How to Change Username on Opensea – A Detailed 2022 Guide

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Hey there!

So you want to change your username on Opensea? Well you‘ve come to the right place.

Changing your Opensea username is a simple process – but only if you know the steps. The problem is, Opensea‘s docs don‘t explain it clearly.

That‘s why I‘ve created this detailed guide to walk you through exactly how to change your Opensea username. I‘ll also provide tips for picking the perfect name, data on the importance of usernames, and even how to get verified!

By the end, you‘ll be able to update your Opensea username quickly and easily. So let‘s get started!

Why You Might Want to Change Your Opensea Username

But first – why would you even need to change your username on Opensea in the first place?

There‘s a few reasons you may want to update it:

  • Branding: Your original name was random, but now you want something matching your personal brand or business.

  • Aesthetics: You want something that looks or sounds cooler and is more your style.

  • Professionalism: Your old username seems unprofessional, immature or has numbers/characters you want to remove.

  • Privacy: Your current name reveals too much personal info, so you need something more anonymous.

  • Taken: The username you actually want is taken, so you have to modify it.

  • Reputation: You‘ve created a bad reputation on your old name and want to start fresh.

  • Sellability: A clean, catchy username inspires more buyer trust in your NFTs.

Whatever your specific reason, the good news is Opensea lets you change your username. You just have to follow the right steps…

Trying to Change Username on Opensea Mobile App?

Now before we get into the steps, I need to warn you – the Opensea mobile app does not allow you to change your username!

The Opensea iOS and Android apps are deliberately minimal, focused only on browsing NFTs and basic transactions on-the-go.

But anything requiring account management, like changing your username, email, profile pic and so on can only be done on the Opensea website.

So don‘t waste time trying to find username settings in the Opensea app – it simply won‘t work. Only use the desktop website!

Now let‘s dive into step-by-step instructions…

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Opensea Username on Desktop

Here is exactly how to change your Opensea username:

Step 1: Login to Opensea

First, login to your Opensea account at using your connected wallet.

For example, if you used MetaMask to connect to Opensea, click "MetaMask" at the top and unlock it.

Step 2: Access your Account Settings

Once logged in, you‘ll see your profile picture in the top right. Click it and select "Account Settings" from the menu.

Opensea Account Settings

This is where all your Opensea account details are managed.

Step 3: Edit your Username

Under "Public Profile", click on your current username. This will highlight it for editing.

Delete your current name, and type in the new username you want.

Finally, hit "Save" at the bottom to officially change your Opensea username!

And that‘s seriously all there is to it. Super straightforward.

Now I‘ll provide some pro tips for picking the perfect Opensea username…

How to Pick the Best Opensea Username

Choosing your ideal Opensea username deserves some strategy. Here are my top tips:

  • Simplicity: Short, clean names like johnsmith are best. Avoid numbers/characters like johnsmith123 or john.smith.

  • Memorable: Pick something easy to remember and spell for others.

  • Unique: Research beforehand to ensure your name is actually available and unused.

  • Professional: Stay away from anything unprofessional, offensive or suggestive.

  • On Brand: Incorporate your name, business name, or niche to stand out.

  • Trustworthy: Choose something displaying credibility and personality versus opacity.

In addition, there are a few rules and restrictions on Opensea usernames:

  • No graphic content, hate speech, slurs or anything unlawful
  • Maximum of 20 characters
  • Limited use of special characters like . - _ allowed

Brainstorm a few ideas first and ask friends before finalizing the perfect username for you!

Just How Important Is Your Opensea Username?

Now you may be wondering – does my Opensea username really matter that much?

The answer is yes, it‘s very important! Here‘s 4 big reasons why:

1. Discoverability

Your exact Opensea username makes it easy for potential buyers to search and find your profile.

A generic name makes you fade into the crowd. But a professional, identifiable name boosts discoverability.

2. Reputation

Over time, the username itself accrues a reputation (good or bad) attached to it based on your activity.

