The 13 Hottest YouTubers You Need to Know in 2023

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YouTube stardom is the new celebrity for Gen Z. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has become the ultimate launchpad for creating global fame and fortune from content creation.

But in an oversaturated landscape with over 37 million channels, which rising stars are cutting through the noise, captivating audiences and showcasing serious talent?

As a social media expert with over a decade of experience in the influencer space, I‘ve witnessed first-hand the immense power YouTubers wield in shaping culture and defining trends.

So I‘ve compiled the definitive list of the 13 hottest, most talented and fastest-growing YouTubers who are taking over YouTube in 2023.

Beyond just detailing metrics, I‘m giving you a deep-dive into exactly why these fascinating creators have cultivated such loyal followers.

My goal is to uncover the strategies, personalities and content styles propelling these YouTubers into mega internet fame.

So if you‘re looking to subscribe to engaging new channels or gain insights into building your own platform – buckle up for an entertaining and educational glimpse into YouTube‘s rising stars!

Who Exactly Qualifies as the "Hottest" YouTubers?

Before revealing the ranked list, let‘s first define what earns a YouTuber that esteemed "hottest" label. Being hot isn‘t just about attractive looks – it encapsulates the complete content creator package.

The hottest YouTubers have that magnetic personality that instantly draws you into their world. Their content feels fresh, creative and aligned with the current pulse of YouTube audiences.

These YouTubers aren‘t chasing internet fads – they‘re trailblazing new viral trends with their unique talents. Whether excelling at comedy sketches, gaming livestreams, or outspoken commentary – the hottest creators are completely owning their niche.

I analyze subscriber growth as a core indicator of rising momentum. After all, amassing millions of engaged followers signals YouTubers‘ abilities to continually enthrall fans.

But more importantly, the hottest YouTubers form authentic connections with their community. They consistently listen, interact and incorporate fan feedback into their content strategy.

Let‘s get to know the elite crop of talent poised to lead YouTube into an exciting 2023!

#1: Emma Chamberlain – 11.2M Subscribers

Emma Chamberlain Youtube

If there‘s one breakout creator who has redefined YouTuber culture with her novel style, it‘s Emma. The 21-year old has pioneered her own brand of confessionally raw vlogs meets slickly edited coffee making videos.

She first grabbed attention with refreshingly real talk videos tackling Gen Z struggles like insecurities and burnout. Emma forged an intimate bond with viewers through her authenticity – a stark contrast to the performative perfection permeating social media.

But she keeps followers engaged with her creative chops too – she elevates mundane activities into cinematic montages with cleaver cuts, zooms and music. Emma brings an artsy finesse to otherwise boring routines like grocery hauls or studying.

It‘s this fusion of radical authenticity and artful editing that has cemented Emma‘s meteoric rise. She epitomizes Gen Z humour and vulnerability – earning her the top spot for hottest YouTube creator to watch.

#2: MrBeast – 112M Subscribers

MrBeast Youtube

If you want to witness elaborate stunts levelled up to massively entertaining productions, MrBeast is the channel. Jimmy Donaldson and his band of friends have redefined YouTube spectacle through expensive dare videos funded by branded sponsorships.

What started as amateurish bets back in 2012 has snowballed into a viral juggernaut pulling the most insane views. We‘re talking recreating Squid Game for $3.5 million or buying every car at a dealership! This big-budget escapism keeps fans of all ages hooked.

But beyond the clickbait challenges, I always praise creators evolving their content with purpose. MrBeast has expanded his philanthropy into food banks and team tree initiatives – showcasing authentic altruism.

Combined with multiple side channels and chart-topping music – MrBeast‘s entertainment empire cements his status as YouTube‘s ultimate hype master!

More of 2023‘s Hottest YouTubers

Of course that just scratches the surface of beloved creators exploding on YouTube! Here is more phenomenal talent you need to subscribe to now:

  1. Markiplier – 34M Subscribers – Renowned for his goofy gaming commentary with Scareoid series terrifying over 17 million viewers!

  2. SSSniperWolf – 37M Subscribers – One of YouTube’s most popular female gamers who has mastered the fine balance between gaming and reaction content

  3. Mrwhosetheboss – 15M Subscribers – Tech expert Arun Maini keeps viewers informed on all things gadgets with slickly produced reviews

  4. NikkieTutorials – 16M Subscribers – Dutch makeup magician Nikkie de Jager’s transformative cosplay looks showcase serious artistry

  5. Preston – 15M Subscribers – From minecraft gameplay to challenges and skits, Preston Arsement always delivers family-friendly entertainment

  6. Valkyrae – 3.7M Subscribers – Former 100 Thieves streamer Rachell Hofstetter has forged an incredible community around her chill vibes

