30 Best Small Business Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

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With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram offers a robust platform for small businesses to drive brand awareness, engage customers, and boost sales.

But simply creating a business profile isn‘t enough. You need to optimize your Instagram presence for standing out and converting followers into buyers.

To help inspire your efforts, we have curated 30 of the best small business Instagram accounts spanning diverse sectors.

Let‘s analyze what makes them tick and extract tactical takeaways for your brand!

Why Instagram Matters for Small Business

But first, let‘s discuss recent Instagram trends proving its marketing potential for SMBs:

  • 500 million+ daily users and counting make Instagram a goldmine for discovering new consumers
  • 60% of people learn about new products on Instagram driving lucrative sales opportunities (Source)
  • SMBs generate over 2.3X more engagement per follower compared to big brands (TrackMaven)
  • 71% of businesses have gained new customers thanks to Instagram (Buffer)

Clearly, you can’t afford to miss out on this high-impact, low-cost marketing channel as a small business!

Juggling limited budgets and resources, how can you ensure Instagram success?

Here are my top 3 recommendations:

1. Spotlight Specific Products

Highlight your star sellers or services through tempting images and videos to boost sales.

2. Engage Followers

Drive engagement and conversions by responding to comments and DMs promptly.

3. Get Creative

Produce novel UGC campaigns, AR filters, IGTV series or other interactive content formats for winning attention.

For more inspiration, let‘s explore 30 small businesses absolutely rocking Instagram!

Top Instagram Accounts For SMB Marketing Tips

1. Fly By Jing (@flybyjing)


This artisanal Chinese sauce company serves up drool-worthy cooking videos harnessing mouth-watering visual feasts. Founder Jing Gao also offers funny mini-documentaries on launching a food business as a first-time mom entrepreneur.

Key Takeaway: User-generated content showcasing customers actually enjoying your product makes marketing authentic and persuasive.

2. Brain Dust (@brain_dust)


With vibrant superfood ingredients as the star, Brain Dust amplifies health supplement appeal through crave-worthy smoothies and bowls. They also leverage influencer partnerships for whimsical recipes expanding their product’s use cases.

Key Takeaway: Spotlight diverse use cases to demonstrate your product’s versatility and value.

Bazaar Berlin Instagram Post Example

3. Bazaar Berlin (


This indie shop for modern fashion and interiors masterfully styles products in soothing, neutral-toned flat lays and artful look book images. Cohesive feed aesthetics with pops of colors keep their profile looking sleek.

Key Takeaway: Consistent filters and color grading lend visual branding for a polished Instagram presence.

The Holiday Bar Instagram Post Example

4. The Holiday Bar (@theholidaybar)


Catering to Christmas décor needs year-round, The Holiday Bar incorporates Reels and boomerangs to showcase ornament swirling displays. Their #xmasinJuly spirit transfers beautifully to Instagram through engaging videos.

Key Takeaway: Match your content format to the channel – fun, short video content works well to capture attention on Instagram.

Top Instagram Accounts by Niche

Now let‘s explore best-in-class examples across popular small business verticals to find relevant Instagram inspiration.

Food & Beverage Brands

5. Beatnic (@beatnic) – 3,874 followers

This woman-led kombucha brand makes flavor the hero through tantalizing feed photos and temptation-fueled captions.

Beatnic Instagram Post

6. Dave‘s Coffee (@davescoffee) – 19.4K followers

From steaming mugs to beans mid-roast, Dave‘s Coffee takes followers through their artisanal process with striking visuals. And yes, you can almost taste the fresh brews!

Dave's Coffee Instagram Post

7.snapshot.organics (@snapshot.organics) – 1,477 followers

This consciously crafted, regenerative spirits brand spotlights sustainability stories behind botanical ingredient sourcing through gorgeous lifestyle imagery.

Health, Wellness & Beauty Brands

8. HoneyGramz (@honeygramz) – 56.5K followers

Using clever pop culture meme references, HoneyGramz drives supplement education and promotions with irreverent humor adding Instagram entertainment value.

HoneyGramz Instagram Post

9. Melixir Dental Spa (@melixirdentalspa) – 7,430 followers

Far from boring before-after dental makeovers, this clinic shares smile-inducing patient stories and relaxing ambiance visuals across Instagram content pillars.

