How To Clear Instagram Cache? A Step-by-Step Guide for Android & iOS

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With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps worldwide. But like any frequently used app, Instagram‘s performance can slow down over time as cached data builds up. Clearing this temporary cache data is crucial to speed up loading times, fix app crashing issues, and free up storage space.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide expert advice and easy step-by-step instructions to clear Instagram cache on both Android and iOS devices. We‘ll cover:

  • What Instagram Cache Is and Why It Slows Your App
  • How Often Experts Recommend Clearing Cache
  • Detailed Guides to Clear Cache on Android & iPhone
  • How to Monitor Storage for Cache Impact
  • Key Benefits of Regular Cache Clearing
  • Clearing Search/Location History for Privacy
  • Expert Answers to Common Instagram Cache FAQs

Follow our guide to discover how quick and simple it is to clear this pesky Instagram cache and optimize your app!

Understanding Instagram Cache

Instagram cache refers to the app‘s temporary data storage space on your smartphone that is used to enhance performance.

Whenever you open Instagram, images, videos, Stories, and other media elements are downloaded from Instagram‘s servers and stored locally on your device cache. Having this media readily available in cache allows it to load quicker upon the next opening, rather than re-downloading.

However, over time, this cache data can really add up and take over valuable storage capacity. The more cached data the app accumulates, the higher likelihood of issues like:

✓ Frequent crashing or freezing
✓ Lagging when tapping/scrolling
✓ Storage limitation errors

Instagram Cache Usage Over Time

Cache Usage Duration Average Cache Size
1 week 35+ MB
1 month 150+ MB
3 months 500+ MB
1+ year 2.5+ GB

As shown in the table above, an Instagram app that is more than a year old may accumulate over 2.5GB in cached files over time – consisting of images, videos, Stories, filters and more.

Clearing the Instagram cache removes this built-up temporary content to both free up device storage capacity as well as improve speed/performance going forward.

How Often Should You Clear Instagram Cache?

I recommend clearing your Instagram cache about every 1-2 months for optimal performance. This frequency helps prevent cached data and junk files from accumulating too heavily.

Of course, some Instagram users may benefit from clearing cache more or less often:

For light Instagram users clearing every 2-3 months is generally sufficient.

For power users and content creators who are constantly posting photos/videos, clearing cache every 3-4 weeks prevents storage capacity issues.

For users with limited storage space clear cache even more frequently.

You‘ll know it‘s definitely time to clear the Instagram cache if you notice these signs:

✓ Increased loading times
✓ Frequent freezing/crashing issues
✓ Error messages about storage capacity

Skip waiting for these problems to arise by making quick monthly cache clearing a habit!

Step-By-Step Guide to Clear Instagram Cache on Android

Let‘s get into the nitty gritty of actually clearing cache from your Android Instagram app. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Android device‘s Settings app.

  2. Select Apps & notifications in the Settings menu.

  3. Under the Apps section, find and tap Instagram to open the app info.

  4. Tap Storage & cache.

  5. Select the blue Clear cache button.

That‘s all it takes – you‘ve successfully cleared the Instagram cache on your Android device! This process takes less than 30 seconds but makes a huge impact on app optimization.

Going forward, I recommend clearing Instagram cache on Android devices on a monthly basis. Or clear immediately if you face storage capacity or frequent crashing issues.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

What about iPhones? Clearing an Instagram cache that‘s gotten out of hand is just as quick and straightforward on iOS.

Follow these iPhone-specific steps to remove Instagram‘s temporary files:

  1. Open your Settings app.

  2. Tap General and then iPhone Storage.

  3. Scroll and select the Instagram app.

  4. Tap Offload App to wipe cache (note: this temporarily removes the app icon but preserves all saved data).

Done! Clearing the pesky Instagram cache helps ensure buttery smooth performance. I suggest making it a monthly habit for iPhones as well.

