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Coinbase‘s Coinbase Earn program allows users to earn free crypto by watching short videos and answering quiz questions. This valuable educational initiative helps drive cryptocurrency adoption while rewarding users.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide all the latest Coinbase Earn quiz answers so you can earn free crypto fast.

What is Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase Earn is an educational program launched by Coinbase that rewards users with free cryptocurrency for learning about new crypto projects.

To participate, users watch short videos explaining key concepts about selected cryptocurrencies. Then, they must correctly answer a few quiz questions testing their knowledge.

For each set of videos and quizzes completed, users receive a crypto reward provided by the project. Coinbase Earn helps spread awareness about different cryptocurrencies in a fun and engaging way.

How Does Coinbase Earn Work?

Taking part in Coinbase Earn is simple:

  1. Have an eligible Coinbase account.

  2. Get notified of new Coinbase Earn opportunities.

  3. Watch the educational videos for a specific crypto.

  4. Answer the quiz questions correctly.

  5. Receive your crypto reward directly in your Coinbase account.

Most quizzes have just 3 questions, so they take less than 2 minutes to complete. However, you need to watch the videos carefully to find the answers.

Coinbase adds new Earn opportunities frequently, so keep an eye out for notifications of new quizzes.

All Coinbase Earn Quiz Answers

Below you will find the latest quiz question and answers for every Coinbase Earn opportunity. This will allow you to earn all available rewards quickly.

Coinbase Amp (AMP) Quiz Answers

Reward: AMP

Q1. What is AMP?

A1. Collateral token

Q2. What does Amp provide?

A2. Instant settlement

Q3. What can you earn?

A3. Amp rewards

Coinbase ANKR (ANKR) Quiz Answers

Reward: ANKR

Q1: What does the Ankr platform NOT provide?

A1: Integration with traditional banks

Q2: What CAN’T you do with the ANKR token?

A2: Send wire transfers

Q3: What can Ankr users look forward to in the future?

A3: Earning rewards with advanced DeFi strategies

Coinbase Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH) Quiz Answers

Q1: What are Ampleforth’s automatic supply changes called?

A1: Rebases

Q2: What two tokens give the community control over the Ampleforth protocol?


Q3: Ampleforth is a censorship resistant _____ that rebases once a day.

A3: DeFi building block

Coinbase BaLancer (BAL) Quiz Answers

Q1: What can you do with Balancer?

A1: Trade crypto and invest via Balancer pools

Q2: What are Balancer pools?

A2: Self-balancing crypto portfolios

Q3: What is BAL?

A3: Balancer’s governance token

Coinbase BarnBridge Quiz Answers

Q1: What is BarnBridge?

A1: A DeFi risk management protocol.

Q2: What is SMART Yield?

A2: An APY risk management tool.

Q3: What is the $BOND Token?

A3: BarnBridge’s governance token.

Coinbase Bounce Token Quiz Answers

Q1: What is Bounce?

A1: A decentralized auction protocol

Q2: How can you use Bounce?

A2: Create or participate in auctions

Q3: Where can you use the Bounce app?


Coinbase Clover Finance (CLV) Quiz Answers

Q1: What can developers build with Clover Finance?

A1: dApps with cross-chain compatibility.

Q2: What can you use to interact with dApps?

A2: Clover Finance Wallet.

Q3: Clover Finance wants to increase the usefulness and accessibility of …

A3: DeFi

Coinbase Compound (COMP) Quiz Answers

Q1: What is a key benefit of using Compound?

A1: Earning Interest on your Crypto.

Q2: What do you need to do to borrow crypto with Compound?

A2: Supply a Crypto asset as collateral.

Q3: Who gets to decide the future of the Compound Protocol?

A3: COMP token holders.

Coinbase FETCH (FET) Quiz Answers

Q1: What can people create with

A1: Software agents that automate tasks

Q2: What’s one role of the FET token?

A2: To power agents

Q3: What does plan to support in the future?

