Top 20+ Car Influencers on Instagram To Follow In 2024

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Buying a new car is one of the biggest purchasing decisions consumers make. More than ever, auto brands need to meet customers where they are looking for information to guide their choices. This is increasingly happening on social media, and Instagram car influencers play a key role.

This post will highlight the top 20+ car influencers dominating Instagram in 2024. We‘ll analyze why their accounts stand out and how auto brands can collaborate with similar creators to drive awareness and sales.

Why Partner with Car Influencers on Instagram?

Influencer marketing is poised for major growth in the automotive space. As consumers spend more time online researching options, influencer partnerships deliver key benefits:

  • Credibility: Influencers build trust and credibility around recommendations in their niche. Audiences rely on them to showcase and review new models honestly.

  • Awareness: Auto brands leverage influencers‘ engaged audiences to get on more potential customers‘ radars early in the research process.

  • Storytelling: Photos, videos, and features bring cars to life in a personalized, memorable way that converts readers into buyers.

  • ROI: Calculated appropriately, influencer campaigns deliver impressive returns across the customer journey from first impressions to final sales.

Now let‘s explore 20+ of the most influential car personalities dominating Instagram feeds in 2024:

1. Alla Bruletova (@bruletova_)

Alla Bruletova posing with sports car

Alla Bruletova has driven multiple viral trends posing with luxury vehicles like Bentleys. Her Instagram fame originated from the Russian model‘s signature commercial videos tapping on high-end cars.

With 753k followers, Alla expands major brands‘ reach to receptive audiences. Her cute personality also brings warmth to what can feel like an exclusive market.

Why she converts: Alla blends modeling chops with genuine excitement for the latest automotive styles. Sports car brands should collaborate for engaging videos that capture attention.

2. Sophia Floersh (@sophiafloersch)

As an accomplished 18-year-old professional race car driver, Sophia Floersh doubles as an influencer boasting 980k Instagram followers. She uniquely bridges the elite racing realm with relatable, behind-the-scenes access.

Sophia builds her personal brand by openly discussing sexism and discrimination female drivers face. She argues separate women‘s racing leagues undermine talent and competence evaluations.

Why she converts: Blending racing expertise with moral advocacy spotlights Sophia as an aspirational figure for brands targeting female gearheads.

3. DuPont Registry (@dupontregistry)

DuPont Registry magazine cover

The DuPont Registry operates print and digital publications focused exclusively on luxury vehicles. On Instagram under the same handle, they showcase drool-worthy supercars to over 1 million automobile aficionados.

As a recognized authority in the space, DuPont Registry reviews hold serious weight with readers. This positions them as an influencer to build trust and nudge purchase decisions.

Why they convert: Partnering with DuPont Registry taps into a highly engaged audience specifically interested in owning high-end cars one day.

4. Alex Hirschi (@supercarblondie)

As the name indicates, Alex Hirschi built a personal brand around her double life as a cute blonde who gets exclusive access to the world‘s most insane supercars. Documenting the thrilling rides for 15.4 million Instagram followers has made her hugely influential.

Publications like Forbes have taken note, interviewing her on the luxe partnerships funding her dream career. Alex masterfully blends humor and expertise for viral videos with staggering reach.

Why she converts: Any performance vehicle brand chasing awareness would be smart to bet on Alex and her contagious excitement behind the wheel.

5. Ms Motors (@msmotorsofficiel)

Unlike influencers who just dabble with cars as a passion project, Ms Motors owns an established dealership focused on luxury vehicles. Run by three knowledgeable partners in Cannes since 2007, they offer white-glove services for buyers and collectors.

On Instagram, Ms Motors gives 398k followers an inside look at their rotating inventory of high-end autos. They also showcase client events at their gorgeous French Riviera showroom location.

Why they convert: For brands, partnering with established dealers like Ms Motors marries influence with tangible sales power.

Final Takeaways

The influencers profiled only scratch the surface of potential partners on Instagram. But they showcase the variety of options, from well-known experts to aspiring enthusiasts just starting out.

As 2024 marketing plans shape up, consider how Instagram influencers could capture more attention in a visually compelling way. Use tips outlined to identify and collaborate with profiles that align well with brand goals and audience demographics.

To explore tailored auto influencer recommendations, check out the free Ainfluencer platform. Simply create an account and search using relevant keywords and filters to browse ideal partners.

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