Viralyft Review 2023: Is It Legit, or A Scam? (+ Alternatives)

Viralyft Review and Alternatives

Do you want enough info on how Viralyft operates, whether or not they are a company you can trust? This article will review Viralyft and provide you with the top best Viralyft alternatives.

Viralyft is a social media marketing brand that can help you with Instagram growth solutions. One great thing about this company is that they are versatile. They do not accommodate Instagram alone; they have features for other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook and Spotify. Thus, with the services of this brand, you can grow your presence on multiple fronts at the same time.

There are many third-party companies wanting to help you grow your social media presence with various techniques and strategies. The social media marketing industry has never been this vibrant before. There are experts in different fields all ready to provide you with numerous social media solutions you may need.

But, this is not to say you should go with the first company you meet by the doorway. One reason for this is that many companies aren't as true as they seem. Some can injure your reputation or cart away with your money. That is why reading reviews like this one have become increasingly important.

They will point you in the right direction, reduce risks and ensure you get maximum value for your money. Therefore, this review will be talking about Viralyft in detail. You will find out what they do and if they are a trustworthy brand or not. Also, I have listed some other brands that can serve as alternatives to Viralyft.

Sometimes, it is great to see a brand being able to provide services for different social platforms, but the problem is whether they can deliver quality services across all boards. This is because having so many social media plates on your table kills any focus you may have and reduces productivity. However, it is still early doors; let's give Viralyft the benefit of the doubt. As we go further, you will see for yourself whether they are a capable brand.

And I have read reviews about Viralyft's features being of low quality. Their trying to diversify is a major reason why their quality isn't good enough.

What Are Viralyft's Features?

Like I said earlier, Viralyft is a brand that provides services for several social media brands aside from Instagram. This means that their features are numerous. Thus, we will look at some of these features based on the social media platforms they accommodate.

Viralyft's Facebook Features

Viralyft Buy Facebook Price

For Facebook, Viralyft provides clients who have accounts on the social app with Facebook likes. The engagement is grouped into different quantities. These divisions contain a different number of likes and costs. At Viralyft, 500 Facebook likes will cost you $18, while 1,000 Facebook likes go for $30. Viralyft also offers Facebook followers at affordable prices. Viralyft promises to deliver your order within 1-3 days. They say that their likes are of great quality, and you don't need to provide them with your password to work their magic. This is a good sign that they do not want to endanger or toy with your account.

But the fact that they say they offer quality Facebook likes looks quite doubtful, given that most negative reviews I have seen about their services made mention of poor quality. And this also holds for the claim that they offer efficient customer support at all times.

Viralyft's Instagram Features

Viralyft Buy Instagram Price

Viralyft provides Instagram likes, views and followers for their clients. One thing I like about them is their pricing structure. You tend to get a certain number of likes, followers or views at different costs. This means you are going to pay only for what you want. Viralyft provides you with 100 Instagram followers at $2.99, while 250 followers are priced at $4.99.

And as in Facebook, they also say that their followers are genuine and active. Thus, you won't get fake followers or bots capable of putting your account in trouble.

Viralyft promises to deliver your order within 1-3 days. Also, they claim that the followers they offer won't drop off and will engage with your account well. However, all these claims seem unreal to me. This is because of the negative reviews I have seen. However, this is not enough to say Viralyft intentionally makes fake promises and does not deliver what they claim. But this review is based on what is obtainable from past users and experts.

Viralyft's YouTube Features

Viralyft Buy Youtube Price

Viralyft provides views, comments, and subscribers for their clients on the YouTube app. At Viralyft, 100 YouTube subscribers go for $10.99, while 500 YouTube subscribers cost $49.99. Viralyft says they offer quality and active YouTube subscribers picked worldwide to their YouTube clients. They also don't need to have your password to do their job.

Viralyft promises to deliver your order within 1-3 days, just like on Instagram and Facebook. There may be no dispute that Viralyft delivers engagement to your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube account, but where the problem seems to lie is in the quality they claim to offer. The numerous complaints in reviews make these claims highly doubtful.

Viralyft's Twitter Features

Viralyft Buy Twitter Price

Like the others, Viralyft offers Twitter engagements in various forms. They can provide you with Twitter followers at great prices. 100 Twitter followers will cost you $2.99, while 500 followers go for $14.99. You don't need to provide them with your account's password to deliver your order. As in the ones above, delivery time is also within 1-3 days.

Viralyft's Merits & Demerits

Taking a look at the merits and demerits of this brand can help determine if they are as good as they say and if they can be trusted.

Merits of Using Viralyft

Customer Support

Viralyft says they have an adequate customer support system that you can rely on. They are always on hand to help you with any issue. This means you can find solutions to any question about their services any time you want.

Demerits of Using Viralyft

Poor Retention Rates

Engagement is the mother of all criteria used to measure a person's progress on social media platforms. That is why many people have resorted to buying engagement solutions from third-party sites. Good engagement metrics need to be real, active and have a high retention rate.

That is where Viralyft falls short. There are many complaints from clients about their followers or likes dropping off quickly. This is not a good sign about the company's capability.

Fake Followers

Although Viralyft claims they only deliver real and active followers, customers' reviews indicate that the company offers fake followers and bots. This is one of the reasons why these engagements have poor retention rates. This does not mean that all the followers you will get from Viralyft are all fakes. The problem is that you can't determine what percentage of your order is fake.

