Upleap Review 2023: Is it Legit or a Scam? (MUST KNOW!)


Do you want to know more about UpLeap and whether it is legit or a scam? This article provides you with a review and everything you need to know about UpLeap.

Upleap is an Instagram growth company that claims to provide its clients with real followers. People have resorted to patronizing the services of growth companies like Upleap because of how difficult manual growth has become on social media in general. Even when you make great content and dedicate hours to ensuring you give your social media presence the needed attention, it ends up not being enough. This is due to increased competition on most social media platforms, including Instagram.

Upleap overview

Thus, brands and individuals have found growth companies to be the answer to their social media worries. These services help to reduce the workload and save you time. However, only a few of these growth companies work efficiently and achieve the desired results. That is why reading reviews is essential. I have done some research to find what Upleap is all about. Now, let's dive in and see my findings.

Upleap uses human-powered strategies to help grow your following on Instagram. However, they once used bots to achieve their aims in the past. And you know too well how Instagram feels about that. If you have a reputation to protect, using automation will be a daring move, which I will not advise you to do. As I said, Upleap once delved into bots, but that is in the past now. They have gone clean and now use a manual approach.

Does Upleap Use Human Efforts to Generate Followers?

Since 2019, Upleap began to use a manual approach to generate followers for their clients on Instagram. The company also says that they will provide you with “a dedicated account manager.” This can sound not very clear, but in my own opinion, I think they are only saying that they will put your Instagram account under the care of one of their trusted experts in the business. They have the right keys to unlock all Instagram doors and get you the followers you deserve. My opinion stems from the fact that they say they now use humans to grow their clients' Instagram accounts.

If that is the case, does it now mean that they have thousands of these experts who will handle all thousands of clients they claim to have had and still have? I may be wrong, though. But if they are actually doing that, then Hurray! This is good news for those still in the hunt for an Instagram growth service that will do the dirty work with a beating heart. A dedicated account manager will make your Instagram account blossom as all activities will be done to reflect the context of your niche and what has been put in place before now. This is something you can't get with automation; thus, if Upleap is actually pulling that off, kudos to them.

Upleap's Credibility

Upleap's website shows the brand logos of some popular brands that they have worked with before. This is an excellent way to show that they are capable and have the reputation that should make you want to work with them. The reviews I encountered about Upleap are decent, to say the least. You will find some of them on their website and others all over the internet on third-party websites.

What are Upleap's Major Features?

Upleap Extra Feature

Upleap has many features that are hard to come by on other Instagram growth services. I have decided to enumerate some of Upleap's important features below for easy understanding.

  • Organic Growth

Upleap will make your Instagram account grow using its organic approach. They promise to entrust your account to the hands of experts. I will base much emphasis on organic growth. This is because many growth tools have the knack of promising such but end up offering services that are below expectations. Thus, if Upleap has an organic approach in place, then they are one of the best in the land. And from my observation, I think Upleap actually looks honest in their approach. If you check the online reviews from past customers and experts about them, you will realize there is truth in what they have said.

  • Hashtags, Geolocations and other Strategies

Upleap says they will give you the kind of growth you have always dreamt of. No matter what level you are on the progress ladder, they will help you scale through and build your audience base using hashtags, location-specific campaigns and targeted followers. However, for these strategies to take significant effect, you have to equip them with ample information about your account and niche. When Upleap has the correct information, your audience will be targeted, and those who have a genuine interest in your brand or ideas will come on board.

  • Real Followers

Upleap is confident that they can provide you with the appropriate kind of followers to take your account to unprecedented heights. And this can only happen if you share the right information with them. That is what they will work with. If you get the right followers who are active users of Instagram, massive interaction and engagement will come your way as long as your content has some unique traits that can trigger attraction.

  • Relevant Targeting

It is said that the dedicated account expert who will take charge of your account will only work on those uploaded content that can generate excellent outcomes. I believe that this strategy is the best way a third-party company can help you effectively achieve results within a short time. Having an account manager work on all your posts will be a tedious task, which will mean spending time on content that isn't worth it. Ultimately, it will take more time to get you the right results through that means. And that is one of the reasons you should dedicate more time to creating captivating content with the potential to attract engagement like bees to nectar.

  • Ease of Use

Getting started with Upleap is very easy. All you need to do is to sign up, and you are in. a good company shouldn't take all the time in the world to get you started. Also, the more vital information they want from you at a go, the likelier it is that they are not genuine or have other motives.

  • Expansion through Viewing

Upleap claims that they will help you expand your reach by viewing Instagram stories of other Instagram users who you aren't following. This is an excellent move to help foster potential interactions.

  • Relevant Engagement Tracking

Although not well dwelled upon on their website, Upleap assures that they will keep an eye on your engagement.

  • Support System

Upleap says they have an excellent support team in place to help you with all your issues. Any growth company with a dedicated customer care system is easier to work it. It shows that they are ready to help you with your needs and don't shy away from responsibilities.