A3: Automated interactions with industries like travel and healthcare

Coinbase Skale (SKL) Quiz Answers

Q1: Who can deploy a blockchain with SKALE?

A1: Any Ethereum application.

Q2: How can SKL holders receive rewards?

A2: Delegate SKL to a validator.

Q3: The SKALE network is built to support…

A3: An internet of blockchains.

Coinbase Graph (GRT) Quiz Answers

Reward: GRT

Q1: What information is indexed by The Graph?

A1: Blockchain data.

Q2: What do you earn for delegating GRT to an Indexer?

A2: GRT tokens.

Q3: Who identifies high quality, useful data on The Graph?

A3: Curators.

Q4: What’s the best way to earn GRT rewards?

A4: Delegate to a high quality Indexer.

Coinbase Universal Market Access (UMA) Quiz Answers

Q1: UMA lets developers create what type of financial product?

A1: Derivatives.

Q2: Which network participants help UMA solve the oracle problem?

A2: Liquidators and disputers.

Q3: Which of these can be used to create a derivative on UMA?

A3: All of these answers are correct.

Coinbase Dai (DAI) Quiz Answers

A1: A decentralized stable coin that aims to be worth one US dollar

A2: Decentralized and borderless

A3: Open a CDP with Maker

Coinbase Stellar Lumens (XLM) Quiz Answers

Q1: What is Stellar?

A1: A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure.

Q2: What are Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

A2: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments.

Q3: Why is Stellar good for sending remittances?

A3: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global.

Q4: Why would banks and businesses use Stellar?

A4: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently.

Q5: How does Stellar’s Consensus Protocol work?

A5: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.

Coinbase Rally Quiz Answers

Q1: What is Rally?

A1: A decentralized network for launching social tokens

Q2: Which of these is not a use of RLY?

A2: Paying Ethereum transaction fees

Q3: Which of the below is NOT how Val’s fans use ValCoin?

A3: Buying Bitcoin

Coinbase Cartesi (CTSI) Quiz Answers

Q1: What does Cartesi provide for decentralized apps?

A1: Off-chain computing

Q2: Where does off-chain computing happen?

A2: External Linux machines

Q3: App developers can use Cartesi to…

A3: Scale complex apps cheaply and efficiently

Coinbase NKN (NKN) Quiz Answers

Q1: What is NKN?

A1: A decentralized data transmission network

Q2: How can you use NKN token?

A2: Pay for data transmission

Q3: How big is the NkN network?

A3: Up to 100k full concensus nodes globally

Coinbase Chiliz (CHZ) Quiz Answers

Q1: Chiliz is a blockchain built for…

A1: Sports and entertainment

Q2: What is the main utility of the CHZ Token?

A2: Participating in Fan Token Offerings

Q3: Through their expansion, Chiliz plans to launch new Fan Tokens in…


Coinbase Polygon (MATIC) Quiz Answers

Q1: What blockchain is Polygon helping to scale?

A1: Ethereum.

Q2: Who runs the Polygon network?

A2: Polygon validators.

Q3: What is Polygon building?

A3: An internet of blockchains on Ethereum.

Coinbase Loopring (LRC) Quiz Answers

Reward: $1.5 LRC

Q1: What is Loopring?

A1: An Ethereum scaling protocol

Q2: What is NOT a benefit of using Loopring?

A2: Requires a traditional bank account

Q3: What is LRC?

A3: Loopring’s governance token

Coinbase NuCyper (NU) Quiz Answers

Reward: 3 NU

Q1: What does NuCypher provide to users and apps?

A1: End-to-end encryption

Q2: What does NuCypher use to protect your data?

A2: Independent nodes to perform tasks

Q3: Which of these is NOT a use of the NU token?

A3: Paying Ethereum transaction fees

Coinbase MakerDAO (MKR) Quiz Answers

Q1: What are the native assets of the Maker protocol?

A1: MKR and DAI

Q2: Who runs MakerDAO?

A2: MKR holders

Q3: What do you need to generate DAI today?

