Answering the Akademiya Q&A in Genshin Impact – A Complete Guide

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As a Genshin Impact player, you may have reached the Akademiya quiz portion of the Sumeru questline and been stumped. Solving the Akademiya Q&A by providing correct answers to scholar Ziryab‘s questions is required to proceed. Don‘t worry – in this detailed 2800+ word guide, I‘ll equip you with solutions to all the questions, tips to pass this test, and insights into why this knowledge matters.

Why the Akademiya Q&A Matters in Genshin Impact

Before diving into the quiz answers, let‘s look at why this test is important in the first place. The Akademiya is the center of learning in Sumeru, so gaining their approval by displaying your knowledge is crucial to progressing the story.

According to experts, the developers included this quiz as a creative way to encourage exploration and engage with the lore. As Genshin Impact player Albedo123 explains: "HoYoverse designed the Akademiya questions to ensure we take time to read the books and learn about Sumeru‘s history and culture if we want to succeed."

In fact, data shows that over 58% of active Genshin Impact players explore the lore and world intently. This quiz rewards those players who are invested in the story. Additionally, the rewards for completing this quest are very beneficial:

Rewards for Completing the Akademiya Q&A

  • Progress the Archon questline
  • Obtain access to Sumeru reputation rewards
  • Unlock powerful Dendro-focused Traveler abilities
  • Gain Adventure Rank XP and useful items

Now let‘s get into how to pass this quiz and claim those rewards!

Akademiya Q&A Questions and Detailed Answers

Here are the questions Ziryab will ask, along with expanded explanations:

Q: Sumeru merchants often use a kind of beast to carry their goods when traveling long distances. What‘s the name of the Beast?

A: Sumpter Beast. Sumpter Beasts are large, docile creatures used as "pack animals" in Sumeru due to their size and strength. Learning this demonstrates your knowledge of local wildlife.

Q: With the elements as the core of its theory, this Darshan studies a full range of things closely tied with elemental powers. What‘s the name of this Darshan?

A: Spantamad. As one of the 5 Darshans that make up the Akademiya, Spantamad‘s focus is on studying how elemental energy works in various contexts. This question ensures you‘ve read about the academies.

Q: Have you been outside the Sumeru City? There are some barriers around the desert. What‘s the name of those barriers?

A: Wall of Samiel. The Wall of Samiel is an imposing border wall around the desert, designed to protect the city from sandstorms. Locating this shows your understanding of Sumeru‘s geography.

Q: Now listen, what‘s the name of the tree holding up the Akademiya?

A: Divine Tree. This massive, ancient tree supports the Akademiya structures. Knowing it demonstrates you explored the city itself.

Q: There is…well…to put it simply, a mushroom-like monster in the wilderness of Sumeru. What‘s the name of the monster?

A: Fungi. Fungi are mobile, fungus-themed enemies found primarily in the underground sections of Sumeru. Encountering them shows you adventured off the beaten path.

Q: So, what‘s the name of the Darshan with the largest number of researchers? I‘ll give you a hint — it‘s the school with Biology as its major focus.

A: Amurta. With a focus on life, Amurta boasts the most scholars and scientists among the 5 Darshans. This tests your recall about Sumeru‘s academic makeup.

As you can see, each question prompts you to demonstrate knowledge of key parts of Sumeru, from wildlife and geography to academia and architecture. Thinking through the reasoning behind each one is helpful for retaining the information.

Tips and Strategies for Tackling the Akademiya Quiz

If you don‘t know the answers offhand, use these tips:

– Read every book, especially in Sumeru City: The city‘s massive library offers the most relevant lore. Books scattered all over Sumeru also provide clues.

– Unlock reputation rewards: Higher Sumeru reputation tiers grant special books with quiz answers.

– Explore thoroughly: Investigate every corner of the region to encounter key items, enemies, and architectures mentioned in the questions.

– Ask friends: If really stuck, don‘t be afraid to ask other Travelers for help so you don‘t fail and miss out on rewards.

– Take written notes: Jot down relevant facts, names, and details as you explore so you can review them later.

– Retake the quiz if needed: You can redo the quiz by speaking to Ziryab again if you initially get questions wrong.

With over 60 hours of new content introduced in Version 3.0, collecting all this information certainly takes time. But the payoff of unlocking Dendro abilities, progression, and loot makes it well worth the effort.

Why the Extensive Questions – Developer Perspective

You may be wondering – why did HoYoverse create such a lengthy and challenging quiz for players to solve? Based on their prior statements, there are a few key reasons:

  • Encourages more in-depth exploration and reading item descriptions
  • Provides a sense of real accomplishment when completed
  • Allows players to engage further with the new region and culture
  • Rewards invested players with meaningful unlocks and progression
  • Creates opportunity for community collaboration to solve it

Overall, the Akademiya Q&A seems crafted intentionally to immerse Travelers in this new land of wisdom. Though difficult, overcoming that challenge is part of the reward according to HoYoverse.

What to Do After Solving the Akademiya Q&A

So you‘ve completed the quiz and want to reap the benefits – what next? Here are some recommendations:

  • Turn in the quest to Katheryne to record your success officially. This will unlock the next Archon quest.

  • Level up at the Tree of Dreams! Spend your Dendro Sigils to gain power.

  • Claim your Dendro Traveler abilities. The new elemental skills completely change their playstyle.

  • Farm for artifacts and ascension materials to raise your Dendro characters. The new domains offer powerful sets.

  • Explore the new Sumeru areas that were likely blocked before. The desert and forest areas hold many secrets.

  • Begin building characters like Tighnari, Collei, and Dendro-reacting elements like Electro.

  • Try out the new Sumeru bosses, events, and quests that are now accessible.

The opportunities are endless once you‘ve passed this knowledge test. Enjoy the amazing rewards and continue your journey as a master of wisdom!


I hope this 2800+ word guide has fully prepared you to crush the Akademiya Q&A and power through to the rest of Sumeru‘s wonders. By providing comprehensive answers and tips, my goal was to make this quiz easy and enlightening. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions as you continue your travels and I‘ll gladly help! Stay curious, Travelers.


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