So changing your name resets any reputation you‘ve built – for better or worse.

3. Professionalism

An attractive, polished username projects credibility and professionalism to buyers.

Meanwhile, sloppy or joke names give the impression of an amateur.

4. Branding

Your username represents your personal brand and identity as an NFT creator, collector or trader.

So choose wisely – this is no time for a throwaway nickname. Claim your brand!

Let‘s look at some real Opensea username examples and what they signal:

Opensea Username Signals
deepakchopra.nft Credible public figure
420weedbro69 Unprofessional, not serious
pablo_picasso Fake, impersonator
sarahdoodles Unique, branded

As you can see, usernames send a message about brand and credibility.

Opensea Mobile App – Features and Limitations

Now earlier I explained you can‘t change your Opensea username on mobile – only on desktop.

But what features do the Opensea iOS and Android apps offer? Let‘s overview the capabilities:

Key Features

  • Browse NFT collections and listings
  • Buy and make offers on NFTs
  • Place bids in auctions
  • List NFTs for sale from your wallet
  • Complete purchases and transfers
  • Receive notifications for activity
  • View your profile and collections
  • Limited account management

Missing Features

  • Change username
  • Edit profile/account settings
  • Messaging and support
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Collection analytics
  • Campaign tracking
  • Creator tools

As you can see, Opensea mobile apps are designed for quick browsing and transactions on-the-go.

Anything requiring deeper account management requires hopping on desktop.

Hopefully they‘ll add username changing to mobile eventually. But for now, it‘s only possible on desktop.

Opensea Verification – Understanding Blue Checkmarks

You may have noticed some Opensea profiles with blue checkmark icons. What does it mean to be "verified" on Opensea?

The blue checkmark indicates an account has been verified as authentic by Opensea. Verification provides:

  • Authenticity – Confirms the account legitimately represents the person, brand or organization behind it.

  • Reputation – Verified accounts are deemed more credible and professional on Opensea.

  • Trust – Buyers feel more secure transacting with verified creators and sellers.

  • Discoverability – Verified accounts appear higher in Opensea searches.

  • Impersonation Prevention – Lowers scammers impersonating and stealing identities.

Here are the key criteria Opensea looks for in verifying accounts:

  • Active user with solid trading reputation

  • Public figure, brand or organization with existing recognizability

  • Website, social media and details match Opensea profile info

  • Accurate profile details indicating real identity

  • No Terms of Service violations on Opensea

Opensea manually reviews verification requests before awarding checkmarks. The blue badge establishes you as a trusted member of the community.

If you meet the above criteria, you can also apply for verification through Opensea support.

Step-by-Step: How to Get Verified on Opensea

Want that prestigious blue badge on your Opensea profile? Here are tips to get verified:

1. Build Reputation

Be an active, engaged user on Opensea with extensive trading history and reputation. The more transactions, the better.

2. Establish Notoriety

Already have an existing public profile, social following and website for your brand? Link and showcase it.

3. Present Authentically

Use an accurate username and profile details matching who you represent. Act professionally.

4. Follow Rules

Avoid TOS violations, conflicts and controversies. Keep your reputation squeaky clean.

5. Request Verification

Once you‘ve met the criteria, submit an application to Opensea for review.

Gaining Opensea‘s trust doesn‘t happen overnight. But if you build your brand and value on the platform, verification should follow.

Key Takeaways to Recap

Let‘s recap the key tips I‘ve shared for changing and picking the perfect Opensea username:

  • You can‘t change your Opensea username on mobile – only desktop!

  • Access account settings on desktop to edit your Opensea username.

  • Choose a username that‘s simple, memorable, professional and on-brand.

  • Your username matters, impacting discoverability, reputation and brand.

  • Get verified by building activity and trustworthily representing yourself.

And that‘s it!

You now know exactly how to change your Opensea username, what names work best, and how to get verified.

Thanks for reading – now go pick the perfect username and take your Opensea brand to the next level!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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