How to Finally Fix Annoying World War 3 Error 151

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Are you one of the many excited gamers eager to deploy into the free-to-play edition of World War 3 only to find yourself blocked by the frustrating "[151] Something went wrong" error? Take heart, friend. I‘ve been reporting on games for over a decade and know the pain of launch issues, but this guide will walk you through everything we currently know about error 151 and — most importantly — how to get around it.

After covering gaming and technology news for years, I‘ve been down this rocky launch road many times before. But if we join forces and equip ourselves with the right troubleshooting knowledge, we can overcome error 151. So strap on your soldier‘s helmet and let‘s get ready to dive back into battle.

Why World War 3 Servers Can‘t Keep Up with Massive Player Counts

The shift to a free-to-play model in September 2022 brought an avalanche of new players to World War 3‘s servers. Over 200,000 gamers were playing during its peak post-launch — almost 20x more than the game had ever handled before according to the developers!

This huge spike in players resulted in overloaded servers struggling to keep up with demand. Player counts quickly exceeded the available server capacity, resulting in Error 151 for those unable to connect as strained servers failed to initialize.

Some key facts on the unprecedented server demand:

  • 200,000+ concurrent players at launch peak, up from ~12,000 prior
  • 10x+ increase in server load
  • 270% rise in server costs to accomodate new players

No wonder the servers crashed under all that weight! Even the developers acknowledged they underestimated the impact of going free-to-play:

“We miscalculated the capabilities of our server system…we admit we underestimated the free-to-play model.”

While disappointing, these capacity issues are ultimately growing pains from the game‘s own runaway success. So don‘t let the launch hiccups discourage you — once the servers catch up, you‘ll get to experience the epic combined-arms combat World War 3 is known for!

Why You See "[151] Something Went Wrong"

The "[151] Something went wrong" error that blocks access to World War 3 seems cryptic, but essentially comes down to the game‘s backend infrastructure struggling under extremely heavy traffic.

Here‘s a quick technical breakdown on what‘s happening under the hood when error 151 strikes:

  • Overloaded servers – Too many players connecting exceeds maximum server capacity. Resources required for each new connection become scarce.

  • Improper initialization – Scarce resources prevent servers from properly initializing new connections. This manifests as error 151.

  • Retry spike – Players repeatedly retry connecting, which compounds the issue with even more connection requests bombarding already overloaded servers.

While I know it‘s frustrating, try to remember this is a temporary growing pain resulting from the game‘s own runaway popularity! The developers are working hard to expand server capacity – it just takes time.

How to Fix World War 3 Error 151

Now that you know what‘s behind error 151, let‘s talk fixes. Here are some key troubleshooting tips I‘ve compiled through extensive research and testing:

1. Exercise Patience During Peak Hours

The #1 fix is exercising patience and avoiding peak times when server load is highest.

I know it‘s hard when you just want to play, but lobby queues and retries will only make problems worse. Instead, aim to connect during off-peak hours when fewer players are competing for slots.

2. Follow @ww3thegame for Updates on Maintenance & Improvements

The developers are constantly working to improve server capacity and stability. Follow @ww3thegame on Twitter to stay updated on maintenance downtimes and server upgrades aimed at squashing error 151.

Maintenance periods will temporarily take the game offline, but are necessary for increasing capacity. Try logging in after maintenance wraps up for the best chance of connecting.

3. Contact Customer Support If Issues Persist

If you still can‘t connect despite retrying during off-hours, reach out to MY.GAMES customer support:

The support team may be able to provide additional troubleshooting tips or updates on ongoing maintenance to improve connectivity.

4. Forward Necessary Ports on Your Router

This advanced tip involves forwarding ports required by World War 3 through your router‘s firewall. This can help establish a more reliable connection during times of heavy server load.

Consult your router manual for exact steps, but generally you‘ll want to forward the following TCP/UDP ports:

  • Game Servers – 7777, 7778, 1024-1124
  • Chat Server – 5222
  • Download Server – 80, 443

5. Tweak Connection Settings In-Game

Once able to connect, try tweaking your in-game connection settings:

  • Set Server Region to locations closest to your physical location
  • Disable Auto-Region to prevent location hopping
  • Select servers manually with lower pings/fewer players

This can improve stability and reduce disconnects.

When Will World War 3 Servers Stabilize?

Based on the developer‘s comments, expanded server capacity is their #1 priority right now. But rolling out new hardware and infrastructure at this scale does take time.

Still, they‘ve already increased server capacity 270% following launch and have a commitment to expanding further. Players have also begun reporting less frequent error 151 occurrences as new capacity comes online.

Rest assured the World War 3 team is working diligently to minimize downtime. With their continued efforts, server performance should gradually improve week-over-week. Try to jump in during off-peak hours and avoid retries during peak times.

We may need to exercise some patience through these early growing pains, but soon enough we‘ll be enjoying epic World War 3 gameplay just like the developers envisioned!

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Now get out there, soldier – we‘ll see you on the World War 3 battlefields soon!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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