Hey, I Understand Your Frustration When YouTube Keeps Pausing. But Don‘t Worry, We‘ll Fix This!

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Has this ever happened to you? You‘re having an awesome YouTube marathon, binge watching your favorite channel or artists, when suddenly…the video pauses. Then it starts again. Then it pauses again! And again. It‘s like someone is hitting the pause button just to mess with you. I know how annoying that can be, believe me. As a fellow YouTube lover, I feel your pain!

But don‘t stress my friend – there are solutions to get your YouTube videos playing smoothly again. I‘ve been there before too, dealing with the headaches of YouTube‘s playback freezing and stuttering. After lots of troubleshooting and research into why YouTube does this, I’ve learned how to fix these temperamental streaming issues once and for all!

In this guide, we‘re going to dive deep on the reasons behind YouTube playback problems. I‘ll also provide actionable tips to troubleshoot exactly what‘s going on, and simple steps you can take to stop the madness of constant video pausing in its tracks. Soon you‘ll be freely enjoying uninterrupted YouTube streaming bliss once again!

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing Anyway?

Before jumping into the solutions, it helps to understand what exactly is causing YouTube to keep stopping and starting your viewing session. The technical causes typically fall into one of these categories:

Internet Connection Issues

Streaming high-definition video requires a relatively fast and stable internet connection. If your network speed is slow or keeps dropping, it can interrupt the stream and cause pausing.

Outdated Software

Like any app, the YouTube mobile app and website rely on up-to-date software to run efficiently. Older versions are more prone to pesky bugs and performance issues.

System Resource Problems

Other programs running in the background can overload your computer‘s or phone‘s CPU and RAM, resulting in choppy YouTube playback.

conflicts with Browser Extensions

Some third-party Chrome and Firefox add-ons are known to interfere with YouTube, potentially disrupting video streaming.

Automatic Pausing Settings

YouTube includes wellness features like "Remind me to take a break" that intentionally pause videos after a certain watching period.

Faulty Hardware

In rare cases, physical problems like a loose headphone jack or failing graphics card can randomly pause videos.

Software Bugs

Glitches in the YouTube app code may inadvertently trigger videos to pause, especially right after updates before bugs are patched.

By understanding the source of the problem, we can better troubleshoot and devise targeted solutions. The good news is most YouTube playback issues can be fixed with a few easy tweaks and troubleshooting steps.

10 Common Fixes for YouTube Randomly Pausing

Let‘s go through some of the top tips I‘ve found that typically resolve temporary pausing and freezing issues on YouTube:

1. Check Your Internet Connection Speeds

More often than not, network issues are the root cause of streaming problems. When your video pauses, open a new tab and test your internet speeds at sites like or

For smooth 1080p or 4K YouTube streaming, you‘ll generally need at least 5 Mbps download speeds, and preferably 10 Mbps or higher. If your bandwidth is slower than this or your connection seems unstable with lots of spikes and dips, it can interrupt the video stream.

Before doing anything else, first ensure your internet speeds are up to par. If they aren‘t, try moving your computer closer to the router, restarting it, or contacting your ISP if problems persist.

2. Update Your Apps and Software

One quick fix is to ensure you have the latest versions of the YouTube app and relevant system software installed:

  • On mobile, update the YouTube app and your device‘s OS via the app store
  • On smart TVs, update the YouTube app and TV firmware
  • On computers, update your browser and graphics drivers

The newest versions fix bugs and optimize performance. An outdated app is more likely to have issues and interrupt playback.

3. Disable "Remind Me to Take a Break"

YouTube intentionally pauses videos after 1-4 hours of continuous watching with its wellness setting called “Remind me to take a break.” You can disable this in your account settings:

  • On the website, click your profile picture > Settings > General > Uncheck “Remind me to take a break”
  • In the mobile app, tap your profile > Settings > General > Toggle off “Remind me to take a break”

This prevents YouTube from automatically pausing your binge watching sessions!

4. Pause Background Apps

Too many apps and programs running simultaneously can overload your computer‘s RAM and CPU capacities. When resources are stretched too thin, playback performance suffers.

Try closing unused browser tabs and apps before watching YouTube to free up available memory and processing power. Restarting your device also clears out junk background processes.

5. Update Graphics Drivers

Your computer relies on graphics card drivers to smoothly process and display video. Outdated drivers can mess with YouTube playback.

Check for graphics driver updates from Nvidia, AMD or Intel depending on your PC. Their websites have utilities to auto-detect your hardware and install optimized drivers tailored for your GPU.

6. Disable Browser Extensions

Browser plug-ins like Chrome and Firefox add-ons have been known to conflict with YouTube at times. As a test, try disabling all extensions and see if it stops the pausing behavior.

If so, turn extensions back on one-by-one until you can identify the problematic addon. You can also try reinstalling extensions or removing outdated ones no longer maintained.

7. Add YouTube to Antivirus Exclusions

In very rare cases, overzealous antivirus software might falsely flag YouTube network activity as suspicious and block streaming. Try adding YouTube to your antivirus exclusion list as a test.

You can also temporarily disable your antivirus entirely while watching YouTube. If that resolves pausing, add exclusions before re-enabling active scanning. Use trusted security software and keep it updated.

8. Switch Browsers

Certain playback issues may be browser-specific bugs. Test if the problem only happens on Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Trying an alternate browser can provide a temporary workaround until the original browser fixes underlying bugs.

Browsers use different architectures and technologies to handle video, so another one may avoid the conflict or incompatibility causing pauses.

9. Contact YouTube Support

YouTube provides a feedback mechanism in the app to report technical issues directly to their engineering team. Tap your profile picture > Help > Send feedback and thoroughly describe the playback problems you’re having.

YouTube support may be able to implement a fix on their servers if it’s a widespread issue affecting multiple users.

10. Consider Hardware Factors

In rare instances, physical device problems can also randomly pause YouTube, like:

  • Faulty or loose headphone jack connections
  • Overheating computer components like CPU or graphics card
  • Outdated WiFi router needing replacement
  • Failing smartphone battery unable to maintain performance

If you‘ve ruled out the above software issues, it may be worth getting your hardware inspected or replaced.

Recommendations to Avoid Future YouTube Pausing

Here are some general best practices I‘d recommend to help avoid further playback interruptions down the road:

  • Maintain a fast, low-latency internet connection. For HD streaming, upgrade to plans offering at least 10 Mbps speeds.

  • Routinely update your apps, operating systems, browsers, drivers and firmware. Enable auto-updates where possible.

  • Only install reputable browser extensions. Remove unused ones cluttering your browser.

  • Limit your open browser tabs and background apps to free up device resources for YouTube.

  • Use YouTube‘s built-in “Stats for Nerds” to monitor streaming health metrics and troubleshoot issues.

  • Add YouTube to antivirus/firewall allowed programs lists to prevent conflict. Keep security software updated.

  • Consider upgrading aging hardware like routers, computers, phones, etc. Newer components perform better.

  • Clean out dust buildup inside desktop computers to prevent overheating hardware.

Let‘s Beat This YouTube Pausing Issue Together!

Well my friend, we‘ve covered a lot of ground here! As you can see, YouTube playback getting stuck is usually caused by common technical issues that we can troubleshoot. I know how frustrating randomly pausing videos can be in the moment. But don’t get discouraged – with the fixes we just went through, you should be well equipped to stop YouTube‘s annoying freezing behavior in its tracks!

Remember to start by checking your network connection strength and running any pending software updates. We‘ll get you back to uninterrupted YouTube streaming glory in no time! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. Now get out there and enjoy some smooth video watching!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.