Melixir Dental Spa Instagram Post

10. Nalata Nalata (@nalata.nalata) – 49.4K followers

With airy interiors and professional food styling, this vegan skincare brand makes their products irresistible. Textured abstract images offer an artful spin as well.

Fashion & Accessories Brands

11. Adel Vice (@adelviceofficial) – 1,809 followers

This Greece-based apparel shop stimulates wanderlust by pairing luxury resortwear with majestic Santorini backdrops across photo shoots. The sublime views transforms their product imagery impactfully.

Adel Vice Instagram Post

12. We Dream In Colour (@wedreamincolour) – 15.6K followers

Vibrant hues and energetic models make clothing pop with joie de vivre on the sustainable fashion brand‘s feed. Their #MakeItBright campaign translates seamlessly to the visually-driven platform.

We Dream In Colour Instagram Post

13. D‘orsay (@dorsayshoes) – 94.1K followers

These made-to-order leather footwear makers highlight intricate artisanal details through captivating video closeups. Highlight reels hit sweet spots for the tactile shoe category.

Seek Out Microinfluencers

Beyond brands, partnering with niche microinfluencers is a major win for magnifying your small business‘ Instagram presence.

Use AI tool Ainfluencer to find relevant microinfluencers and manage campaigns seamlessly!

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Must-Follow

Beyond showcasing great products, Instagram tells founders‘ origin stories – from humble beginnings to future unicorns!

The platform provides invaluable inspiration and lessons for aspiring small business owners as well through these accounts:

14. Rae Wellness (@raehealth) – 69.2K followers

Doubling up as a founder journal, Charlotte Palermino chronicles the entrepreneurial adventure behind building Rae Vitamins with raw candor. Her Instagram feels like an open book baring personal challenges to product launch wins.

Rae Wellness Instagram Post

15. Heather Gardner Studio (@heathergardnerstudio) – 31.5K followers

Custom furniture builder Heather Gardner overlays elegant designs with empowering woman-owned business messaging. Her Instagram reflects both creative passion and entrepreneurial grit through inspirational quotes.

Standout Instagram Account Designs

Beyond products and stories, Instagram is a visual channel. Popping feed aesthetics and production value differentiate thriving small business accounts:

16. Daughter Earth Jewelry (@daughterearthco) – 12.5K followers

Morphic stone pendants get the perfect minimalist treatment with sharp square crop composition against clean neutral backgrounds. The brand consistently packages luxury appeal into artistic Instagram photos.

Daughter Earth Jewelry Instagram Post

17. June Child ( – 1,874 followers

Playful illustrations imaginatively rendered as animations and cinemagraphs bring the LA-based baby goods shop vibrantly to life. Their experimental mixed media content dazzles creatively.

Get Stuck Creating Great Content?

Use professionally designed Instagram templates tailored to small businesses for seamless visual branding!

More Niche-Specific Small Biz Accounts Worth Following

With over 60% of Instagram users discovering new products on the app, you can uncover inspirational examples for practically any business niche.

Here are more category-leading small business Instagram accounts to follow:

Travel & Tourism

  • Glamping hub (@getglamping)
  • Alaska expedition cruises (@uncruise)
  • Boutique hotel chain (@bedandbreakfast)

Professional Service Providers

  • Branding studio (@ateliergray)
  • Contract law firm (@keyserlawfirm)
  • Coworking space (@industriousoffice)

Pet Care & Services

  • Organic pet treats (@rileyshomemadetreats)
  • Mobile pet spa (@wagwash)
  • Dog daycare (@pendoginn)

Home & Living

  • Candle studio (@homesickcandle)
  • Zero-waste shop (@packagefreeshop)
  • Bespoke frame maker (@ustrahmaframes)

Get Additional Small Business Recommendations

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We hope this roundup of diverse yet stellar small business Instagram accounts sparked creative ideas and practical tips to boost your own brand presence!

Key takeaways include:

  • Spotlight hero products through photos/videos
  • Engage followers via UGC campaigns
  • Use short-form video content
  • Partner with niche microinfluencers
  • Apply cohesive feed aesthetics
  • Share your origin story

As you craft an impactful Instagram strategy tailored to your small business, do share accounts you find inspirational as well!

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