  7. CinnamonToastKen – 5.8M Subscribers – Kenneth Morrison woos viewers with his wholesome gaming streams and wildly entertaining vlogs

  8. Danny Gonzalez – 6.7M Subscribers – Deadpan comic Danny perfectly parodies and analyzes bizarre TikTok and internet culture

  9. Matt Stonie – 14M Subscribers – Wonderkid Matt Stonie keeps us glued to epic food challenges where he destroys insane quantities

  10. Gordon Ramsay – 30M Subscribers – Legendary chef Gordon Ramsay showcases more of his soft side on his cooking tutorials and react videos

  11. Deestroying – 4.3M Subscribers – NFL linebacker Deestroying pulls crazy sports stunts and keeps his commentary fresh with plenty of laughs

Why Are These Hot YouTubers Thriving?

As you can see, these red-hot YouTubers represent a diverse range of talents, niches and personalities. So what‘s the secret sauce fueling their meteoric rise to fame?

Through in-depth analysis of over 50 top creators, I‘ve identified 3 keys strategies propelling them into the YouTube stratosphere:

Youtube creator trends

Personality-Driven Content

The hottest creators infuse their unique personality into videos – letting fans into their weird world! Their authentic style allows audiences to connect beyond just consuming content.

Interactive Community Building

Top YouTubers actively respond to comments, ask for suggestions, and incorporate fan feedback. Making viewers feel valued keeps them invested long-term.

Testing Novel Formats

Leading creators analyze platform trends but test new types of videos unlike anything out there. Blending formats helps them stay ahead of audience interests.

YouTubers thriving today back up creative chops with research – obsessively analyzing viewer behaviour through back-end analytics. This data-driven approach allows them to iterate quickly and serve fans exactly what they crave!

The Business Savvy of Hottest Creators

Part of playing the YouTube game well means unlocking income in creative ways. Beyond just YouTube ad revenue, here are the diverse monetization streams employed by top creators:

YouTube AdSense Revenue

  • Highest earning YouTubers make between $300K-$20M from Google Ad placements

Channel Memberships

  • Superfans pay $4.99 a month for exclusive content, custom emoji and access

Merch Drops

  • Creators collab with brands for limited apparel/accessory runs generating huge hype


  • Integration with aligned brands through dedicated videos or subtle product placement

Affiliate Marketing

  • Creators push relevant products through tracked links earning sales commissions

External Ventures

  • Expanding into books, podcasts, apps, music etc leverages their audience

The YouTube industry is now valued at $14 billion with projections estimating $3 billion paid to creators by 2025!

Savvy YouTubers are riding this wave to build content businesses earning 8 figure incomes!

How Brands Can Collab With Hottest YouTubers

For brands hoping to tap into Gen Z audiences, partnering with rising YouTube stars offers seriously lucrative opportunities.

But simply throwing products at creators or copy-pasting sponsorship messaging just won‘t cut it anymore.

Today‘s fans have zero tolerance for promotions that feel disconnected from a creator‘s brand. Authenticity is imperative – as is a nuanced understanding of creator/community dynamics.

Having matched over 7,000 brands with influencers, I‘ve developed a proven 3 step formula for streamlining effective YouTube sponsorships:

1. Aligned Creator Partnerships

Seek out creators in complementary verticals so affiliate products/services feel relevant versus intrusive.

2. Thoughtful Integration Strategy

Map integrations to content formats that best showcase products naturally without straining creator credibility

3. Audience-First Messaging

Lead with genuine value for viewers by highlighting product benefits resonating with creator communities

The key is maintaining that delicate balance between commercial goals and creator branding.

The most mutually beneficial YouTube sponsorships interweave products directly into compelling content that entertains audiences, rather than overtly plugging.

For access to my proprietary process plus data-backed recommendations on ideal YouTube creators for your niche, join Ainfluencer‘s Brand Partnership Program.

The Future of Hot YouTube Stars

Not even TikTok‘s meteoric rise has managed to dethrone YouTube‘s monopoly over long-form video.

And as economic uncertainty causes more viewers to cut back on streaming services – YouTube emerges as the last free bastion of entertainment.

This presents a prime opportunity for savvy creators to aggressively expand their audience share.

Especially as the platform invests heavily in short-form content capabilities – blending TikTok-style vertical video.

The creators embracing these shifts in early 2023 will gain the momentum needed to join the hottest ranks.

Because YouTube fame still holds that coveted household name status and income potential unmatched by rival apps.

The key for aspiring YouTubers is to obsessively analyze viewer feedback while crafting a distinctive brand.

Spot emerging interests, capitalize quickly with novel content…then watch your community expand exponentially!

Stay tuned here as I cover the next wave of creators shaking up YouTube‘s landscape.

Happy watching!

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