Unlocking the Dominant TAQ-56 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

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This comprehensive guide will teach you how to unlock the TAQ-56 assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2. We‘ll cover everything you need to know about the TAQ-56‘s stats, how to reach the required rank to unlock it, strategies for leveling up quickly, and tips for dominating multiplayer matches with this powerful weapon. Let‘s get started!

Overview – Why Unlock the TAQ-56 Assault Rifle?

The TAQ-56 stands out as one of the most well-rounded and versatile assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s extensive arsenal. This full-auto rifle provides elite stopping power and accuracy at nearly any range thanks to its unique stat balance.

Unlocking the TAQ-56 provides players with an extra deadly option for tackling both close quarters and mid-long range engagements. Its flexibility allows adapting to any map or mode. Equipping the TAQ-56 as your go-to assault rifle will give you an advantage in firefights across MW2‘s competitive multiplayer.

Detailed Breakdown of the TAQ-56‘s Stats and Performance

Let‘s take a deeper look at why the TAQ-56 is such a formidable all-around assault rifle:

  • High Damage Output – The TAQ-56 deals 40-30 damage per bullet, on par with hard-hitting rifles like the SCAR and AK-47. This enables 3-4 shot kills in most situations.

  • Fast Fire Rate – With a rapid 650 RPM rate of fire, the TAQ-56 pumps out bullets almost as quickly as an SMG. This allows aggressive play and quick reactions.

  • Good Mobility – The TAQ-56 has a moderately fast ADS speed of 200ms and default movement speed, keeping you nimble during fights.

  • Low Recoil – Recoil climbs vertically but resets quickly after each shot. This makes sustaining fire easy even during full auto sprays.

  • 30 Round Magazine – While not huge, the 30 round mag is sufficient for multiple kills per reload. Extended mags can push this to 45.

Based on in-depth analysis from, the TAQ-56 has the 4th fastest time to kill (TTK) among MW2 assault rifles within 40 meters. It remains highly competitive at longer ranges too.

This combination of power, speed, and control makes the TAQ-56 stand out as top-tier among MW2‘s AR roster. Unlocking it should be a priority for all players looking to step up their multiplayer game and loadout.

Unlocking the TAQ-56 – What‘s Needed?

The sole requirement for unlocking the TAQ-56 assault rifle in MW2 multiplayer is reaching rank 19. This unlocks both the TAQ-56 and the decoy grenade.

There are no other prerequisites or weapons that need leveling up first. Just get your overall multiplayer rank to 19 and this deadly rifle will be yours to utilize.

Here‘s a comparison of the TAQ-56‘s stats versus similar assault rifles to see how it stacks up:

Weapon Damage Fire Rate Range Recoil Mobility
TAQ-56 40-30 650 RPM Medium Low Moderate
SCAR 40-30 600 RPM Medium Moderate Moderate
AK-47 40-30 600 RPM Medium-Long High Slow

As you can see, the TAQ-56 either matches or exceeds its peers in almost all stats. Its combination of power, speed, and control is what makes it such a versatile option.

Ranking Up Quickly – Tips for Reaching Level 19 Fast

Reaching multiplayer rank 19 may seem daunting at first, but using the right strategy you can attain it in just a few hours of playtime. Here are some tips for leveling up as quickly as possible:

  • Play Objective Modes – Matches like Domination or Demolition provide frequent opportunities to earn bonus XP from completing objectives. This results in much faster progression.

  • Focus on Small Killstreaks – Chaining UAVs and Care Packages together provides a stream of bonus XP to multiply your per kill gains. Just 2-3 killstreaks can rank you up.

  • Play in a Full Party – Having a full team of 6 players results in a 20% XP boost for playing together. Coordinate with friends for even faster rewards.

  • Complete Weapon Camo Challenges – Getting camos like Red Tiger provides big one-time XP bonuses that add up quickly as you unlock them across guns.

  • Use XP Boosting Attachments – Extended mags give XP bonuses for rapid uninterrupted kills. Accomplishing these regularly will accelerate progression.

  • Prestige Once Available – Hitting the max rank of 70 allows prestiging back to level 1. This re-unlocks rank 19 again for additional easy XP.

  • Spend XP Wisely – Be smart with XP bonuses from challenges and killstreaks. Apply them to weapons already near leveling up for maximum efficiency.

Following this min/max strategy will allow even average skilled players to reach the TAQ-56 and rank 19 much faster than playing casually.

Unlocking the Decoy Grenade

Hitting rank 19 in MW2 multiplayer doesn‘t just unlock the TAQ-56 rifle, it also gives you access to the powerful decoy grenade tactical equipment.

Decoy grenades mimic the sounds of gunfire and player movement when deployed. This causes enemies to think combat is happening nearby and draws them into traps.

I like using decoys to fake out opponents and then ambush them from an unexpected angle. For example, toss a decoy into a dead-end room then hide nearby. Enemies will come rushing in expecting to find a firefight and you can pick them off easily.

The decoy also shows up temporarily as a false red dot on the minimap. You can use this to simulate player positions and misdirect opponents. They provide tons of creative opportunities to out-think your enemies.

Having decoys as another tool unlocked at rank 19 makes getting to that tier even more valuable beyond just the TAQ-56 itself.

Loadout Tips – Optimizing the TAQ-56 for Multiplayer

The right mix of attachments and perks can amplify the TAQ-56‘s already impressive power. Here are a few of my favorite loadout configurations:

  • All-Purpose – Red Dot Sight, Stopping Power, Steady Aim – Great balance for most maps and ranges.

  • Run-and-Gun – Silencer, Lightweight, Marathon – Stay stealthy while flanking at high speeds.

  • Long Range – ACOG Scope, Stopping Power, Scrambler – Dominate mid-long sightlines and remain hidden.

  • Anti-Scorestreak – Grenade Launcher, Cold-Blooded, Stinger – Take down enemy helicopters, turrets, and more.

  • Fully Loaded – Grenade Launcher, Scavenger, Claymores – Spam explosives and replenish constantly.

The TAQ-56 has the versatility to be customized for any playstyle. Take advantage of this by tailoring your loadout to best match your strengths and the map.

No matter how you equip it, the TAQ-56 remains one of the deadliest and most well-rounded rifles in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Unlock it as soon as possible at rank 19 to step up your firepower and tactical options.

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I hope this guide has been useful for learning all about the formidable TAQ-56 rifle and how to add it to your MW2 arsenal quickly! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!


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