Hey There! Let‘s Get Your Instagram Stories Working Again

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Have your Instagram stories been glitchy or not working lately? I feel your frustration, my friend. As a huge Instagram fan myself, I know how annoying it is when Instagram stories start failing.

Not to worry – I‘ve got your back! I‘ve been researching and writing about social media apps for over 5 years. I‘m going to walk you through the most common Instagram stories issues, explain what causes them, and show you how to fix them.

By the end of this guide, your Instagram stories will be working smoothly again. Let‘s get started!

What‘s Going Wrong with Your Instagram Stories?

First things first – what sort of problems are you experiencing with Instagram stories specifically? Being aware of the symptoms helps diagnose the issue.

Here are 5 of the most common Instagram stories problems users report:

  • Stories won‘t load no matter how long you wait
  • Unable to post new stories – uploads get stuck
  • Stories disappear after only a few minutes/hours rather than 24 hours
  • Weird technical glitches like no audio, crashing, etc.
  • Can‘t view certain friends‘ stories for unknown reasons

If any of those sound familiar, you‘ve come to the right place! The good news is that most Instagram stories problems are easy to resolve yourself.

Before we get into the solutions, let‘s explore why Instagram stories fail in the first place. Understanding the root causes is half the battle.

Why Your Instagram Stories Break in the First Place

There are a handful of common culprits behind Instagram stories malfunctions:

  • Weak Internet Connection – Stories rely on heavy bandwidth to upload/download smoothly. Slow mobile data or WiFi makes stories crash.
  • Outdated App Version – Failing to update leads to missing key bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Excessive Cached Data – Too much stored data bogs down the app over time.
  • Bugs and Glitches – Imperfect coding by Instagram‘s engineers causes funky issues.
  • Server Outages – Major downtime for maintenance or unplanned crashes takes stories offline entirely.
  • Restricted Accounts – Banned accounts can lose story posting privileges.

I‘ll expand on each of these root causes below, so you can better grasp what‘s plaguing your stories and how to address the core problem.

It‘s Probably Your Internet, Let‘s Be Honest

More often than not, the reason Instagram stories won‘t load is shoddy internet connection. Stories require heavy bandwidth because they are streaming video segments, not static images.

See for yourself – next time your stories aren‘t working, check if other bandwidth-heavy apps like YouTube or Spotify are also glitching out. Chances are your whole internet pipeline is clogged.

According to Instagram‘s own specifications, you need at least 3-5 megabits per second (Mbps) download speed for smooth stories playback. For uploading stories, you need at least the same 3-5 Mbps in upload speed.

That‘s a lot of data transferring! Without those minimal speeds, your stories simply won‘t have enough bandwidth.

To check your connection speeds, there are free apps like Speedtest that measure both download and upload rates. If speeds are lower than the thresholds above, your spotty internet is almost certainly the stories problem.

Solving it simply requires getting on a faster network. Hop on WiFi if using mobile data, or vice versa. If all your connections are weak, lobby your provider for better bandwidth or use a network booster.

Stories ain‘t gonna work on dial-up, that‘s for sure!

Update Your App, Seriously

Another super common issue is having an outdated version of the Instagram app itself. If you don‘t regularly update apps on your iPhone or Android, problems will arise – not just with Instagram but with many apps.

Developers like Instagram are constantly releasing updates:

  • Adding new features
  • Smoothing out performance
  • Fixing bugs and glitches

If you miss out on updates for too long, you miss out on alllll those crucial patches and boosts. Before you know it, your app is clunky and broken.

To avoid this, make sure auto-updates are enabled on your phone. Alternatively, periodically check for Instagram updates manually:

  • iPhone – Open the App Store, tap your profile icon, scroll down to "Available Updates" and install any Instagram updates.
  • Android – Open the Play Store, tap the menu button, choose "My Apps & Games" and update Instagram if needed.

Staying updated is critical for avoiding obsolete apps that don‘t work right. Don‘t ignore those update notifications!

