30 Best Male Makeup Influencers On Instagram To Enhance Marketing In 2023

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In recent years, makeup has become an integral part of people‘s lives. Male makeup influencers, especially on Instagram, have become a growing trend. Whether it‘s for a more polished appearance at work or an edgier look on social media, male makeup influencers have taken to Instagram to show off their impressive skills. Many of these men are new to the makeup industry, but their skills and techniques are quickly becoming popular. From colorful eyeshadows to bold lip colors, these men are transforming their looks in ways that are both unique and inspiring.

Why Male Makeup Influencers Are Important

The rise of male makeup influencers is helping to break down gender stereotypes and encourage self-expression. Historically, makeup has been viewed as a "feminine" activity but that perception is rapidly changing. Makeup has no gender and these influencers are proof.

Their large followings also demonstrate that there is a huge audience interested in male beauty content. For brands in the cosmetics industry looking to expand their reach, partnering with one of these creators access an engaged demographic.

Additionally, their tutorials and reviews provide value to followers looking to experiment with makeup for themselves. The tips and tricks they share allow men to confidently try out makeup styles they may have felt hesitant about in the past.

How To Find Male Makeup Influencers on Instagram

With the rising popularity of the makeup industry, it’s important for brands to find the top male makeup influencers making an impact. There are several ways to discover relevant creators on Instagram:

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to find influencers in your niche. Search for hashtags like #malebeauty, #malemakeup, #boymakeup, etc. to surface relevant profiles. You can also look through the posts tagged with those hashtags for creators that seem a good fit.

Check Suggested Profiles

Instagram‘s algorithm will recommend similar profiles based on the accounts you already follow. So if you follow popular makeup influencers like James Charles or Manny MUA, you‘ll start seeing other male beauty influencers surface in your suggestions.

Use an Influencer Platform

Influencer marketplaces like Ainfluencer allow you to search for influencers by various categories and filters. You can specifically look for male makeup influencers by gender, niche, location, and more. These platforms simplify the process of finding the right partners for campaigns.

30 Best Male Makeup Influencers On Instagram

Here are 30 top male makeup influencers killing it on Instagram right now:

1. Wesley Benjamin Carter (@Wesleybenjamincarter)

  • Posts tutorials, brand partnerships, makeup looks
  • High engagement rate

Talk to Benjamin Carter

2. Sa-Lih (@Salihsworld)

  • Brow expert, brow ambassador
  • Beauty, cosmetics, personal care content

Collaborate with Sa-Lih

3. Derek Kildall (@Derekkildall)

  • Beauty, fashion and lifestyle content
  • Viral makeup tutorials

Chat with Derek Kildall

4. Zachary Ling (@Zacharyofthesea)

  • Non-binary creator, mental health advocacy
  • Uplifting, positive content

Collaborate with Zachary Ling

5. Серега Любимов (@Notcatart)

  • Russian influencer
  • Unique makeup looks

Talk to Серега

6. Ayush Rajani (@Ayushrajani)

  • 12k+ followers
  • Believes makeup has no gender
  • Makeup artistry, self-expression

Chat with Ayush Rajani

7. Danny Defreitas (@Dannydefreitas)

  • Makeup artist for celebrities
  • Skincare, makeup and lifestyle content

Collaborat with Defreitas

8. Romero Jennings (@Romerojennings)

  • MAC collaborator
  • Makeup tutorials and artistry

Talk to Romero Jennings

9. Cedric Lanappe (@Cedriclanappe)

  • Makeup artist and coach
  • Founder of

Collaborat with Lanappe

10. Mitchell (@Mmmmitchell)

  • 1.1 million followers
  • Award-winning makeup creator
  • Founder of Madebymitchell

Talk to Mitchell

11. Theo Turner (@Theeislandboi)

  • Celebrity makeup artist
  • Creative director based in NYC
  • Founder of

Chat with Theo Turner

12. Agustin Fernandez (@Agustinofficial)

  • 4 million+ followers
  • Transformative makeup looks
  • Massive reach as macro influencer

Talk to Agustin Fernandez

13. Angel Merino (@Mac_daddyy)

  • 1.3 million followers
  • Creative makeup artist
  • Founder of Artist Couture cosmetics

Collaborat with Angel Merino

14. Wayne Goss (@Gossmakeupartist)

  • 703k Instagram followers
  • 3.94 million YouTube subscribers
  • Eye makeup expertise

Chat with Wayne Goss

15. Jaro London (@Jaro_london)

  • 53k Instagram followers
  • Innovative makeup techniques
  • Entertaining and educational

Talk to Jaro London

16. Bailey (@Boyishbeauty_)

  • 21k+ followers
  • Micro influencer
  • Promotes various beauty brands

Collaborat with Bailey

17. Timmy (@Timmyondabeatt)

  • Makeup tutorials and tips
  • Believes makeup is for everyone

Chat with Timmy

18. Dante Onika (@Danteonika)

  • 18k+ Instagram followers
  • Encourages creativity in makeup
  • Breaks down stereotypes

Collaborat with DanteOnika

19. David Petersen (@Daves_makeup_laboratory)

  • Promotes makeup for all
  • Uplifting content creator

Talk to David Petersen

20. Jaymi Chaells (@Jaymichaells)

  • Bold eye makeup looks
  • Believes there are no rules
  • Promotes self-love and positivity

Chat with Jaymi Chaells

21. Adrian Rio (@Arartistry)

  • 39k+ followers
  • Makeup tips and tutorials
  • Fitness influencer as well

Collaborat with Adrian Rio

22. Mualesandro (@Mualesandro)

  • 274k+ followers
  • Product reviews and new looks

Talk to Mualesandro

23. James Charles (@Jamescharles)

  • 23 million+ followers
  • Massive influencer
  • Known for creative makeup skills

24. Patrickstarrr (@Patrickstarrr)

  • 4.3 million followers
  • Works with major brands
  • Vibrant makeup looks

25. Manny Gutierrez (@Mannymua733)

  • 4 million followers
  • Dramatic makeup styles
  • Founder of Lunarbeauty

26. Jake Warden (@Jakewarden)

  • 1.4 million followers
  • Makeup model and artist
  • Shares tutorials for men

27. Jony Sios (@Jonysios)

  • 930k+ followers
  • Unconventional techniques
  • Popular with younger audiences

28. Gabriel Zamora (@Gabrielzamora)

  • Transformative makeup looks
  • Shares personal life as well

29. Gary Thompson (@Theplasticboy)

  • Makeup artist and content creator
  • Featured in magazines and publications

30. Reuben De Maid (@Reubendemaid)

  • Among first male vloggers on BBC
  • Featured in major publications
  • Breaking down stereotypes

Final Thoughts

The rise of male beauty creators on Instagram has helped drive growth and inclusivity in the cosmetics industry. For brands, partnering with one of these talented influencers allows you to tap into their engaged following and demographic.

Additionally, these men are transforming stereotypes by boldly expressing themselves through makeup. Their artistry and vulnerability on social media is inspiring men everywhere to confidently experiment with beauty products and looks.

So if you‘re looking to boost your next influencer marketing campaign, consider collaborating with one of these top male makeup influencers. Their creativity, skills, and influence on Instagram can help you successfully promote your brand.

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