  • Versatility and Flexibility

Upleap believes that they are the right place for any Instagram user. Whether you are an athlete, celebrity, student, politician, or business owner, they will accommodate you. This means that they have varieties of features, plans and packages that can be adjusted to fit the needs of all their clients, irrespective of which place they are coming from.

Upleap Pricing and Packages

Upleap Free Trial

Upleap has a free trial period. This free trial will last for three days. And to get started, you won't be required to provide any essential personal information, such as your credit card details. I have always liked any growth company with a free trial period. For me, it is an excellent way to get a first-hand experience of what the company has to offer and if they will be the best fit for you. Some may feel that a 3-day free trial is way too small as the time won't be enough to verify the credibility and effectiveness of their services thoroughly. Still, there are so many growth companies that do not offer any form of a free trial at all.

Upleap Lite ($39 per month)

Upleap Lite is a monthly package fashioned to accommodate regular Instagram account users and potential influencers. The package goes for $39 per month. Below are some of the features of this package: Dedicated Account manager, Similar user targeting and Hashtag targeting.

Upleap Standard ($69 per month)

Upleap Standard Followers price

Upleap Standard is another monthly package made to cater to the needs of potential Influencers and brands that are keen on taking their ventures to the next level on Instagram. The package goes for $69per month. Below are some of the features of this package:

Dedicated Account manager, Similar user targeting, Hashtag targeting, Instagram story views and rapid organic growth.

Upleap Premium ($99 per month)

Upleap Premium Followers price

Upleap Premium is another monthly package made to cater to the needs of Influencers and brands that are keen on taking their ventures to a higher level on Instagram. It is the fastest alternative for those who want to get results as soon as possible. The package goes for $99per month. Below are some of the features of this package: Dedicated Account manager, Similar user targeting, Hashtag targeting, Instagram story views and rapid organic growth, enhanced support and location-specific engagement.

Merits of Upleap

Below are reasons why Upleap is a great company to work with.

Organic Growth

Organic growth is what Upleap promises to give to help your Instagram account blossom. They promise to entrust your account to the hands of experts. With a dedicated account manager, your account will get the proper engagement relevant to your account and niche.

Website Security

Upleap uses the safe HTTPS protocol, which makes it safe and secure. Therefore, even your personal information will not be put at any risk. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your most important details shared on the site. It also improves Upleap's ranking on search engines. Thus, you can easily stumble on them during random searches.

Transparent Pricing and Plans

Upleap's pricing and plans are transparent. It is very important that a company lays it bare enough for their customers to know what they are getting from their services and how much it will cost them. This will prevent any misunderstanding or surprise activity along the way. Upleap's packages are well explained. They have three packages on offer: the Lite, Standard, and Premium. These packages go for a monthly fee of $39, $69 and $99, respectively.

Adequate Payment System

Upleap Payment System

Upleap's payment system is safe and effective. They have several payment options to make the payment process easy for their clients. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the safety of your personal information.

Free Trial

Upleap Work Manual

Upleap has a free trial period. This free trial will last for three days. And to get started, you won't be required to provide any important personal information, such as your credit card details. This is a good way to verify the competence and efficiency of their services. Although a 3-day free trial may feel small to many, it is better than none. And besides, so many growth companies out there do not offer any form of free trials.

Support Page

Upleap has a help and support page. This is very important to any company offering such services and wanting to operate smoothly. With this, they will be able to attend to customers' needs and complaints as swiftly as possible.

Customer Service System

Upleap has an effective, 24/7 customer service system. This feature enables customers to easily get assistance when they need it, regardless of what time of the day it is.

Contact Form Available

I could find a phone contact or email form on Upleap's website. This is an easy way to gain access to your customers. Even if this wasn't available, it should not be much of a problem since they can always request such information from their clients if they want to.

Demerits of UpLeap

Negative Reviews

They have some negative reviews, which is not much of a big deal because even the best companies have bad reviews.

Upleap's Review Verdict

Upleap Review

Upleap has many qualities that make me believe they are worth your money if you want to grow your brand on Instagram. Their pricing system is great. They offer new customers the chance to try their services for free before deciding whether to opt-in or not. They have great monthly packages that are tailored to accommodate everyone. And above all, they offer you an expert account manager who will help grow your Instagram account manually. Thus, they are a safe Instagram company to give a try.


1. Is Upleap legit or a scam?

Answer: Judging from this review, it is clear that Upleap's merits largely outweighs their demerits. They allow an expert account manager to grow your account organically. And there are lots of positive reviews of their services from past clients online. They have a free trial which shows they believe in their methods. Therefore, they are legitimate and not a scam.

2. Does Upleap offer new clients a free trial?

Yes, Upleap offers new clients a free trial. This free trial will last for three days. And to get started, you won't be required to provide any important personal information, such as your credit card details.


And that is it for this review. I have discussed Upleap in this review and found them to be a legit brand from my research. You can try them by using their free trial period to see if they will be a good fit for you. I hope this review will aid in helping make an informed decision about this company.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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