How To Find Your Metamask Seed Phrase: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Hey there! Losing access to your cryptocurrency can be a major nightmare, especially if you don‘t have your MetaMask wallet‘s seed phrase backed up. Not to worry though, I‘ve got you covered!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain exactly what a MetaMask seed phrase is, why it‘s critical to keep it safe, and most importantly – how to find and back up your existing phrase if you‘ve lost it.

By the end, you‘ll be prepared to securely recover your seed phrase and keep your crypto investments protected. Let‘s get started!

What is a MetaMask Seed Phrase?

When you first created your MetaMask wallet, you were given a random string of 12 words known as your wallet‘s "seed phrase" or "recovery phrase."

This seed phrase represents the master private key that unlocks your wallet and allows you to access the crypto assets held within it. Think of it like the keycode to your crypto vault!

Here‘s a quick Metamask seed phrase example:

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Without this seed phrase, it‘s impossible for anyone (including you) to access your MetaMask wallet. That‘s why it‘s absolutely critical to keep your seed phrase safe and secure when you first set up your wallet.

According to MetaMask themselves, if you lose your seed phrase, it‘s gone forever:

"If you lose your Secret Recovery Phrase, you will lose access to your wallet forever. We cannot recover your Secret Recovery Phrase."

So in other words, your seed phrase = the keys to the kingdom! Lose it, and the kingdom is locked away for good.

Now you can see why it‘s so important to properly back up your seed phrase when creating your wallet, as well as understand how to view it again later if you need to.

Let‘s walk through the process…

Recording Your Seed Phrase When Setting Up MetaMask

Ideally you recorded your MetaMask seed phrase when you first created your wallet, but a refresher never hurts!

When you install the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app for the first time, you‘ll go through the wallet set up process. This involves creating a password and agreeing to the terms.

Eventually you‘ll come to a screen that displays your 12 word seed phrase – one word at a time.

It will look something like this:

Your unique 12 word MetaMask seed phrase

This is your chance to record those 12 words in the correct order!

Here are the steps to safely record your phrase:

  • Carefully write down each of the 12 words shown on paper or in a safe notebook. Double and triple check your work!

  • Next, MetaMask will have you confirm the seed phrase by clicking the words in the correct order. This verifies you have it down properly.

  • Finally, affirm that you have stored the phrase somewhere secure. Never save it digitally or take photos!

Once your seed phrase is safely recorded, your wallet setup continues. Be sure to keep the phrase somewhere incredibly safe and secure, like a safe, safety deposit box, or very hidden away.

Treat it like you would the password to your bank account! Now let‘s look at…

Finding Your MetaMask Seed Phrase Again

Don‘t panic if you didn‘t properly record your MetaMask seed phrase originally. The good news is you can reveal your wallet‘s seed phrase again at any time.

However, only do this in a secure location on a device you fully trust. Your seed phrase can unlock your entire crypto holdings, after all.

Here are the steps to recover your existing MetaMask seed phrase:

  1. Log into your MetaMask wallet as normal through the browser add-on or mobile app. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder.

  2. Click the account icon in the upper left corner, then select "Settings."

  3. Select the "Security & Privacy" tab.

  4. You should see a button that says "Reveal Seed Phrase" – click it.

  5. Carefully enter your MetaMask wallet password when prompted.

  6. Your full 12 word (or sometimes 24 word) seed phrase will now be displayed on your screen.

  7. Get out your pen and paper, and record each of the 12 words shown in order. Triple check your work!

Once you‘ve followed these steps, you‘ll once again have your critical MetaMask seed phrase recorded and backed up in case you ever lose access to your wallet.

Keep it locked up and safe! Never store it digitally.

Now let‘s look at some best practices for backing up this all-important phrase…

How to Back Up Your MetaMask Seed Phrase

You went through the steps above to find your MetaMask seed phrase. Great job!

But now you need to make absolutely certain you‘ve backed up your phrase properly. After all, it‘s the master key to your crypto funds.

Here are tips and strategies to securely back up your MetaMask seed phrase:

Write It Down on Paper

Physically writing down your 12 word seed phrase using pen and high quality paper is the most secure method.

Sure, it‘s a bit old school, but paper cannot be hacked or compromised remotely like digital files. As long as you store the paper somewhere very safe, your seed phrase will be secure.

Make Multiple Copies

To ensure redundancy, it‘s smart to hand write multiple copies of your seed phrase on separate pieces of paper.

Store the duplicate copies in totally separate secure locations in your home, safety deposit box, etc. That way if one paper copy is lost or destroyed, you still have backups.

