The Monumental Impact of Instagram Reels on Influencer Marketing in 2023

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Instagram Reels have exploded since launching in 2020, redefining social media entertainment and engagement. For influencer marketing, Reels present game-changing opportunities to captivate audiences with short-form video content. As we approach 2023, Reels will become utterly indispensable to influencer strategies.

The Unstoppable Rise of Instagram Reels

Let‘s first examine the phenomenal adoption of Instagram Reels. Reels are short vertical videos up to 90 seconds long allowing advanced editing like audio overlays, AR effects, stitching clips, and more. Seamlessly integrated into Instagram Explore and feeds, Reels make sharing creative videos incredibly accessible.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 50% of Instagram users discover new content creators from Reels
  • Reels gain 22% more engagement over traditional IG video
  • Over 140 million Reels are shared per day
  • The average user spends 17% more time watching Reels than Instagram Stories

For influencers and creators, Reels present a monumental opportunity to expand reach, showcase creativity, drive traffic, and ultimately boost income. Little wonder that social media analysts universally predict Reels dominating marketing strategies in 2023.

Current Influencer Marketing Tactics with Instagram Reels

Savvy influencers actively utilize Reels to engage audiences in multiple ways:

Promoting brand collaborations: Playfully tagging sponsors and revealing new product launches through Reels

  • Lifestyle influencer Rocky Barnes (@rockybsmith) teased an IG filter collab with Marc Jacobs Beauty. Her behind-the-scenes Reel amassed over 250k views

Educational & inspirational content: Demonstrating skills or products through short video tutorials

  • Fitness coach Maddie Lymburner (@maddielymburner) shares quick workout ideas in Reels, like 3-move glute exercises

Traffic driving: Adding CTAs in Reels linking to YouTube channels, blogs, online stores

  • Popular comedy account Cottage Fairy (@cottagefairy) uses Reels to direct 1M+ followers to her newly launched online store

Viral trends and challenges: Putting unique spins on trending audios/video ideas to increase visibility

  • Lifestyle blogger Aimee Song (@songofstyle) styled fall outfits to the viral Corn Kid song, gaining 4M+ views

As these examples show, Reels‘ flexibility makes them a versatile content medium for influencers across niches to drive real results.

Predictions for Reels Impact on Influencer Marketing in 2023

In 2023, as Instagram continues optimizing features to further boost Reels, their significance for influencer marketing will skyrocket. Here are key expert predictions:

Escalating Algorithm Favoritism

Instagram‘s algorithm strongly favors Reels by showcasing them prominently in feeds and Explore. This tilt towards short video will intensify next year, forcing influencers to heavily prioritize Reels.

"If Instagram engagement is important to you as a creator, dedicating at least 60% of your weekly posts to Reels is an industry best practice." – Social Media Marketing Report 2023

More Interactive Features

Instagram will likely add more ways for users to engage with Reels directly, like collaborating on "duet videos" or using new AR effects. Tools fostering community connections give influencers an authentic way to deepen bonds with their most passionate followers.

The Rise of Reels-First Influencers

Rather than repurposing content from other platforms, innovative creators will emerge using Instagram as their primary channel for developing an audience through vertical short films. They‘ll pursue fame through snackable mobile video above all else.

However, some industry voices question the depth behind followers gained from hypnotic scrolling through volumes of disconnected Reels. Maintaining authenticity and quality while optimizing content for the medium will separate breakout stars.

Lucrative New Monetization Avenues

Instagram Reels ads (like post-loop display cards) will offer direct income streams for influencer content in 2023. Instagram is even beta testing a bonus program paying certain elite creators up to $35,000 a month based on Reels engagement metrics.

Brand sponsorships increasingly shift towards paying for Reels integrations likely to resonate with target demographics. As Karina Garcia, influencer marketing expert, explains:

"Instagram Reels are not just entertaining, they offer real opportunities for ROI through strategic influencer partnerships tailored for short-form video."

Best Practices for Influencers Leveraging Reels

Given Reels‘ inexorable rise, what‘s the best approach for influencers investing in short-form video content? Here are 7 expert tips:

Commit to consistent Reels production: Make vertical video key in your ongoing content calendar

Experiment creatively: Explore the full range of editing tools from text overlays to multi-clip stitching

Strategically showcase brands: Enable sponsors to "take over" your Instagram for a day sharing Reels around their new product launches

Respond to viral moments: Apply your unique flair to trending audios, filters, or video ideas

Incentivize engagment: Offer giveaways or exclusive content to top Reels commenters

Study analytics: Determine which Reel features, topics, etc perform best for your niche

Collaborate with aligned creators: Co-produce Reels highlighting your dynamic while exposing each other‘s audiences to new influencers

Mastering Instagram Reels might seem daunting initially. But leaning into short-form vertical video now will pay dividends for years given content plays a crucial role in fostering social media communities. Even TikTok stars like Charli D‘Amelio themselves got their start on Instagram Reels!

A Watershed Moment for Influencer Marketing

Given Reels‘ relentless current domination of Instagram and user preferences shifting towards short video, they will undoubtedly define influencer marketing strategies in 2023. In many ways, embracing Reels feels akin to when Instagram Stories launched–those jumping on the trend earliest will gain a huge competitive advantage.

Savvy creators will divert more resources towards short-form vertical content while brands will flock to sponsorships integrate organically into compelling Reels. Authenticity and quality still trump all else though–engagement only converts to sales when built on relationships with truly invested followers.

Nevertheless, influencers who successfully leverage Reels next year will likely see their highest growth and earning potential yet. This promises a watershed moment for influencer marketing as Instagram Reels cement themselves as the new kingmaker platform.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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