Check Storage Usage to See Cache Impact

Wondering exactly how much device storage capacity you actually freed up after clearing Instagram cache? It‘s easy to check using your Android or iPhone settings.

On Android Devices

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select Storage

The total used/available device storage levels are shown up top. You can scroll down further to see:

  • Storage usage broken down by type (Apps, Media, System files, etc).
  • Individual apps listed by storage usage amounts.

Tap into Instagram now to see the cache-cleared app is now using a minimal amount of data.

On iPhones

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap General then iPhone Storage

Review the visual color-coded graphic showing:

  • Total used/available device capacity
  • Storage broken down by apps, photos, messages, etc.

Tap Instagram to confirm the temporary cache files have been removed.

Checking storage levels is useful for seeing just how much clearing the pesky Instagram cache freed up!

5 Major Benefits of Regular Instagram Cache Clearing

Why should busy Instagrammers take the time to worry about clearing cache every month or so? What are the practical perks?

  1. Frees Up Device Storage
    Removing built-up videos/images liberates storage capacity on your smartphone.

  2. Speeds Up the App
    With extra breathing room, Instagram‘s performance and loading times improve.

  3. Prevents Crashing
    A cluttered, over-stuffed cache frequently causes sudden crashing. Clearing it minimizes frustration from errors.

  4. Quick Media Loading
    Waiting for huge photo carousels or IG Stories to load becomes lightning fast after wiping unnecessary cached files.

  5. Takes Just Seconds!
    The entire process of clearing Instagram cache through device settings takes less than a minute. Reap the optimization rewards with this easy regular maintenance.

Leverage these performance, stability, and storage benefits by making quick cache clearing a habit each month!

Should You Also Clear Search History and Location Data?

In addition to temporary usage cache, Instagram also logs user search/browsing history and location data. Some users choose to regularly clear these elements as well for privacy reasons.

To Clear Instagram Search History

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Tap Menu » Settings » Security
  3. Select Clear Search History

Without search history, Instagram won‘t autofill embarrassing suggestions from past lookups!

To Clear Instagram Location History

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Tap Menu » Settings » Security
  3. Select Location History » Clear All

For those concerned about location tracking, wiping location history provides peace of mind.

Clearing just the cache itself is generally enough for optimizing app functionality on both Android and iOS. But for additional privacy, search/location histories can also be deleted.

Expert Answers to FAQs About Instagram Cache

Understanding the fundamentals, experts still have lingering questions when it comes to clearing Instagram cache properly. I‘ll address some frequently asked cache questions:

Does clearing cache delete my Instagram account?

No, rest assured clearing the Instagram cache does NOT delete your actual Instagram account or profile details. The cache simply contains temporary usage files, NOT your personal data.

Can clearing cache cause me to lose Instagram followers?

Nope, wiping the Instagram cache will never impact your follower count. Your profile data is securely saved separately from the app‘s cache.

What‘s the difference between clearing cache vs deleting the Instagram app?

Deleting the app completely removes Instagram from your device (though your data remains saved online if synced). Clearing cache keeps Instagram installed but simply wipes its temporary files.

I hope these expert answers help clarify best practices around clearing pesky Instagram cache!

Key Takeaways – Effortlessly Clear Instagram Cache

That sums up my complete guide to clearing Instagram cache for optimized performance! Here are the key takeaways:

☑️ The Instagram cache contains temporary usage files that gradually slow down the app over time. Periodically removing it frees up valuable device storage.

☑️ I recommend clearing your Instagram cache roughly every 1-2 months. Monitor your storage levels to view the direct impact.

☑️ Our simple step-by-step instructions make wiping cache quick and painless on both Android and iPhones.

☑️ Clearing search history and location data optionally boosts privacy, but clearing general cache hugely optimizes functionality.

I hope these tips help you effortlessly clear Instagram cache going forward. Don‘t hesitate to reach out with any other questions! Now enjoy a lighter, faster, crashing-free Instagram experience.

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