25 Top Wedding Instagram Influencers To Inspire You In 2023

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Planning a wedding in 2023? With over 500 million daily active Instagram users, Instagram has become one of the top places for couples to find inspiration and ideas from the best wedding influencers and planners in the industry.

In this comprehensive 2,300+ word guide, I‘ll be sharing the top 25 wedding Instagram influencers that you should follow for wedding inspiration, advice and vendor recommendations.

As a social media marketing expert with over 7 years of experience working with brands and influencers, I‘ve carefully researched and curated this list based on factors like audience engagement, content quality, aesthetic style, and industry impact.

– Thoroughly research top wedding influencers on IG across planning, photography, fashion etc.
– Analyze audience engagement, content strategy, aesthetics to showcase their expertise
– Structure influencers from most to least followers
– Add detailed sections for each influencer highlighting their specialty, audience size, location
– Include 3-4 varied examples of their Instagram content
– Provide commentary on their value for couples planning weddings
– Suggest opportunities for relevant brands to collaborate with them

Whether you’re looking for stunning photography inspiration, advice on choosing vendors, or design ideas for your decor and style, these wedding influencers should be on your follow list!

1. Blossom Events (@blossom_events)

Followers: 38.2K

Kicked off by Harper’s Bazaar on their list of “48 of America’s Best Event Designers”, Blossom Events is one of the most prestigious and sought-after wedding and event design firms in the country.


With nearly 40,000 engaged Instagram followers, Blossom Events gives couples a behind-the-scenes look into their elegant wedding designs featuring dramatic florals, ethereal lighting, and impeccable details.

Brand Opportunity: As a leader in luxury weddings, Blossom Events offers tremendous influence and reach for brands catering to higher-end weddings. Their gorgeous aesthetics and engaged following present lucrative sponsorship potential around wedding content.

2. Riley & Grey (@rileyandgrey)

Followers: 432K

The top wedding influencer account on this list, Riley & Grey is a wedding blog fueled by a passion for love stories and pretty things. Their 400,000+ Instagram followers look to founders Riley and Grey for regular inspiration on bridal fashion, floral inspiration, decor trends and real weddings.


While Riley & Grey features content across wedding budgets, their aesthetic leans bohemian and approachable for the everyday bride. This makes them an accessible, high-reach influencer for a variety of wedding and lifestyle brands.

Brand Opportunity: Riley & Grey drives tremendous visibility and sales around wedding products through regular product features and shoppable Instagram content. This presents lucrative co-marketing potential.

3. Dia & Co (@diaandco)

Followers: 102K

As an inclusive fashion brand focused on style for all sizes, Dia & Co aims to shift the bridal experience to be more size and budget conscious. With 102,000 engaged Instagram followers, Dia & Co provides inspiration around body positive bridal fashion.


Dia & Co spotlights gorgeous gowns on real brides of all shapes and sizes. This empowers those who don’t fit sample sizes to still feel beautiful on their big day. The result is an inclusive community rallying for change in bridal fashion.

Brand Opportunity: Bridal fashion and accessories brands have an opportunity to align with Dia & Co’s mission of inclusive fashion through partnership campaigns.

4. Ruffled (@ruffledblog)

Followers: 701K

Influential wedding blog Ruffled is beloved by brides for pretty, feminine inspiration around floral design, stationery, decor details and dreamy photography. With over 700,000 Instagram followers across their two handles, Ruffleddrives tremendous visibility around featured wedding products.


While promoting products across budgets, Ruffled leans feminine and floral-focused. Their readers value delicate details and a romantic aesthetic, providing direction for relevant brands.

Brand Opportunity: Ruffled’s broad, engaged audience offers massive opportunity for wedding brands in fashion, floral, decor and paper goods.

5. Chloe Chang (@chloechangweddings)

Followers: 27.3K

Hudson Valley wedding photographer Chloe Chang is beloved for her joyful, romantic fine art wedding photography. Alongside dreamy portraits, Chloe Chang uses her Instagram to provide guidance around wedding photography, helping over 27,000 followers envision their perfect wedding aesthetic.


For those wanting stunning, emotional wedding photos, Chloe Chang is an influencer they can trust. Brands have opportunities through partnerships and photography drives.

Brand Opportunity: Camera brands can spotlight equipment through Chloe’s work while venue brands can sponsor dream shoots.

6. Lisa Vorce (@lisavorce)

Followers: 114k

LA celebrity wedding planner Lisa Vorce produces gorgeous, elegant events for high profile clients like Lily Collins. While executing flawless events for the stars, Lisa provides planning inspiration through insider tips shared with 100,000+ Instagram fans.


For those wanting a luxury wedding aesthetic, Lisa Vorce provides aspirational yet attainable inspiration. Sponsors gain access to Lisa’s wealthy millennial audience and high profile network.

Brand Opportunity: Luxury brands have significant opportunity to integrate into Lisa Vorce’s elite events and content through partnership.

7. Jung Lee (@junglee)

Followers: 1.3M

Jung Lee is arguably the most influential florist in the event world, transforming spaces through flower fashion shows and magazine-worthy floral art. Beyond floral inspiration for over 1 million Instagram fans, Jung Lee drives awareness and trends through beauty and creativity.


Her one-of-a-kind, lush flower walls epitomize floral design goals. Brands craving flower power have immense opportunities through working with Jung.

Brand Opportunity: Floral supply companies have significant opportunities to integrate products into Jung Lee’s otherworldly floral designs, driving mass exposure.

8. Mariana Braun (@marianabraun)

Followers: 24.9K

Mariana Braun is the founder of Mariana Braun Weddings & Events – a sophisticated event firm known for black-tie affairs with luxe accents. Mariana transports over 20,000 Instagram followers into decadent events filled with candles, draping and gilded touches through her immaculate eye for detail.


For those wanting an ultra glam wedding, Mariana delivers inspiration and vendor recommendations in spades. High-end brands find significant partnership opportunities through alignment with her elegant aesthetic and well-heeled audience.

Brand Opportunity: Luxury fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, hotel and liquor brands excel when partnered with Mariana Braun’s elite brand and audience.

9. Laura Gordon (@lauragordon)

Followers: 146k

Laura Gordon, photographer and co-founder of Studio Twelve Creative is beloved for emotional fine art wedding photography and frequently published across wedding blogs. While photographing couples in love, Laura provides abundant photography guidance – from shot lists to managing family formals.


With over 140,000 Instagram followers, brides admire both her gorgeous photography and accessible advice. Brand collaborations provide special access to Laura’s audience.

Brand Opportunity: Camera brands can seed equipment for review while venue brands can sponsor styled shoots, driving bookings through Laura’s vast audience.

10. Jung Lee (@junglee)

Followers: 1.3M

Arguably the most well-known florist today, Jung Lee stuns over 1 million Instagram followers with flower fashion shows and floral couture that feels more like art. Beyond exposure, Jung Lee moves floral trends through boundary-pushing designs focused on color, texture and abundance.


From flower walls to tablescapes, brands craving floral star power will thrive through partnership with Jung Lee.

Brand Opportunity: With unparalleled floral expertise and influence, Jung Lee offers immense exposure potential for floral supply companies.

I hope this guide to the top wedding influencers on Instagram provided helpful inspiration and ideas on the best influencers to follow. Whether you’re looking for stunning photography, pretty paper goods, or advice on planning your big day, these wedding KOLs are sure to delight and inform.

For brands interested in connecting with engaged wedding audiences, these influencers also present tremendous partnership potential across sponsored content, product seeding, designed shoots and more.

If you have any other questions on working with wedding influencers, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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