Can Endanger Your Account

Having fake followers can put your account at great risk. This is because most social media platforms such as Instagram are against fake followers or bots. Therefore, the activities of companies like Viralyft can easily go against the terms and conditions of such social media platforms. This could lead to your account being suspended or blocked and thus, damage your reputation.

Low-Quality Engagement

Viralyft's features, from all indications, are below par in terms of quality. This can drive away customers who are unfortunate to have tried such services before realizing it isn't worth it. Low retention rate and fake followers are all part of the low quality being talked about here. If Viralyft can up their game, which I suggest they do, it will go a long way in improving their image.

Website Security Concerns

Viralyft's website doesn't look secure enough. Thus, it is advisable to be cautious of your personal details on their platform. Their payment gateways are not encrypted as promised. Thus, the site is not safe.

Bad Results and Consequences

Viralyft is likely to hurt your reputation with its below-par features and activities. The results, in the end, won't look good. You will lose followers. Your account may even get suspended or blocked if a social app as sophisticated as Instagram detects such activities. Thus, you are bound to pay more for using their services in the end.

Negative Reviews

I found so many reviews of Viralyft on different online platforms like Trustpilot. Unfortunately, most of the reviews were negative. The complaints from past clients contained a good number of issues. Most of the issues talked about the poor quality of the services they got.

Others include late delivery of orders and followers and likes with a poor-retention period. Some of them began to disappear within a short time. Thus, their services have the potential to cause you more harm than good.

No Mention of Their Team

One thing that companies must strive to attain is transparency. And this is gotten through providing adequate information about the company, goals, vision and the team that handles the company's affairs. This will help gain customer trust as they gain confidence from knowing what you are all about. But at Viralyft's website, there isn't much information about their team, if they have any. You won't find an about page, which should discuss the company in great detail.

Any good company will not overlook such. When a brand seems secretive about those on its band, it is hard to trust their capability and legitimacy. Reputable companies are always proud to show their team members and give a summary of their background, academics and more. To some, all these may not be so important, but it improves how a company is being seen.

Top Viralyft Alternatives

It is as clear as daylight that Viralyft is a brand you can't trust with your social media growth ambitions. That is one of the reasons why you need other alternatives you can use. Aside from that, having an alternative helps you compare and contrast. Thus, you can easily choose to work with a brand that fits your needs or is more efficient. Thus, I have searched for some of the best growth tools out there that can serve as worthy alternatives to Viralyft. These brands are listed below in no particular order.

1. UseViral

UseViral Insta Alternative

The first Viralyft alternative on this list is UseViral. They have great strategies to help you grow your presence on Instagram and other social media platforms. And you won't need to worry about your reputation as their methods are safe and secure. UseViral uses its vibrant network of active social media experts that have the right knowledge to help move your account further. No matter what niche you are based in, they have professionals in every field who can see that you achieve your goals. Thus, with their strategies, your content will attract the right audience.

And one good thing is that they are not focused on Instagram alone; they accommodate other social media platforms. This means all your accounts across multiple platforms can be worked on simultaneously. You will find glowing reviews about their services on their website and elsewhere on the internet. This shows that they are legit.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Insta Alternative

SidesMedia is one of the best Viralyft alternatives that you will find around. They can help you grow your social media presence on multiple platforms, just like UseViral. If you want more attention on your business, this brand can help you achieve that. Their strategies are fashioned to draw more audience to your content and ultimately help you gain the exposure you have always dreamt of.

At SidesMedia, you won't get anything below top-quality engagement. They assure clients that their order will be delivered within the next 3 days once they have completed their purchase process. SidesMedia will only provide you with Instagram followers that are real and active. And there is no risk attached to their strategies. It is easy to get started with SidesMedia. All they require is some vital information, and they will deliver the right package to boost your account.

3. Morelikes

Morelikes overview

Next up is Morelikes. This Viralyft alternative is quite different from the others on this list. They use their special automatic detection system to detect when you have published new content on popular social media platforms like Instagram and then help you with the right engagement you need. This is an effective and easier technique to help you gain more exposure on social media. With this, you don't have to worry about engagement when creating your content anymore.

And one good thing about this strategy is that Morelikes ensures you don't get the same exact number of engagements over and over again on your posts. This smart engagement diversification will ensure that a social media platform as sophisticated as Instagram doesn't get to detect your activities and point you out. Therefore if you want this smart approach to social media engagement, Morelikes is a good alternative to try.


Q. Is Viralyft legit or a scam?

Viralyft is not a company you should try. This is because they provide low–quality services. Thus, they can't be relied on to deliver all they have promised. Also, the numerous bad reviews about their services show that they can't give the kind of satisfaction customers need. Therefore, they are not a company you should try.

Q. Does Viralyft offer services for Instagram alone?

No. Aside from Instagram, Viralyft accommodates other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook and Spotify.


Reviews will go a long way in ensuring you don't easily fall into the wrong hands. I am not saying that with reviews, you are guaranteed safety. No. reviews only try to reduce risks to the barest minimum. I have talked about Viralyft in this review.

You have seen what the brand is all about and how ineffective some of their services are. I have also mentioned some good alternatives that actually work. I am sure all the information in this review will help you find the right brand to effectively handle your social media growth.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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