows dual-wielding pistols or SMGs for incredible close-quarters firepower

The underground warehouse is considered a dangerous "Tier 3" loot area, so the quality of gear inside is well worth the effort. Make sure your squad stocks up on ammo and armor plates before extracting these new deadly weapons!

Comparing Major Loot Areas in DMZ

To help prioritize your search efforts, here‘s a comparison of some other major loot areas in DMZ and the type of items they contain:

Bank in El Samman – High chance of rare LMGs, Launchers, and Killstreaks with vault access

Villas in Sa‘id City – Assault Rifles, Tactical Gear like Grenades and Tacticals

Apartments in El Samman – Legendary Sniper Rifles and Shotguns

Radiation Zone 01 – Exotic SMGs, though extreme hazard within the irradiated zone

Airport in Al Malik -Wide range of weapons/gear stashes in hangars and control towers

Each area generally has a theme based on nearby missions and enemies. For example, the radiation zone known as RIFF Springs has a higher chance of unique radiation-themed SMGs. Completing missions from faction leaders in a region may tip them off to share key intel.

When embarking on key hunts and looting runs, here are some loadout tips:

  • Stealth – Silenced weapons, Cold-Blooded, Lightweight. Avoid detection and slip past enemies unseen.

  • Assault – Armored, Quick Weapon Swap, Radar. Charge into ambushes guns blazing.

  • Support – Extra Magazines, Hardline, Combat Scout. Keep your squad stocked with ammo and buybacks.

  • Overwatch – Sniper Rifle, Spotter Scope, Pointman. Pick off targets and mark enemies at a distance.

  • Vehicle – RPGs or Launchers, Offroad Tires, Battle Hardened. Pursue convoys and roadkill hostiles.

  • CQB – Shotgun, Akimbo, Double Time. Devastate enemies at close range.

Having the right loadout for each district and the enemies within maximizes your loot run efficiency. Don‘t be afraid to exfil and modify your loadout based on intel gathered from earlier incursions.

Expert Tips for DMZ Success

Here are some additional pro tips from my experience guiding players in DMZ:

  • Prioritize missions early when enemies are sparse to stack cash for purchases later.

  • Mark landmarks using pings and portable tents to avoid getting lost in the expansive world.

  • Try landing in different regions each match to become familiar with the entire map.

  • Play conservatively if carrying high-value loot to avoid painful extraction deaths.

  • Don‘t be afraid to avoid combat altogether using stealth and silencers.

  • Purchase UAVs frequently to monitor enemy movement and secure the surrounding area.

With hundreds of named locations, Al Mazrah can be daunting. But learning the lay of the land, smart inventory management, and strategic extraction is extremely rewarding.

Unlocking the Under Freeway East Warehouse in DMZ

We‘ve covered a ton of tips, tactics and info in this guide to prepare you for securing the Under Freeway East Warehouse key. Here are some final reminders:

The warehouse is located east under the freeway in Mawizeh Marshlands. Safely fight through AI patrols searching for the key drop. Recommended loadouts and playstyles improve your odds. The warehouse contains rare item blueprints, so extracting them offers permanent loot progression!

DMZ provides fresh Call of Duty gameplay with Allegiance faction missions, randomly generated items, survival elements and a true risk vs. reward loop. Unlocking the hidden stashes scattered throughout Al Mazrah is an exciting experience for all Warzone operators. Hopefully this guide helps you find success in DMZ and enjoy the new sandbox world!


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