Hemingway Editor: A Must-Have Writing Tool for Bloggers, Marketers, and Content Creators

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As a fellow content creator, I know the struggle of crafting high-quality blog posts and web copy that engages readers. The internet is overflowing with mediocre content. As content writers, we have to constantly level up our skills to stand out.

This is where using the right writing tools becomes essential. That‘s why in this guide, I‘ll be sharing my experiences using one of my favorite writing aids – the Hemingway Editor.

Whether you are blogger, marketing copywriter, website owner, or even a student, Hemingway Editor can take your writing to the next level. Keep reading as I take you through an in-depth review of its features, use cases, pricing, pros and cons, and alternatives.

Hemingway Editor – An Overview

Before we dive into the details, let‘s first talk about what exactly Hemingway Editor is.

Hemingway Editor is a web and desktop application that analyzes your writing and highlights issues that make text hard to read and comprehend. It goes beyond basic spelling and grammar checks to specifically assess reading ease.

The tool identifies things like:

  • Overused adverbs
  • Passive voice sentences
  • Long, complex sentences
  • Uncommon words and phrases
  • Excessive jargon

It uses an algorithm called the Automated Readability Index to calculate a numeric grade that rates the reading difficulty of your text on a scale from 1 to 100.

Lower numbers indicate easier readability, with a score between 7 and 10 considered optimal for most blog posts and web content.

I love this because it provides an objective benchmark to improve my writing over time.

Here is quick screenshot showing the Hemingway Editor interface:

Hemingway Editor Interface

As you can see, it color codes different issues for easy identification and also displays valuable metrics like word count, characters, read time, grade level, etc.

This helps me stay aligned to best practices for writing readable text as I create content.

Now let‘s see how it compares to a popular alternative – Grammarly.

Hemingway Editor vs Grammarly – Key Differences

When choosing a writing tool, two of the most common options are Hemingway Editor and Grammarly. Let‘s look at some key differences between them:

Hemingway Editor Grammarly
Readability analysis Yes Yes
Grammar & spelling check No Yes
Automated corrections No Yes
Adverb & passive voice highlights Yes No
Plagiarism checker No Yes
Browser extension No Yes
Mobile app No Yes
Formatting options Basic Advanced
Integrations None MS Office, Gmail, Slack
Pricing Free web version
$20 desktop app
Free version
Premium from $12/month

As you can see, Hemingway is focused exclusively on assessing and improving readability. Grammarly offers more overall writing functionality like advanced grammar corrections, plagiarism checks, integrations, etc.

So based on your needs, using Hemingway Editor together with Grammarly can give you the best of both worlds. Hemingway provides the deep readability insights that Grammarly lacks.

Over the past few years, I‘ve found myself using Hemingway Editor more and more, especially for blogging and content writing. Let me explain why.

Who Can Benefit From Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor is an invaluable tool for:

Bloggers and content creators

Readability is critical for engaging blog readers and website visitors. Hemingway highlights hard-to-read sentences, overused adverbs, and complex phrases that frustrate readers. Cleaning these up results in smoother, clearer content.

Marketing teams and copywriters

Conveying complicated product benefits in easy-to-understand copy is every marketer‘s goal. Hemingway Editor helps simplify marketing jargon and technical concepts through its readability assessment.

Non-native English writers

Writing fluent, easy-to-follow English is very challenging for non-native speakers. Using Hemingway improves sentence structure, word choice, and phrasing for new English writers.

Students and aspiring writers

Developing a smooth, engaging writing style takes a lot of practice. Hemingway teaches new writers how things like adverbs, verbs, and sentence length impact readability.

So whether you are writing online content, marketing materials, or academic essays, Hemingway Editor can help you craft superior text.

Next, let‘s look at some interesting data on content readability.

Readability Matters – Now More Than Ever

Here are some statistics that highlight why optimizing content for readability is crucial:

  • 93% of website visitors admit that web content readability impacts their perception of a brand. [Source]

  • Posts with a grade level of 7 or 8 receive the highest engagement on blogs. [Source]

  • Wikipedia maintains a grade level between 8 and 12 for maximum understanding. [Source]

  • 46% of people will stop reading content with a difficulty score over 60 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. [Source]

  • 98% of top-ranking pages on Google have excellent readability scores. [Source]

This data clearly shows that simplifying language, removing jargon, and enhancing flow pays off in terms of user engagement, brand perception, organic visibility, and more.

And Hemingway Editor equips you with specific, measurable inputs to improve content readability at scale.

Next, let‘s look at the notable features that make this possible.

Key Features of Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor offers a range of useful capabilities specifically tailored for writers, bloggers, marketers, and students. Here are some of the most helpful features:

Readability Grading

As discussed earlier, Hemingway Editor calculates a numeric grade level to rate how hard or easy your text is to read.

For most blogs and websites, aiming for grade 7 to 10 level content is ideal. Of course, this varies based on your audience.

But having an objective readability benchmark helps me optimize my writing over time. I can numerically see the impact of simplifying sentences, removing jargon, etc.

Adverb Highlighter

Hemingway highlights adverbs (words ending in ‘ly‘) in blue. This lets you spot unnecessary adverbs cluttering up sentences. Removing filler adverbs improves clarity.

I‘ve been made more aware of just how often I overuse adverbs in my writing. It‘s one of my most common issues according to Hemingway!

