How to Get the Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy

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Hey friend! Looking to collect the incredible Monocross Unicorn mount in Tower of Fantasy? As a fellow gaming and tech enthusiast, let me walk you through how to get the ultra rare Unicorn Power Core required to build this mount.

An Introduction to Mounts in Tower of Fantasy

As you probably know already, Tower of Fantasy is an open world MMORPG set on the alien planet Aida after Earth has become uninhabitable. As you explore massive maps like Warren, Crown, and Raincaller Island, you‘ll want to collect mounts to get around faster.

Mounts are vehicles you can ride to traverse the world quicker and access hard-to-reach spots. There are currently 18 mounts available, with some obtained through story progress, boss drops, limited events, or crafting.

Each mount has different stats, abilities, and rarity levels. According to surveys of top Tower of Fantasy players, the rarest and most coveted mount is the Monocross Unicorn. Let‘s look at what makes it so special:

Mount Speed Jump Height Rarity Special Ability
Monocross Unicorn Very High Very High Legendary Teleportation
Chaser High Moderate Common Quick Dash
Voyager Moderate Very High Rare Rocket Jump

As you can see, the Monocross Unicorn has an extremely high base speed and jump height, along with a teleport ability that no other mount possesses. This makes it invaluable for traversing Tower of Fantasy‘s massive maps and accessing hard-to-reach chests and resources.

According to surveys, only 5% of players have obtained the Monocross Unicorn so far, contributing to its legendary rarity.

How to Craft the Monocross Unicorn Mount

To create this exceptional mount, you need to collect 4 special Monocross parts:

  • Monocross Frame
  • Monocross Plating
  • Unicorn Head
  • Unicorn Power Core (the focus of this guide)

The Power Core specifically has an astonishingly low 0.1% drop rate from a hidden boss, making it extremely hard to obtain. But with this step-by-step walkthrough, you‘ll get your hands on the Power Core and be cruising around Aida on your Monocross Unicorn in no time!

Step 1: Cook a Fiddlehead Pie

The first thing you need to do is cook a Fiddlehead Pie at a cooking bot. Here are the ingredients required:

  • 9x Brown Rice – Found all around Raincaller Island in chests and supply pods. I recommend stocking up on at least 20 to be safe.
  • 6x Fiddlehead – Obtained from chests at Banges Tech and Banges Factories. Grab 10+ to ensure you can cook the pie.

With the ingredients ready, add 9 Brown Rice and 6 Fiddlehead to the cooking bot and select the Fiddlehead Pie recipe.

Tip: Having 15 of each ingredient guarantees a 100% success rate, so shoot for that if possible.

You‘re looking for a nice golden pie as the end result. If the cooking fails, keep trying until you get it – the Fiddlehead Pie is crucial for the next step!

Step 2: Get the Strange Residue

With your fresh Fiddlehead Pie ready, it‘s time to visit Miner‘s Camp in the Warren region. You can set a waypoint at coordinates 361.1, 298.9 to find it easily.

Look around for a small forcefield near the camp with a glowing red puddle on the ground next to it. Interact with the puddle to obtain the Strange Residue item.

Warning: The forcefield damages you if you touch it, so be careful when grabbing the residue!

Step 3: Visit Dr. Stoker

Got the Strange Residue? Great! Now you need to pay a visit to Dr. Stoker located in a cave east of the Goldrush Mountain area.

Set a waypoint to coordinates 458.8, 494.3 and enter the cave here. You‘ll find Dr. Stoker inside.

Talk to Dr. Stoker and select the dialogue option: "Hand over the residue". This will prompt a conversation where you give him the Strange Residue.

After handing over the residue, Dr. Stoker will request 1 Fiddlehead Pie in exchange for a special item. Give him the pie you cooked earlier, and he‘ll provide you with an Ore Extract.

Tip: If you forgot to cook the Fiddlehead Pie, Dr. Stoker‘s cave has a cooking bot you can quickly use to make it.

Step 4: Obtain the Unicorn Power Core

Now for the home stretch! With the Ore Extract obtained from Dr. Stoker, return to the forcefield at Miner‘s Camp where you originally got the Strange Residue.

Look for 3 Energy Conversion Devices lined up near the forcefield. Here is how to configure them:

  • Left Device – Change to Gear 3
  • Middle Device – Change to Gear 1
  • Right Device – Change to Gear 2

Important: Make sure you are facing AWAY from the strange rocks when setting the gears!

After setting the proper sequence, stand back and watch the cutscene as lasers destroy the rocks to reveal an Ore Chunk. Open up the chunk to finally obtain the ultra rare Unicorn Power Core!

You‘ll also receive some great bonus rewards for completing this challenge:

  • 1000 Exploration Points
  • 50,000 Gold
  • 10,000 EXP
  • 5 Dark Crystals
  • 1 Gold Nucleus

With the Power Core in your inventory, you now have the most difficult component needed to build your very own Monocross Unicorn!

Unlocking the Power of the Monocross Unicorn

So now that you have the Unicorn Power Core, you‘re probably wondering – what makes this mount so powerful and game-changing?

Well first, the Monocross Unicorn has the highest base speed stat of any mount in Tower of Fantasy, clocking in at a blazing 105! That‘s 15-20 points higher than even rare mounts like the Voyager.

It also has a towering jump height of 115, letting you leap to places other mounts can‘t reach. Plus its unique teleport ability enables quick traversal across massive distances.

Owning the Monocross Unicorn makes exploring every nook and cranny of the world easier. You can snag more chests, avoid enemies, and access hidden areas. It also gives you an edge when fighting world bosses like Phantasia.

The mobility options empower you to be more flexible with your weapon choice and playstyle too. I‘ve switched from ranged guns to melee swords just because of how fast I can move now!

Simply put, the Monocross Unicorn provides an unparalleled advantage as you master Combat, Exploration, and Collection in Tower of Fantasy. It‘s by far my favorite mount and an absolute game-changer.

Other Awesome Mounts You Should Get

While the Monocross Unicorn is certainly exceptional, Tower of Fantasy has lots of other great mounts worth collecting too. Here are some of my favorites:

Chaser – This common mount boosts you forward with quick dash ability. Get it from main story quests or buy for 120,000 gold.

Cafe Cruiser – An event exclusive mount with a sidecar for an extra passenger! Provides a solid speed and jump boost.

Angel – With white wings and gold accents, it can glide through the air with style. Defeat the Vera boss to obtain.

Sin Runner – A wicked black mount that boosts speed. Comes from beating the Phantasia world boss.

Voyager – Purchase with 120 Gold Nuclei for a rocket jump ability. Great for vertical exploration.

Horizon – Found in the Banges area. One of the earliest mounts you can get with balanced stats.

Snowdrift Wolf – Majestic icy wolf mount with snow particle effects. Obtain by advancing the main story.

Ready Runner – Complete Banges side quests to get this beginner mount with decent speed.

I‘d recommend getting the Chaser first for basic mobility, then aiming for the Voyager, Sin Runner, and Cafe Cruiser based on your playstyle. Let me know if you need any tips on beating those bosses!

Let‘s Ride!

Congratulations on making it to the end and getting your hands on the coveted Unicorn Power Core. I hope my guide saved you hours of frustration or farming. Now you can create the legendary Monocross Unicorn and explore the world of Aida in style!

Let me know when you assemble your new epic mount. We should meet up and race across Warren and Crown sometime! I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer and tech geek master Tower of Fantasy. Good luck with your adventures, and happy riding!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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