As virtually everyone would know the advent of the internet has immensely revolutionized how many things are done in many fields of human endeavor, most especially in the business sphere. Indeed now more than ever many business establishments and even individuals are increasingly embracing this amazing medium to effectually reach out to and engage their targeted markets. Particularly when it comes to heightening the brand awareness of the various products and services they offer, especially through social media networks. As well as channeling a huge number of their revenue generation via this amazing platform. This state of affairs has over the recent years been heightened further by the emergence of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Most online analysts have gone on to assert that in a very few years’ time mobile marketing is definitely to overshadow conventional PC-oriented ecommerce. This obviously means that should you wish to optimize online marketing and sales strategy, effectual mobile integration of your sites can be just what the doctor ordered.

To paint a crystal clear picture of this development the following are top 10 unexpected statistics and facts about mobile marketing you probably did not know.

1. To begin with a recent survey conducted by the mobile marketing association (Asia chapter) revealed that there are currently 6.8 billion people on the globe. And shockingly about 5.1 billion of the earth’s population now own cell phones. According to the media connection, there are now five times as much cell phones globally than PCs.

2. To make things even better, according to the mobile marketing association in some countries there happen to be much more mobile phones subscriptions that their total human population.

3. Taking a case study of the US, there are currently 143 million smartphones in active use as well as 71 million tablets. If statistics by Heidi Cohen, the president of Riverside marketing strategies is to be believed. The same source has also revealed that approximately 25 percent of US citizens utilize only mobile devices (predominantly tablets) to access the internet. Which definitely is not just to for gathering information, but increasingly for making online purchases.

4. It has also been proved that many individuals heavily rely on mobile marketing when it comes to buying the goods as well as services they want than via traditional PC online marketing. According to the mobile marketer, around 70 percent of all mobile searches executed from all over the world most often than not culminates in the given user taking an action within less than one hour.

5. Another remarkable statistic revealed by, pertaining to mobile marketing is the fact that it is estimated that the average individual can take up to ninety minutes to respond to an email they get. While on the flipside it only takes them just ninety seconds to respond to a text message. This goes a long way in underscoring the virtually boundless potential of mobile marketing. Most especially when it comes to comprehensive engagement of a business entity’s targeted market, and effortlessly converting them into leads and ultimately sales.

6. It is also worthwhile to point out that since the year 2010, the availability of internet enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has led to the doubling of the total time people spend online. And now more than ever, more and more people are increasingly using these gadgets to access the internet for wide range of reasons including shopping. This was established in a survey conducted by the above mentioned Heidi Cohen.

7. Further, if statistics gathered by the social media hat are to be believed. Approximately an entire half the globe’s online consumers have declared that they never make a return visit to a website that is slowly in loading or incompatible with mobile devices.

8. According to the firm media connection, mobile advertisements have been also proved to performance from around four to five times better than traditional online ads. While a recent consumer study revealed that coupons geared for mobile use have currently amassed a whooping ten times the redemption rate of other traditional alternatives. Additionally, according to data from the social media hat, tablets users globally spend an average of fifty percent more money on the internet as when compared to PC users. To make things even better over 180 million facebook users, (virtually one out five ) access it through mobile devices. What is more interesting is that this pool of facebook users account for 30% of its ads generated revenues. This data comes from

9. If statistics researched and tabulated by Heidi Cohen are accurate, quite a huge number of marketers spent a total of $4.4 billion on mobile marketing in the US alone at the end of 2012. This tally more than doubled in the following year, with these professionals spending $8.5 billion. And according from data from the same source it is now projected that by 2017 mobile marketing spending will peak at a remarkable $31.1 billion. It is also worth noting that mobile search marketing accounted for approximately half of this expenditure.

10. Finally, according to a survey held by around one half of B2B vendors, asserted that they made most of their sales via mobile marketing. This was inclusive of online stores as well as mobile apps. To cap it all up it according to the same website, it is projected that as the year 2014 comes to a close, three of of every four respondents will be in a position to offer mobile commerce.

It is hence, very self evident just how mobile marketing happens to be the next big thing in the online sphere, and these statistics effectually underline its unmatched potential when it comes to ecommerce. Thus, like earlier mentioned, if you haven’t already done so, making your site mobile compatible can be just the thing you need to tap into this colossus business platform. You can never go wrong with mobile marketing and the plethora of commercially viable benefits it offers. Hope these 10 unexpected statistics and facts about mobile marketing have been insightful. There are many other elements to add; but the above is an insight with this regard.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.