So you got the "We‘ve made it easy to get back on Instagram" email – here‘s what it means and what to do

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Hey there Instagrammer!

If you recently received an email from Instagram saying something like "We‘ve made it easy to get back on Instagram" or "We can help you get back into your account", you might be wondering what it‘s all about. As a social media pro and tech geek, let me break it down for you.

What does this email mean?

This email is automatically sent by Instagram anytime someone attempts to log into your account unsuccessfully.

It could be triggered for a few different reasons:

  • You tried logging in but made a mistake entering your username or password
  • Someone else tried to log into your account by guessing your credentials
  • Your account is being brute force attacked by a computer program running through possible passwords
  • It‘s a phishing email trying to steal your login information

The email itself is legitimate and sent from Instagram (from the email [email protected]), but don‘t click on any links in it just yet. Let‘s understand why you received it first.

Why did I get this email from Instagram?

There are four likely scenarios that could have triggered this notification email:

1. You tried logging in incorrectly

This is the most innocuous reason. If you simply mistyped your username or password, or had caps lock turned on accidentally, Instagram will send this email after a failed login attempt.

Quick tip: Using a password manager like LastPass can prevent login mistakes by saving and autofilling your credentials.

To confirm it was you, check your login activity in your Instagram account settings. If the location, device, and IP address seem familiar, it was likely your own failed attempt. Try logging in again more carefully.

2. Someone else tried to access your account

It‘s possible someone else tried logging into your Instagram account. This could be:

  • A friend/family member using your phone or computer to access Instagram
  • An ex or someone close to you guessing your password
  • A random stranger who found or bought your username and wants to steal your account

Check your login activity and think about who in your life would have both the means and motive to access your Instagram account behind your back.

If it was someone you know, consider changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication to prevent future unauthorized logins.

3. Your account is being brute force attacked

A brute force attack is when a computer program automatically tries to crack Instagram accounts by running through thousands of common password combinations.

You may become the target of a brute force attack if:

  • Your Instagram username and email were exposed in a data breach
  • You have a short username like @mike or @johnson that attackers want
  • You‘re an influencer or public figure hackers want to hack

According to Instagram, over 75% of accounts that receive "We‘ve made it easy" emails are under brute force attacks.

You‘ll know it‘s likely a brute force attack if you receive numerous emails over a short period of time. Having a strong, unique password and two-factor authentication enabled can help thwart these automated hacking attempts.

4. It‘s a phishing email

Phishing is when scammers send fake emails impersonating companies like Instagram in order to steal your personal information. They want to trick you into clicking a link to a fake Instagram login page and entering your username/password.

These emails often look legit at first glance, using Instagram‘s branding and colors. But there are usually small signs it‘s not real, like grammatical errors or slight differences in the email address.

Go directly to Instagram‘s website or app to log back in rather than clicking links in any suspicious emails. And never enter your login information on pages you weren‘t expecting to need to log into.

How can I confirm this email is really from Instagram?

Instagram makes it easy to verify the legitimacy of emails you receive regarding your account security:

  • Go to your Instagram settings > Security > Emails from Instagram to see a list of all official emails they‘ve sent you in the past 14 days. If the "We‘ve made it easy" email is there, it‘s legit.

  • Check for a small blue verified badge icon next to the Instagram name in the email‘s "From" address.

  • Ensure the email address sending the message matches Instagram‘s domain exactly: [email protected]

  • Look for signs it‘s fake – strange links, spelling errors, pixelated logos. Real Instagram emails will be crisp.

If you believe the email is fraudulent, report it to Instagram as phishing. And if you happened to click any links or enter your login information, change your password immediately.

Securing your Instagram account

Once you determine why you received the "We‘ve made it easy" email, here are some tips to further lock down your account:

  • Use a strong, unique password – A randomized string of letters, numbers and symbols will be much harder to crack. Don‘t reuse passwords across sites.

  • Enable two-factor authentication – Add your phone number or an authenticator app as a second step to log in. This prevented over 98% of accounts targeted in brute force attacks according to Instagram.

  • Review login activity – Check locations of recent logins for any unfamiliar places. You can logout remotely from unknown sessions.

  • Change your username – If your username itself seems compromised, create a new harder-to-guess handle.

  • Update your email – If your email is no longer secure, change it to lock out anyone attempting logins.

  • Run antivirus software – Scan devices used to access Instagram in case of keylogging malware.

  • Avoid phishing links – Go directly to Instagram‘s app or site to login. Don‘t enter credentials anywhere else.

When should I be worried about unauthorized access?

In most cases, this email is just Instagram notifying you of a minor failed login attempt, so no need to panic.

But if you see signs your account may actually be compromised like unusual posts or messages being sent, take action right away to secure it.

Here are some scenarios that should raise red flags:

  • You receive numerous "We‘ve made it easy" emails in a short timeframe – likely a brute force attack

  • Login locations appear from places you haven‘t been – account may be hijacked

  • Your bio, images, or profile are altered without your knowledge – account taken over

  • Strange DMs are sent from your account to other users – hacker inside

  • Email comes from suspicious address – could be phishing

  • Followers/following count drops – someone unfollowing en masse

Trust your gut if anything seems off with your account. Reset your password, review activity logs, and consider contacting Instagram support if you suspect you‘ve been hacked.

Let‘s recap

The "We‘ve made it easy to get back on Instagram" email simply indicates someone failed to log into your Instagram account. In most cases, it‘s nothing to worry about!

But it‘s worth investigating further to understand if your account security has been compromised or not.

  • Review login activity for unfamiliar access attempts
  • Check if it‘s a brute force attack by getting multiple emails
  • See if the email is verified as official through Instagram‘s tools
  • Take steps to lock down your account like updating your password and enabling two-factor authentication

Staying vigilant about suspicious activity and using strong security practices will keep your Instagram safe. But if your account does get hacked, act quickly to regain control and prevent damage.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow Instagram users keep their accounts secure.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.