Passive Voice Detector

Passive voice sentences are highlighted in green. While occasional passive voice is fine, using it extensively weakens writing.

Hemingway encourages me to convert more passive sentences into active voice for a more commanding tone.

Complex Word Finder

Multi-syllable, difficult words are highlighted in purple. Simpler suggestions are provided to replace these words with easier alternatives that are more readable.

This feature has expanded my vocabulary and taught me how to convey ideas in a more relatable way for readers.

Sentence Length Checker

Long, wordy sentences are marked based on their complexity level. Short, crisp sentences almost always improve readability.

Seeing my long-winded sentences highlighted has made me more aware of breaking up rambling thoughts into smaller, digestible chunks.

There are also handy features like text formatting, export options, stats display, and more. But in my experience, the above four readability checks provide the most value.

Now let‘s look at some of the more advanced features you get in the Hemingway desktop application.

Exclusive Features of the Hemingway Desktop App

The free web version is great for basic use. But for $20, the Hemingway desktop app unlocks some power user features writers need:

Auto-save and version history – Never lose your work due to app crashes or computer shutdowns. The desktop app auto-saves documents and maintains older versions.

Focus mode – Hides all UI elements except the text for distraction-free writing in a zen-like environment. This feature alone has increased my productivity!

dictate content – I can dictate blog posts and other content using the built-in dictation feature to draft content hands-free. It even adds punctuation automatically based on my speech cadence!

Markdown preview – Since I write a lot of documentation in Markdown, the ability to preview formatted Markdown as rich HTML is invaluable.

Direct publishing – The desktop app lets me publish finished content directly to Wordpress, Medium, and Kindle. No more copying and pasting between apps and sites.

Word count goals – Set target word counts for articles and documents so I know whether I‘m on track. The progress bar provides motivation as I near the goal.

As you can see, there are quite a few beneficial features exclusive to the desktop application. For serious writers, the $20 one-time payment is well worth it in my opinion.

Next, let‘s look at pricing and available subscription plans.

Hemingway Editor Pricing and Plans

Hemingway Editor is available as a free web-based app and a paid desktop application. Here are the pricing details:

  • Hemingway Web App – Free to use online, but limited to core features only.

  • Hemingway Desktop App – $20 one-time payment on Windows and Mac. Unlocks full features.

  • Student Discount – Verified students get 25% off the desktop app purchase.

The free web version is great for getting started with core readability analysis. But I highly recommend upgrading to the desktop app if you are a regular writer or student.

The $20 desktop license fee is fantastic value considering you get full-featured writing software for a single flat payment. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions.

Next, let‘s summarize some of the key pros and cons.

Hemingway Editor – Pros and Cons

Based on my extensive use of Hemingway Editor, here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages:


  • Improves readability by highlighting issues like adverbs, passive voice, complex sentences
  • Provides a clear, objective readability grade for benchmarking
  • Clean, distraction-free interface optimized for writing
  • Affordable one-time payment for Hemingway desktop app
  • Simplifies and enhances writing style over time
  • Exports nicely formatted HTML, Markdown, and PDF files


  • Does not check for spelling errors or grammar mistakes
  • Limited functionality in free web version
  • Readability scoring less suitable for fiction writing
  • No browser addon or mobile app available currently
  • No integration with popular writing apps like Google Docs

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. Used together with a grammar checking tool like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor can level up your writing skills and set you apart as a top creator.

Finally, let‘s look at some alternative writing tools similar to Hemingway.

Top Alternative Writing Tools

Here are some top alternative writing aids you can consider as well:

ProWritingAid – Offers style and consistency checks beyond just grammar and spelling corrections. Integrates directly within apps like Word, Scrivener, and Chrome.

Ginger – An intelligent writing assistant that provides grammar corrections as well as rewrite suggestions to improve sentence variation.

WriteFull for Google Docs – Analyzes text for clarity, conciseness, formality, and inclusive language right within Google Docs.

Quillbot – Uses advanced AI to rewrite and enhance text through paraphrasing as well as check grammar and spelling.

Grammarly – The most widely used writing tool for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and readability checks.

Each tool has its own strengths. I encourage you to try out a few options like Hemingway Editor to see which one best fits your writing needs and style.

The key is choosing a tool that helps you develop as a better writer using objective metrics while enhancing creativity. Hemingway Editor does this extremely well.

Final Thoughts

I hope this detailed guide gave you a helpful overview of how Hemingway Editor works and how it can improve your writing skills as a content creator, marketer, blogger or student.

In our distracting, high-speed digital world, creating text that readers actually slow down and comprehend is a rare superpower. Hemingway encourages you to simplify language, remove clutter, and optimize flow and phrasing.

While it won‘t instantly make you an award-winning novelist, Hemingway Editor will push you to consciously build critical readability skills with every piece of content you write. And the desktop app unlocks premium power user features for only $20.

If you are serious about developing your writing abilities as a blogger, content marketer, website owner, or student, I highly recommend giving Hemingway Editor a try. Used together with Grammarly, it provides comprehensive writing feedback to set you apart.

Over time, your writing will become more crisp, clear, relatable, and engaging as a result. And that will attract higher readership, improve conversions, boost organic visibility, and grow your brand or platform.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your writing journey! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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