10 vine social media strategies for your business


Vine is a video mobile application that leverages the quick sound-byte social media culture in the same way as Instagram, except that its video feature is “micro” and lasts only six seconds that can play on a continuous loop. The app has been popular since its January 2013 launch — an estimated 40 million users have downloaded it, which is nearly 25 percent of the smartphone users in the U.S. Vine marketing services are available, too, and a vine marketing tool is ideal for many companies. That’s why you should make Vine a marketing tool.

Vine is a platform, but the video clips are more often viewed on Twitter or Facebook. The auxiliary features important to a business using vine social media strategies to promote its product or service are a caption field and a hashtag option.

Knowing the demographic that uses Vine is important for leveraging the social media channel optimally with vine marketing ideas as too many businesses slap similar content onto each one, conveying a sloppy brand presentation and denying themselves the rewards of important marketing platforms and a potent vine marketing strategy. Keep this in mind when creating your Vine marketing strategy.

Twitter owns Vine, while Facebook owns Instagram, and the parallel is self-evident. Vine is quick and inspires mainly cheeky personal action and creative footage that features youthful prank-style humor often found on YouTube, while Instagram’s long-form photo and video effects tools transform simple shots into impressionistic creations through vine marketing campaigns.

A business can use a vine social media marketing video in many ways to promote a product or service and, of course, strengthen the brand’s connection with users, the purpose of social media marketing. Here are tips for your Vine marketing campaigns.

  1. Save money and use vine social media marketing tactics in place of a professional video to develop an obscure, creative six-second clip can present a brand’s face to the youthful Vine demographic.
  2. Tease the audience with a new product or service video and audio preview and compel users to take a further look at the company web site. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the Vine marketing tool.
  3. Use Vine as a new venue for promoting an offer or coupon.
  4. A clever fact campaign similar to Nantucket Nectars or Snapple can convert users to website traffic. This is another one of the best Vine marketing ideas.
  5. Reveal your business at work with a behind-the-scenes glance into your manufacturing process or service delivery.
  6. Product placement with a brand ambassador in a humorous setting can help it “go viral,” similar to a popular ad campaign.
  7. Like a YouTube How-To video, use Vine to demonstrate your business product or service.
  8. Show users your staff, moments of success, and images that convey the business’ work culture to engage them with the brand identity. This is an overlooked use of Vine marketing services.
  9. Leverage Vine features: Include the logo for identification, a caption with a website link and a hashtag that enables search.
  10. 10. Target the specific, youthful demographic using Vine, many of them teenagers and young adults, with clever, spontaneous, action footage that expands your business brand image to illustrate it in a new light.

Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.