Too Much Cache Makes Your App Drag

Here‘s an interesting tidbit about mobile apps – they store temporary cached data on your phone as you use them over time.

This data helps the apps run faster, by saving login info, images, navigation shortcuts, and more locally rather than re-downloading everything you need each time.

But here‘s the catch…

Too much cached data can start to clog up your phone‘s storage space and actually slow your apps down. It‘s a fine balance!

That‘s why it‘s important to periodically open your phone settings and clear out the cached data that Instagram and other apps accumulate.

  • iPhone – Settings > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache
  • Android – Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache

Give this a try if your stories are glitchy. Clearing the cruft helps the app run lean and mean again.

Squashing Annoying Bugs & Glitches

Despite Instagram‘s popularity, the app still contains imperfections in its code that rear their ugly heads as bugs and glitches.

These technical hiccups particularly affect newer features like stories, since they haven‘t been refined over time.

Some examples of stories-related bugs include:

  • Uploads getting stuck halfway
  • Filters or text not displaying properly
  • Stories vanishing before 24 hours is up
  • Weird caching or crashing behaviors

The best way to fix bugs is simply waiting for Instagram‘s engineers to release an app update that patches the issues.

Check for updates often to get those crucial bug fixes as soon as possible. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app also works as a last resort, giving you a clean slate.

Overall, glitches are largely outside of your control as a user, unless you have coding skills to submit your own fixes! Be patient and keep the app updated to deal with those pesky bugs.

Don‘t Shoot the Messenger (Server)

Let‘s say stories were working fine for you up until today – and now NONE of your friends‘ stories load anymore. Or your story simply won‘t upload no matter what you try.

Chances are, in a scenario like this, the issue is on Instagram‘s side. Their servers could be down for routine maintenance, crashed due to technical problems, or struggling under high traffic loads.

Unfortunately, wide-reaching server outages are hard to predict and resolve quickly. All you can really do is sit tight until Instagram‘s engineers get the servers back up and humming smoothly again.

I recommend following Instagram‘s official Twitter account @Instagram. They usually tweet when they‘re aware of server troubles and working to fix them. At least you‘ll know it‘s not just you!

Pro tip: DownDetector is also handy for checking whether apps/websites are down in real time based on user reports. So helpful!

Don‘t Get Your Account Banned, Dude

Finally, let‘s talk about restrictions Instagram may impose on accounts that violate their terms of service. Examples include:

  • Posting prohibited content like hate speech, nudity etc.
  • Sending spam comments or DMs
  • Automating bot activity
  • Scrapping data without permission

If Instagram flags your account for breaches like these, they may limit your capabilities – including posting stories!

So if your personal account suddenly can‘t upload stories anymore, it‘s likely due to an account restriction.

You would receive an email from Instagram about this. Check your account status and review Instagram‘s guidelines carefully in this case. Mending your ways can get your full account privileges restored over time.

Whew, we covered a lot of ground on why Instagram stories fail! Now let‘s turn our focus to how to fix the issues.

10 Helpful Ways to Get Your Instagram Stories Working Again

Alright, time for the good stuff – actionable tips to get your stories back on track!

Based on the root causes above, here are 10 troubleshooting steps I recommend:

1. Restart Your Phone

Before getting elaborate, try the old standby – turn your phone fully off, wait 30 seconds, and power it back on. This simple reboot reclaims some of your phone‘s memory and clears out any minor glitches.

You‘d be amazed how often this can get things working again in a snap.

2. Update Instagram to the Latest Version

As discussed earlier, new app versions contain important bug and performance fixes. Open your app store, manually check for any available Instagram updates, and install them.

Keeping the app upgraded is maintenance 101.

3. Reinstall Instagram Completely

If updates alone don‘t improve the situation, uninstall and reinstall Instagram from scratch. This essentially resets the app to its default state, deleting any corrupt files that may be messing things up.

4. Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data

Check if your internet connection is the culprit by changing networks – use WiFi if on mobile data or vice versa. Load up Instagram stories after switching to see if your connectivity was the issue.

5. Use Instagram‘s Lean Data Mode

To reduce bandwidth strain, enable Instagram‘s "Data Saver" mode in Settings. This compresses incoming images/video so they take up less data.

6. Clear Out App Cached Data

As discussed earlier, deleting old cached data helps eliminate storage clutter than can slow things down. Find the "Clear Cache" option for Instagram in your phone‘s app settings.

7. Update Your Phone‘s Operating System

Make sure your Android or iOS operating system is fully updated as well. The newest OS versions improve stability and fix mobile bugs.

8. Check Instagram‘s Server Status Page

Visit Instagram‘s status page at to see if broad outages are crippling their servers. If so, just wait for their engineers to resolve the downtime.

9. Contact Instagram‘s Support for Help

Reach out to the official Instagram support team via the in-app options. Explain your story issues and they can provide specialized troubleshooting or escalate unknown bugs.

10. Ask Your Friends if They‘re Having Issues Too

Compare notes with your Instagram friends to see if they‘re experiencing similar problems with stories Suddenly not seeing their stories either? The issue is likely on Instagram‘s end then.

Running through these 10 troubleshooting steps should resolve most common Instagram stories problems. Let‘s take a closer look at some specialized fixes for specific issues too.

Targeted Fixes for Story Uploads, Views, and More

In addition to general troubleshooting, it helps to have targeted solutions for specific Instagram stories problems:

Can‘t Upload Stories:

  • Force quit and relaunch the app
  • Enable Airplane mode briefly to reset connection
  • Delete and reinstall Instagram to clear glitches

Stories Disappearing Early:

  • Update the app ASAP to patch bugs
  • Set your time zone correctly in your device settings

Story Stuck at 1 View:

  • Views counter is inaccurate, your story likely has more eyes on it!
  • Check your internet connectivity
  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off

Can‘t View Certain Friends‘ Stories:

  • Ask if your friend restricted their account or blocked you
  • They may have technical issues on their end
  • Try viewing their stories on a desktop computer

As you can see, little adjustments like force quitting or clearing glitches often do the trick with finicky Instagram stories.

Now let‘s dive into some common questions about troubleshooting stories.

FAQs: Your Top Instagram Stories Questions Answered

To wrap up, here are helpful answers to some frequently asked questions around fixing Instagram stories:

Why Do My Stories Disappear So Quickly?

If your stories vanish in under 24 hours, it‘s likely a bug in the Instagram app. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram to refresh the code if issues continue.

Why Are My Friends‘ Stories Not Loading?

If you can‘t view certain friends‘ stories, first check if they blocked you or went private. Barring that, weak internet connections often prevent stories from loading. Switch between WiFi and mobile data to troubleshoot.

How Do I Recover a Deleted Instagram Story?

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve deleted Instagram stories. Once they‘re gone, they‘re gone for good. Instagram doesn‘t archive old stories. Your only option is to repost the story if you still have the photo/video. Learn from your mistakes!

Who Can See My Instagram Story?

Only your followers and people you share close friends lists with can view your Instagram story. Your story remains private from anyone else on Instagram or non-users. Instagram Direct messages also allow sharing stories privately with select friends.

Why Does Instagram Say Action Blocked When I Try To Share My Story?

This error means your account was restricted, likely due to violations of Instagram‘s terms. Certain features like sharing stories may be temporarily limited. Review your account status and Instagram‘s guidelines to resolve any breaches.

And there you have it, friend – the complete guide to conquering Instagram stories problems once and for all!

Let me know if putting these troubleshooting steps into action fixes things for you. I‘m always happy to help fellow Instagram enthusiasts keep their stories up and running smoothly.

Now get out there, revitalize your account, and start sharing those ephemeral story moments again!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.