A3: A crypto wallet and crypto collateral

Coinbase Filecoin (FIL) Quiz Answers

Q1: What is Filecoin?

A1: A web service for secure, decentralized storage

Q2: How does Filecoin ensure data remains accessible and correct?

A2: Proof of replication and proof of spacetime.

Q3: How is data addressed in Filecoin’s IPFS network?

A3: By its content.

Coinbase Celo (CGLD) Quiz Answers

Q1: How does Celo give greater access to financial tools?

A1: By making crypto accessible on mobile phones.

Q2: What are 3 things Celo is used for?

A2: Staking, governance, and stability.

Q3: What’s one way to send a Celo Dollar?

A3: Using the Valora Mobile App.

Coinbase Numeraire (NMR) Quiz Answers

Q1: Who submits predictions to Numerai?

A1: A global community of data scientists.

Q2: Why do data scientists stake NMR tokens?

A2: To back up predictions and earn rewards.

Q3: What do data scientists pay to obtain Numerai’s financial data?

A3: Nothing.

Coinbase Band Protocol (BAND) Quiz Answers

Q1: What does Band bring to blockchains?

A1: Real world data.

Q2: What are Band’s decentralized data feeds called?

A2: Oracles.

Q3: What’s one benefit of staking your BAND tokens?

A3: Earn crypto rewards.

Coinbase Algorand (ALGO) Quiz Answers

Q1: How does Algorand seek to solve the blockchain trilemma?

A1: By being scalable, secure and decentralised

Q2: What kind of asset is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)?

A2: A randomly selected ALGO token

Q3: What feature allows you to use ALGOs to participate in decentralized governance?

A3: Pure proof of stake

Coinbase Zcash (ZEC) Quiz Answers

A1: A privacy protecting crypto

A2: It keeps your financial info safe so it can not be sold

A3: Through a cryptographic breakthrough known as zero-knowledge proof

Coinbase EOS Quiz Answers

A1: A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications

A2: Delegated proof of stake

A3: Fast, free transfers

A4: Stake EOS tokens

A5: Upgradable smart contracts

Coinbase Orchid (OXT) Quiz Answers

A1: A peer-to-peer privacy tool

A2: The OXT token, a Web3 wallet, and the Orchid app

A3: Support for multi hop configurations between bandwidth providers

Coinbase Kyber Network (KNC) Quiz Answers

A1: Exchange one Ethereum token for another

A2: Ethereum

A3: Liquidity

Coinbase Tezos (XTZ) Quiz Answers

A1: Formal verification

A2: A decent computer, an Internet connection and 1 roll of Tea (8,000 XTZ)

A3: The formal governance process

Coinbase Basic Attention Token (BAT)

A1: There are too many ads and data trackers

A2: It is a free, open source web browser built for privacy

A3: Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

Coinbase 0x (ZRX) Quiz Answers

Q1: What is 0x’s vision?

A1: To create a tokenized world, through frictionless, peer-to-peer exchange of tokens.

Q2: What is the 0x protocol?

A2: A new way to trade tokens and cryptocurrencies with other people.

Q3: What is the ZRX token used for?

A3: It can be used to pay relayer fees and participate in protocol upgrades in the future.

How to Withdraw Your Coinbase Earn Rewards

Once you‘ve earned crypto through Coinbase Earn, you can hold it, exchange it for other assets, or withdraw it.

To withdraw your rewards to your bank account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Coinbase USD wallet.

  2. Select the "Withdraw" button.

  3. Choose your linked bank account.

  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

  5. Complete two-factor authentication if prompted.

The money will then be sent to your bank account via ACH transfer, usually within 3-5 business days.


I hope this guide to all the Coinbase Earn quiz answers helps you maximize your free crypto rewards. Coinbase Earn is a quick and easy way to earn real crypto assets while learning about new projects.

Be sure to take advantage of all the available quizzes, and check back frequently as new ones are added. With the answers provided here, you can breeze through the questions and grow your portfolio.


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