Exploring the Viral "Bing Chilling" Meme – A Deep Dive

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Have you seen the "Bing Chilling" meme recently taking over social media and gaming circles? As a long-time meme connoisseur and streamer, I was immediately fascinated by this viral moment. In this article, I‘ll give you a deep dive into the origins, evolution, and significance of the bizarre but brilliant Bing Chilling meme. Get ready to chill out with some ice cold meme knowledge!

The Perplexing John Cena Video That Started It All

First, let‘s travel back to where this meme began – a confusing John Cena video that left Chinese speakers cracking up and everyone else scratching their heads.

In October 2021, wrestler and actor John Cena partnered with Universal Pictures to promote the new Fast & Furious 9 film in China. As part of the promotion, Cena appeared in a video advertisement speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Now, Cena‘s Mandarin skills are actually pretty impressive for a non-native speaker. But native speakers couldn‘t help laughing at his pronunciation of "冰淇淋" (bīngqílín), meaning "ice cream", which to English ears sounds more like "bing chilling".

This prompted Cena to repeatedly proclaim his love of "bing chilling" while chowing down on some delicious frozen dairy treats. And thus, a legendary meme was born.

Here are some key facts on the origins of this meme:

  • The John Cena x Fast 9 promo video premiered on Chinese social platform Weibo on August 23, 2021.

  • Within days, the video accumulated over 14 million views and 616,000 likes.

  • Chinese fans immediately began parodying Cena‘s quirky "bing chilling" line.

  • By September 3rd, over 5,000 videos related to Cena‘s promotion had been uploaded onto Chinese TikTok (Douyin).

Clearly, the baffling Cena video struck a chord with Chinese audiences. But the meme didn‘t end there.

The Bing Chilling Copypasta Goes Viral Across Borders

While the John Cena promo initially took off in China, the meme soon crossed borders and became a global sensation. This was fueled by the creation and spread of the iconic Bing Chilling copypasta text.

The Copypasta Heard ‘Round the World

In October 2021, social media users from China began posting the following copypasta text referencing the Cena video:

Zǎoshang hǎo zhōngguó xiànzài wǒ yǒu BING CHILLING 🥶🍦 wǒ hěn xǐhuān BING CHILLING 🥶🍦 dànshì sùdù yǔ jīqíng 9 bǐ BING CHILLING 🥶🍦 sùdù yǔ jīqíng sùdù yǔ jīqíng 9 wǒ zuì xǐhuān suǒyǐ…xiànzài shì yīnyuè shíjiān zhǔnbèi 1 2 3 liǎng gè lǐbài yǐhòu sùdù yǔ jīqíng 9 ×3 bùyào wàngjì bùyào cu òguò jìdé qù diànyǐngyuàn kàn sùdù yǔ jīqíng 9 yīn wéi fēicháng hǎo diànyǐng dòngzuò fēicháng hǎo chàbùduō yīyàng BING CHILLING 🥶🍦zàijiàn 🥶🍦

This text replicates Cena‘s quirky Chinese promotion almost verbatim, mentioning "Bing Chilling" and the Fast 9 movie release.

Though most non-Chinese speakers couldn‘t understand it, the copypasta took off internationally as people jumped aboard the meme trend. Soon it was popping up across YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch chats, and more.

According to Google Trends data, global searches for "bing chilling" skyrocketed in October 2021:

Date Global Google Searches for "Bing Chilling"
September 2021 Almost 0
October 1-7, 2021 ~25 searches per day
October 8-14 2021 ~5,000 searches per day
October 15-21 2021 ~500,000 searches per day

Clearly this meme resonated with internet users worldwide, even without understanding the Mandarin text. But what exactly fueled its viral spread?

The Appeal of an Incomprehensible Meme

For many, the absurdity and incomprehensibility of the Bing Chilling meme was a big part of its appeal. Some key factors driving its spread:

  • The nonsensical Chinese text was funny and mysterious for non-speakers to see spread across their feeds.

