How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

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Music takes Instagram stories from mundane to marvelous! The right songs captivate viewers and creatively express your brand. Instagram‘s music sticker provides a seamless way to incorporate songs directly in stories.

But you’re not limited to that library. Any track from your personal playlists or popular media apps can be featured.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into everything from adding music natively in the Instagram story composer to sharing from Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow along as we breakdown methods, tips, and FAQs on using audio to make your Instagram stories shine.

The Power of Music on Instagram

Let‘s first understand why music should be an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy:

Boosts Engagement

Studies show posts with music average 31% higher engagement rates compared to non-music posts (Source: RivalIQ).

This stimulus captivates audiences. Music ignites interest, making it irresistible to keep watching and reacting.

Expands Your Reach

41% of viewers share Instagram stories that resonate with them (Source: Oberlo).

And we all know music tugs those heartstrings! Emotive songs get shared rapidly, extending your brand’s exposure.

Enhances Brand Personality

Music selection allows you to exhibit creativity and individuality for your company. Are you:

  • Upbeat – High energy, fast paced tracks
  • Soothing – Gentle acoustics and lo-fi beats
  • Empowering – Bold anthems and motivational lyrics

Let your musical choices showcase your unique essence and vibe.

Now let’s explore how to seamlessly add audio magic to Instagram stories!

Method #1: Instagram Music Sticker

The easiest way to incorporate music is using Instagram’s dedicated sticker with its media library access.

Instagram Music Sticker

Step 1: Tap the sticker icon when creating a story

Step 2: Select “Music” from the tray

You‘ll gain access to Instagram‘s catalog of cleared songs you can freely use without copyright issues.

Their collection spans trending hits to throwback classics across genres. Plus sound effects and special themed playlists.

Step 3: Browse or search to find a fitting song

Step 4: Preview clips and pick a 15 second cut

Step 5: Adjust sticker placement

Step 6: Post story as usual!

Song and artist will be displayed atop stories with music stickers so your viewers can identify the tracks integrated.

Preview and Place Music Sticker

Customizing Music Stickers

You can further spice up music stickers through:

  • Lyrics: Display sung words for sing-alongs
  • Color: Match sticker hues to imagery
  • Effects: Add glimmers, sparkles or gradients
  • Placement: Creatively position around visuals
  • Text: Combine stickers with captions

So have fun personalizing these animated accents!

Method #2: Apple Music

Access 50+ million songs beyond Instagram’s catalog through your Apple Music app.

Add Apple Music to Instagram Stories

Step 1: Open Apple Music and select a song, album or playlist

Step 2: Tap share icon

Step 3: Choose Instagram Stories

You’ll instantly gain a swipe up sticker showcasing the album art that links directly to the audio in Apple Music!

Use this method to tease new music launches, highlight current hits we’re loving, or let fans access full discographies.

Method #3: Spotify

WNMCQ of the 300 million+ monthly Spotify listeners are on Instagram.

So tap into legions of streaming fans by sharing Spotify tracks in stories too!

Share Spotify Songs to Instagram Stories

Step 1: Open desired song in Spotify

Step 2: Select the 3-dot menu > Share > Instagram Stories

Step 3: Post as usual!

Your story will auto-populate with a clickable Spotify card linking directly to the track.

Help fans uncover new faves or enjoy popular playlists. Spotify sharing makes audio incorporation effortless!

Method #4: SoundCloud

This internet radio platform gives underground artists exposure.

Stand out from the usual Top 40 playlists by sharing rising talent from SoundCloud.

Add SoundCloud Music to Instagram Stories

Step 1: Play songs in SoundCloud

Step 2: Tap share icon

Step 3: Select Instagram Stories

Step 4: Review story draft

Step 5: Publish as normal!

Discover indie songs and niche genres to showcase rarely heard artistry.

Method #5: Shazam

Shazam‘s music recognition technology identifies songs playing around you.

Harness this to unlock tunes for integration directly in Instagram Stories.

Share Shazamed Music to Instagram Stories

Step 1: Launch Shazam to discover song

Step 2: Select share icon

Step 3: Choose Instagram story

Step 4: Post to followers!

Visually display the track details while letting audiences access it in Shazam. Great for adding music heard spontaneously in daily life.

Now that you know how to pull music from anywhere, let‘s cover best practices.

Tips for Seamless Music Integration

Choose songs strategically keeping these tips in mind:


Stick to 15 second clips or shorter. Stories auto-advance quickly so focused snippets work best.


Avoid profanities or questionable lyrics unless they strongly tie to your brand image.


Use original recordings, not covers or remixes which face removal. Double check availability in your region.


Pick energizing morning songs, cool evening vibes or playful weekend beats that match expected listening times\

Brand Values

Let music epitomize your identity, voice and ideals authentically.


Spotlight songs but don‘t distract from primary visual content.

Now let‘s tackle frequently asked music questions!

FAQs: Music on Instagram Stories

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered!

Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story?

If the music sticker is missing, first check these:

  • Your Instagram app requires an update
  • Your personal account changed to a business profile which prohibits songs
  • Instagram music isn‘t enabled yet in your country

Does Instagram delete music from stories?

Generally no. But sharing full songs or obscure remixes risks removal. Short mainstream clips are safest.

Why don‘t I have access to Instagram‘s music library?

Likely either a rights issue in your region or branded content blocking on business accounts. Try playlists personally recorded.

Stick under 15 seconds, use popular original recordings, and confirm song availability in your area. Also post concert footage you recorded.

Why does music get removed from Instagram stories?

Mainly if licensing expiry in your location, the original upload got deleted, or remixes/covers that aren‘t rights approved get flagged.

We hope this guide covered all you need to skillfully incorporate music in Instagram stories! Feel free to ask any other questions.

Let Your Stories Sing

Music makes Instagram stories shine. Take advantage of stickers, playlists, streaming integrations and more to energize your content. Choose songs reflecting your brand essence creatively.

Now you have all the tools to orchestrate symphonious stories that mesmerize audiences!

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