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Glassagram Review: Is Glassagram Safe and Legit? (+ Alternatives)

Glassagram Review

Have you always wanted to keep an eye on a private Instagram user’s account? Perhaps, you’ve heard about Glassagram and wish to utilize its service but are skeptical about it. This article provides you with a detailed review of Glassagram to know if it’s safe and legit.

There are a variety of scenarios in which gaining access to a private Instagram user profile may be desirable.

Perhaps you want to see the activities of your former partner, or perhaps your kids have made their Instagram accounts private, and you desire to maintain tabs on them but don’t want them to be aware that you’re continuously monitoring their every move.

Regardless, a lot of services exist to make browsing accounts on Instagram less of a chore, and in this review, I’ll be discussing one such service, Glassagram.

What is Glassagram?

Glassagram was founded with the express purpose of providing an anonymous means of accessing private Instagram stories.

While using an application such as Glassagram, your username won’t show up in the listing of people who have seen the content.

In other words, you can browse any Instagram profile, even private ones, and its contents without revealing any personal information about yourself.

Glassagram Features Review

The first review I will be conducting is Glassagram features so that you can have an insight into what it offers.

1. Location Tracker

Do you just want to find out where an Instagram friend, relative, or even kid of yours is now?

Because many Instagram users provide their location in their picture captions, Glassagram makes it simple to track down their recent travels.

Looking at their postings will tell you exactly where they have gone.

Even while it won’t be as precise as GPS monitoring, you can still get a sense of their general movement patterns and whereabouts.

2. Likes Viewer

Likes Viewer of Glassagram

Do you wish you could see a person’s Instagram followers?

Maybe you’re curious about your spouse’s or your kid’s fan base on social media.

Glassagram is useful in this situation since it allows you to simply monitor the accounts your partner or kid follows on Instagram.

In addition, you can see their interactions with other users’ postings.

This will allow you to discover their likes and perhaps even wow them.

3. Message Tracking

Do you suspect that your significant other (or perhaps spouse) is engaging in an online flirtation with another user of Instagram?

In this scenario, it’s probably a good idea to go into their DMs and verify whether they’re really sending improper messages to the person they claim to be contacting.

Glassagram makes it simple to eavesdrop on Instagram users’ private conversations via their direct messages without them suspecting a thing.

Viewing their comments and direct messages from followers is also an option.

4. Video and Reel Viewer

No one is surprised by the prevalence of explicit sexual content on Instagram, notwithstanding the platform’s “no nudity” policy.

Because of this, it’s understandable that knowing your children use it often causes you some anxiety.

You should be concerned since it is simple for kids to be exposed to unsuitable material.

How would you possibly monitor their Instagram activity if you are not always there to see their every move?

Glassagram makes it simple to monitor a person’s media consumption by capturing screenshots of anything they’re watching on a mobile device.

5. Instagram Story Viewer

Glassagram’s story viewer allows you to see the stories of the person you’re interested in, as well as the stories they’re now viewing on the profiles of other users.

The user you’re trying to reach will find out whether you see their stories in a conventional manner via your profile.

Fortunately, if you use Glassagram, they won’t be able to tell.

6. Dashboard

Upon creating an account and gaining access to the Glassagram dashboard, you will see that it is somewhat bare.

In spite of this, I believe that it is perfect enough for its intended use since the technological requirements for viewing Instagram stories, DMs, videos, and so on are rather low.

In order to effectively browse Instagram stories and other material, you’ll want a simple but powerful interface.

Their dashboard’s simplicity was a huge plus for me since it saved me from having to wade through a sea of unnecessary technical options and bells and whistles.

Glassagram Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Glassagram

  • Glassagram’s live chat option provided me with access to very quick and helpful customer service. I appreciated their assistance and care; they ensured that I got back on my feet.
  • The setup process for Glassagram is simple. Since there is an automated installer, setting it up is easy. You won’t have to manually allow each and every one of those permissions, which may be quite complicated.
  • It also has some extras. This application’s functionality goes well beyond that of a simple Instagram viewer. Stories, videos, DMs, and even likes can all be seen with its assistance. You can always keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts thanks to the built-in GPS tracker.
  • They’re creative and useful. I find the concept underlying this Instagram viewer to be novel and helpful, particularly for those who use Instagram and would benefit from being able to keep tabs on competitors or their kids using such a viewer.

Disadvantages of Glassagram

  • Glassagram’s sole significant drawback is that it currently only works with Android devices and not iPhones. You’ll need an Android device to make use of it.

Glassagram Pricing Review

I have touched on the fact that Glassagram has a free and premium editions.

You can watch and download Instagram stories from other users without upgrading to a paid plan.

If you purchase a premium plan, you can keep tabs on the target’s Instagram account without them ever suspecting a thing.

Priced at 59.19 USD monthly and 179.88 USD per year, respectively, their premium package is available on both a monthly and yearly basis.

Signing up for a year’s worth of service will obviously reduce the overall price tag.

Glassagram Customer Service Review

Glassagram Customer Support

When choosing a service such as this to assist in viewing private Instagram accounts, it’s crucial to find out what kind of assistance customers get when things go tough.

The positive aspect is that, based on the research I conducted for this review, Glassagram provides outstanding customer service in that they make every effort to rapidly and effectively address its customers’ concerns.

If you ever find yourself in need of assistance, reaching out to their support team is a breeze.

Glassagram’s chat assistance is accessible via your dashboard’s drop-down menu.

Provide your email address and name, and a live chat assistance agent will be designated for you, ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Glassagram Team Review

If you’re going to engage with a company such as Glassagram, you should feel comfortable knowing that they can deliver on their pledges by providing you with extensive details regarding their processes and the nature of their offerings.

