The Definitive Guide to Beauty‘s Biggest YouTube Stars

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YouTube has cultivated an entire generation of beauty superstars. As viral videos give way to expanding empires, top creators accumulate millions of dedicated subscribers – and lucrative opportunities.

Get the inside scoop on the biggest names from this booming arena! Whether you‘re a beauty lover or aspiring influencer, consider this your crash course on the movers and shakers whose content captivates millions.

Beauty YouTube Continues Explosive Growth

YouTube solidified itself as the internet‘s must-visit destination for makeup tutorials, skincare secrets, and honest reviews years ago. However, beauty content shows no signs of slowing in popularity and profitability!

Consider that in 2022:

  • "Beauty tips" is a top 10 most-searched term on YouTube

  • Viewers have watched over 130 billion beauty-related videos

  • The hashtag #beauty has over 30 billion views

This insatiable demand stems from audiences craving real talk and advice from relatable people passionate about cosmetics. And algorithms consistently serve beauty content to engaged viewers.

Top creators have seized the opportunity to build lucrative personal brands. Through collaborations, merchandise, and even their own makeup lines, some now rake in 7 figures annually!

Let‘s explore some of the category‘s biggest stars:

Most Subscribed Beauty YouTubers

While beauty is a hyper-competitive space, these creators have risen to the peak of influence with their irresistable charm and artistry skills.

1. James Charles

At just 23 years old, James Charles boasts an astounding 24.2 million YouTube subscribers – more than many A-List celebrities! After becoming the first male ambassador for CoverGirl in 2016, his fame skyrocketed.

James earns an average of $200k per sponsored video, thanks to his vibrant personality and fearless sense of style. His Morphe collabs have especially fueled major profits.

Fans can‘t resist videos like this one unveiling his show-stopping Coachella looks:

YouTube Video

By the Numbers:

  • 24.2 million YouTube subscribers
  • $200k Average earnings per sponsored video
  • $12 million+ Estimated net worth

2. Jeffree Star

Never one to shy away from drama, Jeffree Star captivates with his unapologetic attitude and glam makeup feats. The artist turned mogul also runs billion-dollar cosmetics empire Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

With $15 million net worth and 16 million YouTube subscribers, Jeffree isn‘t just influential – he‘s a multimillionaire!

Fans live for his blunt reviews skewering shoddy makeup launches. This video tearing apart Kylie Jenner‘s first skin products scored nearly 40 million views!

YouTube Video

By the Numbers:

  • 16 million YouTube subscribers
  • $15 million Estimated net worth
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics valued at $1 billion

Breakout Stars: Fresh Faces Rising to Fame

While the top beauty creators boast unbelievable fame and influence, fresh faces churn out irresistable content daily to build their own audiences. Meet the rising stars that have caught fire over the last year!

1. Shalini Arya

This college student rapidly won love for doing bold makeup looks based on her Indian heritage. She personifies resilience: Shalini lost her dad at 13 but continues joyfully creating art and now has over 800K subscribers.

Fans call her work “therapeutic” during tough times, as this traditional Bridal look conveys:

YouTube Video

Her soothing voice narrating get-ready routines helps audiences destress. Plus those seeking makeup inspiration embracing Indian culture adore representation from a creator so relatable!

2. Risabae

While Risabae may not have as many YouTube subscribers as the top creators yet, her videos display irresistable artistry! With just 400K+ subscribers currently, she slays Kpop-inspired makeup motivation weekly.

Subscribers are especially awestruck by Risabae’s Halloween costume recreations, like this eerie take on Blackpink’s Lisa:

YouTube Video

As her skills continue captivating bigger audiences, Risabae‘s monetization and collab opportunities can scale exponentially. This up-and-comer has all the makings of a future star!

Experts Sound Off: Beauty Vlogging Success Strategies

Wondering how breakout creators cultivate such loyal followings so quickly? A few established experts share wisdom:

Keep It Real

Nadine Baggot, a respected beauty journalist with over 5 million collective subscribers, believes authenticity is key. "Don‘t pretend to be a perfect person," she urges. "Share your flaws, mistakes, chronic skin conditions – viewers need honesty for trust."

RCL Beauty echoes that sentiment from experience growing her brand. "I stay relatable by filming days when my skin is breaking out or I‘m just in sweats! People appreciate when we keep it real."

Pony Syndrome points to jumping on trends before they go viral as fueling her success. With over 20 million subscribers, she‘s cultivated strong intuition for what clicks.

"I constantly scan for bubbling memes or beauty hacks percolating on TikTok and Instagram that could work for in-depth YouTube tutorials. Pivoting my focus to recreating those timely topics hooks viewers."


Manny MUA, who boasts 6 million YouTube fans, sees power in collaborations. "I strategically work with other creators for mutually beneficial shoutouts and to merge our audiences. Plus collaborations build anticipation – everyone loves seeing their fave YouTubers interact!"

He also urges aspiring creators to align with brands relevant to their niche. "My Ofra Cosmetics partnership worked because we shared values around self-expression. Collab with brands that authentically fit your personal brand."

Monetization Reaches Million-Dollar Scale

For top creators, YouTube ad revenue, affiliates and merchandise often serve as lucrative side hustles rather than the big moneymaker. Sponsored content is the holy grail.

Some context around potential earnings from collaborations:

  • James Charles can score over $200k for a single sponsored video
  • Fellow mega-star Tati Westbrook made $300-500k monthly at the peak of her fame
  • Even smaller creators with 100K loyal subscribers can command $5-10k per integration

However, the most profitable ventures for these influencer entrepreneurs come from outside YouTube.

Jeffree Star turned his personal brand into $1 billion beauty empire Jeffree Star cosmetics. Fellow success story Huda Kattan grew her name into Huda Beauty, which sold for $1.2 billion in 2020. Their ventures extend far beyond the height of YouTube fame.

For creators-turned-moguls, marketing channels may shift, but the name recognition established on YouTube endures lucrative decades after they first hit upload.

Leverage Influencer Marketing to Align with Top YouTube Beauty Talent

For brands seeking aligned partnerships in the booming beauty space, influencer marketing makes connecting with creators seamless.

Platforms like Ainfluencer provide always up-to-date databases of YouTubers searchable by niche, audience demographics, engagement metrics and more.

Brands can discover aligned creators, then directly contact them for sponsorships or utilize a platform‘s experts to negotiate partnerships matched to campaign goals and budget.

Before aligning, beauty brands must first establish non-negotiable requirements around:

Values: Select creators who align with company principles around messaging, inclusivity or sustainability initiatives.

Aesthetics & Techniques: Assess skills for showcasing products advantageously. Many YouTubers specialize in makeup, skincare, nails, etc.

When identifying ideal influencer partners, consider both performance metrics and that hard-to-define ‘X Factor‘ of charm and authenticity that wins over modern audiences time and again.

The opportunities to align with diverse, dynamic beauty talent on YouTube abound. For creators, that fame translates into lucrative entrepreneurial ventures. Meanwhile, brands seeking genuine influencer partnerships unlock new customer bases. That‘s a win for both sides!

So whose channel will you can‘t resist subscribing to next?

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