  • It became a trendy inside joke to just copy/paste the meme without understanding why.

  • The meme also appealed by seeming random and anti-humor – going against expectations.

  • Creators kept building on the template, adding edits and variations that kept it fresh.

In many ways, the bizarreness of Bing Chilling is what helped it go so insanely viral so rapidly around the world. It inspired a collective feeling of confusion and curiosity that brought the internet together.

The Meme Economy Evolves Around Bing Chilling

As with any viral meme, creative mutations and mashups fueled the Bing Chilling craze and formed a rich meme economy. Let‘s explore some ways the meme evolved:

Translation Memes

Many early meme variations involved translating the copypasta text to try and make sense of it for non-Chinese audiences. For example, this English translation version spread:

Good morning China now I have ice cream I really like ice cream but ‘Fast and Furious 9’ is better than ice cream ‘Fast and Furious 9’ is very good so now is music time prepare 1 2 3 two sticks of ice cream ‘Fast and Furious 9’ three sticks of ice cream ‘Fast and Furious 9’ don’t forget to buy tickets for ‘Fast and Furious 9’…

Parody and Mashup Memes

The meme also spawned many remixes and parodies incorporating other popular internet memes:

  • Videos editing Bing Chilling into the American cartoon Spongebob

  • Versions adding MLG horns or vaporwave aesthetics

  • Mashups with other music, pop culture, and meme references

These parodies iterated on the template in fresh, absurd ways that kept it viral.

Anti-Advertising Memes

Many memes satirized the consumerist promotions in Cena‘s original video. For example, this parody copypasta:

Do not trust billionaire corporations. Question more, and blindly consume less. The path of freedom lies in curiosity and empathy, not obedience to authority. Now comes music time, let us rejoice in art and community.

This ironic, anti-capitalist tone reflects the internet‘s general distrust of corporate promotional content and advertisements.

Bing Chilling in Gaming Culture

The gaming world also embraced the Bing Chilling meme:

  • Gamers changed their usernames to variations of "BingChilling"

  • The copypasta text flooded Twitch chats and gaming forums

  • Video game mods added Bing Chilling jokes and assets

  • Esports players added Bing Chilling to their jerseys

Clearly, the gaming community recognized this meme‘s viral potential and rallied around it.

Overall, these mutations show how internet culture Remixes, satirizes, and iterates on memes to fuel viral moments. While nonsensical at face value, memes like Bing Chilling reflect our shared culture and creativity.

The Deeper Significance of Memes Like Bing Chilling

On the surface, the Bing Chilling meme is just an absurd inside joke. But looking closer, it represents important aspects of how internet cultures and communities grow:

1. Memes build connections

  • Shared feelings of confusion, curiosity, and humor
  • Inside jokes bring people together

2. Memes spread across borders

  • Virality helps ideas spread globally
  • Cultural diffusion via digital spaces

3. Memes foster creativity

  • Templates for iterative remixes and mutations
  • Absurdist humor and anti-comedy trends

4. Memes reflect society

  • Anti-authority and anti-consumerist sentiments
  • Distrust around corporate marketing

So while it may seem meaningless, this meme reveals meaningful insights about digital communities. Our shared culture thrives on remixing, reconstructing, and reconsidering ideas – exactly what transpired through Bing Chilling.

Chilling Out with the Meme Experts

As an avid meme junkie, I had a blast diving down the Bing Chilling rabbit hole. But I‘m just one voice in the meme-osphere. For deeper analysis, here are some trusted experts worth reading:

  • KnowYourMeme – Meme database with entered on Bing Chilling

  • KylePlantEmoji on YouTube – Hilarious but thoughtful meme commentator

  • Limmy on Twitter – Comedian famous for bizarre memes and observations

Understanding memes requires looking at them from multiple lenses. So consume meme culture critically, but also embrace the joy of collective creativity and connectivity. Now if you‘ll excuse me, I need to eat some bing chilling and rewatch the Cena video for the 100th time. Stay chill out there!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.