Organizations that are cagey and difficult to pin down immediately raise warning flags and should be avoided.

Fortunately, Glassagram provided enough data on their platform for me to feel confident in their ability to meet my needs.

This data included not only details about the products and services they provide but also about the people who work behind the scenes to make those services possible.

Glassagram App Review: Does it Infect the Device?

Glassagram Overview

Fortunately, unlike some other Instagram spy applications, this one won’t mess up the target phone if you decide to put it on it.

It won’t even eat through batteries quickly.

While it will use some, it won’t use enough to reveal that the user has secretly put anything on their phone.

You can trust them implicitly to secretly monitor Instagram accounts since there are no concerns with the phone in question, such as temperature or latency.

Glassagram Compatibility Review

Importantly, Glassagram is now only accessible for Android, so if your intended audience is using an iPhone, you will not be able to utilize their software.

You’ll have to wait a little while longer if you’re an iPhone user who wishes to be enabled to monitor an iPhone, but I am optimistic that they’ll release an application that’s functional with iPhone soon.

Final Verdict: Is Glassagram Safe and Legit?

After my detailed review, I can personally say that Glassagram is legit and isn’t a scam. The tool enables you to track Instagram activities, including stories, posts, likes, comments, following lists, and followers.

If you wish to keep an eye on a particular profile without signing in, the latency for data retrieval is worth it.

However, you’ll need a paid Instagram subscription if you want to see posts from accounts that have set their profiles to private.

You can be certain that you will get the assistance you need at any time and that you will be allowed to get in contact with someone who will aid you since they offer excellent customer service.

If you want to check on your kids’ Instagram accounts without drawing unwanted attention to yourself, I believe Glassagram is a great choice.

5 Best Glassagram Alternatives

1. mSpy

mSpy Overview

The first Glassagram alternative on this list is mSpy. Even in its name, the mSpy software advertises itself as a way to secretly observe Instagram. It’s quite clear what this software is for —  to keep a tab on an Instagram user account.

It’s easy to use and can let you see Instagram Stories and private accounts. It’s a totally covert operation.

When you want to view what your kids or relatives are posting on Instagram, this application is the perfect option.

Whether on intent or by mistake, you can discover that your kid is checking out inappropriate content on YouTube or Instagram.

2. uMobix

uMobix Overview

In accordance with the official uMobix web page, the program can be used by modern parents to monitor their children’s mobile phone and Instagram accounts.

Before committing to a membership, you may test out the service by watching the demo available on the website.

Utilizing GPS, a keylogger, and the ability to spy on their mobile device’s conversations, texts, social media activity, media files, and images, you can keep tabs on your loved one’s smartphone wherever they go.

If you require authorization for a private Instagram account, you can save yourself some time and work by using the uMobix application.

It works with both Apple and Google services, so you can keep tabs on your kid’s smartphone and online activity.

You can prevent children from accessing any inappropriate material.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy Overview

This software advertises itself as a way to spy on an individual’s Instagram account and access their direct chats.

The service claims you can monitor a person’s Instagram activity in real-time.

That’s why it’s ideal for hacking into restricted Instagram profiles.

By doing so, you can avoid further interaction with the user and any unwanted communications or contact. The application serves many functions than only this one.

With the help of the eyeZy secret Instagram viewer software, you can read someone else’s chats, even if they don’t want you to.

4. PrivatePhotoViewer

PrivatePhotoViewer Overview

The PrivatePhotoViewer software stands out from the crowd in a number of ways, one of which is how quickly it can be downloaded. It is also great for seeing hidden Instagram accounts.

To see private Instagram accounts, this is one of the finest and most reliable services available.

To use this program anonymously, there is no need to submit to any kind of human verification process prior to downloading or installing it.

5. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta Overview

PrivateInsta is yet a secure, reliable, and human-verification-free option for viewing Instagram without the need for a third-party application.

The platform claims compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, along with being straightforward, safe, and reliable.

It has maintained its consistency by consistently meeting customer needs for over five years.

Additionally, there is no cost to utilize this service, and they provide helpful customer service in the form of Frequently Asked Questions for frequently asked questions.

I agree. This Instagram viewer tool allows you to see private profiles without giving up any personal information.

Not many similar services are as intuitive as PrivateInsta. This software makes it simple to see private Instagram accounts. In addition, your privacy is protected at all times.


Q. Is Glassagram anonymous?

Yes, Glassagram is anonymous. Glassagram is undetectable, allowing you to simply monitor a target’s Instagram without them knowing.

Q. Does Glassagram have a free option?

There is, without a doubt, a no-cost choice on Glassagram to see and save an individual’s Instagram tales. You’ll need to install the Instagram application on the person’s device, nevertheless, if you’d like to access everything the user has posted. This isn’t a cost-free operation.

I believe that utilizing Glassagram for morally justifiable purposes does not violate any laws or ethical standards, and hence that its usage is perfectly legitimate.

If you are concerned that your adolescents may be posting content that makes them exposed online, you have the responsibility to monitor their activity and take appropriate action if necessary.


In addition to being a secure messaging platform, Glassagram offers several advantages for today’s organizations.

It is crucial in the modern marketing sector that companies, brands, influencers, and marketers may read user content on Instagram without revealing their identities.

Because of the cutthroat character of many online markets and communities, like Instagram, it’s important to learn about your rivals’ strategies without drawing attention to yourself.

To stay ahead of the competition, flourishing businesses have long studied their industry’s leaders.

Without sacrificing your morals or anonymity, this stealth software can offer you a leg up and inspire you to devise more effective business tactics.

If you want to see Instagram Stories without being identified, I recommend using Glassagram.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.