Use a Cryptosteel Capsule

For practically indestructible seed phrase backup, you can use a Cryptosteel.

This stainless steel capsule allows you to physically stamp or engrave your seed phrase into metal. As long as the capsule isn‘t damaged or lost, your phrase will survive fire, floods, or any other disaster.

Cryptosteel capsule for indestructible seed phrase backup

They cost $80-100 but provide peace of mind your seed will survive Armageddon!

Encrypt It

You can use encryption to add an extra layer of security to your backed up seed phrase.

For example, encrypt the text file or paper containing your phrase with a strong password using encryption software like VeraCrypt.

Then back up this encrypted version instead of plain text. Even if found, your seed will remain secure.

Memorize the Phrase

As a last resort if you have no other backups, thoroughly memorizing your 12 word MetaMask seed phrase provides a way to recover it.

However, this method obviously relies on you remembering it fully and correctly, which can be risky long term. It‘s best paired with other physical backups.

Keeping Your Crypto Assets Safe

Protecting just your seed phrase isn‘t enough to fully secure your MetaMask wallet and crypto holdings. You also need to take these additional steps:

  • Use a strong password – Your MetaMask wallet itself should be protected by a very strong, unique password that would be difficult to guess. Enable password requirements in Settings.

  • Set up 2FA – Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security beyond just a password, by requiring both your password and a rotating code generated from an authenticator app or security key. MetaMask supports 2FA.

  • Beware phishing – Never input your seed phrase or wallet password if asked on a website, email, or message. MetaMask will only ever ask via the legitimate browser add-on or mobile app.

  • Update your software – Make sure to always keep MetaMask updated to the latest version on your devices. Updates often contain important security patches.

  • Avoid keyloggers – Don‘t download anything shady that could secretly record your keystrokes, including when entering your wallet password or seed phrase. Stick to the official MetaMask software.

  • Create a new wallet if needed – If your wallet is compromised, create a brand new one and transfer your assets. You can do this securely using your original seed phrase.

Following these tips in addition to properly backing up your seed phrase will keep your precious crypto investments locked up tight!

Speaking of security, there is one critical thing to note…

Beware MetaMask Seed Phrase Scams

Here is something extremely important to remember:

MetaMask support will never, ever reach out to you directly asking for your seed phrase or offering to help "validate your wallet."

Anyone who does this is a scammer attempting to steal your crypto!

You should only ever enter your seed phrase directly into the MetaMask interface to recover a wallet. Never input it anywhere else or give it to someone claiming to be from MetaMask support.

If in doubt, you can always reach out to the real MetaMask support here:

But they will never proactively ask for your confidential info. Stay vigilant!

Now, let‘s answer some common questions…

MetaMask Seed Phrase FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MetaMask seed phrases and restoring access to your wallet:

Q: I lost my MetaMask password – can I reset it?

A: Resetting your MetaMask password is only possible with your seed phrase, for security reasons. If you lost both the password and seed phrase, unfortunately there is no way to recover the wallet.

Q: Can I export my seed phrase from Trust Wallet into MetaMask?

A: Yes, you can import your existing seed phrase from Trust Wallet or other wallets into MetaMask to access your funds. But never import a seed phrase given to you by someone else, to avoid getting scammed.

Q: How do I export my private keys from MetaMask?

A: You can reveal private keys in MetaMask by going to Settings > Security & Privacy > Reveal Private Keys. However exporting individual keys is risky compared to using your seed phrase.

Q: I lost my seed phrase – can MetaMask help me?

A: Unfortunately no, without your seed phrase there is absolutely no way for MetaMask to recover your lost wallet or generate a new phrase. Your seed phrase equals access to your funds, so it‘s critical to back it up!

Q: Why does security matter so much for my MetaMask wallet?

A: Because MetaMask gives you sole control over your funds, security is much more important than on centralized exchanges. If you lose your password or seed phrase, no one can help you, even MetaMask themselves. So backups and caution are crucial!

And there you have it – everything you could possibly need to know about finding and backing up your all-important MetaMask wallet seed phrase!

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of seed phrase basics, step-by-step instructions for finding yours again, and tips to keep it securely backed up forever.

Just remember:

  • Record your seed phrase safely when first setting up your wallet

  • Follow the steps to reveal your phrase again if you lost it

  • Keep multiple physical backups of your phrase in secure places

  • Beware any scams asking you to input your seed phrase

Do those things and your precious crypto assets will stay protected. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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