Top Mom Influencers 2023: The Power of Motherhood in Influencer Marketing

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Motherhood is a universal experience that connects women across cultures and generations. For brands, mom influencers represent a unique opportunity to tap into these emotional bonds and reach consumers craving authenticity.

In 2023, moms are expanding their digital footprints and emerging as a dominant force in the influencer marketing landscape. This presents an invaluable chance for brands to align themselves with relatable content creators who command high levels of trust.

But first, let’s understand why mom influencers are taking over and how brands can collaborate with them effectively.

The Rise of Mom Influencers on Instagram

Instagram has fueled the rapid growth of mom influencers for several key reasons:

  • Community. Instagram fosters an intimate sense of community, allowing moms to support each other while sharing the joys and challenges of parenting.
  • Relatability. Mom influencers project a raw, unfiltered slice of motherhood. Followers appreciate that they “keep it real” amid curated feeds.
  • Influence. As primary household purchasers driving 85% of decisions, moms heavily sway buying choices. Brands crave their sway over this coveted demographic.

Additionally, the pandemic kept mothers at home, glued to their devices, seeking connections. This propelled moms already active on Instagram to generate more content.

As their audiences swelled, mom influencers emerged as a hot commodity for brands. They bring supreme value as partners who can authentically endorse products they actually use and love.

Why Partner with Mom Influencers

Brands collaborate with mom influencers because of the unmatched assets they bring to promotions:

High Engagement

Loyal followers flock to mom influencers for tips, empathy, entertainment and recommendations. They pour their hearts out in comments and messages, driving high engagement rates.

Instagram mom influencers generate engagement rates of 3.5% on average, compared to just 1.4% for celebrities. Micro mom influencers with under 10K followers secure rates exceeding 8% per post.

Such robust engagement signals avid interest and trust from audiences. Brands covet mom influencers because they inspire consumers to take action.


Moms crave real talk from people navigating life’s daily ups and downs. Mom influencers deliver with candor and vulnerability as they share parenting dilemmas, self-care struggles, tantrums and triumphs.

Followers consider mom influencers more authentic than celebrities or even their best friends. This fosters an environment ripe for endorsements that feel genuine rather than staged.

Targeted Reach

Every brand seeks to hone its messaging and connect with its ideal buyer personas. Partnering with mom influencers grants access to moms with children at specific life stages.

Whether targeting pregnant women, new parents, or those with teens, brands can discover mom influencers with tailored audiences that directly match their goals.

Cost Effectiveness

In an Influencer Marketing Hub analysis, nano influencers with 1K followers or less generated the highest per-post value for brands based on expected sales. Micro mom influencers also outperformed those with larger followings.

Compared to celebrity sponsors, mom influencers provide significantly better returns on investment. More affordable than mainstream celebrities, their high engagement makes up for lower reach.

Creative Content

Moms share imaginative life hacks, activities, recipes and relatable tales. Brands craving fresh, engaging content leverage mom influencers as unlimited fountains of shareable ideas tailored to parenting.

This creative force helps brands showcase products in the context of real mom’s lives. Followers welcome seeing brands seamlessly woven into useful, entertaining content.

10 Top Mom Influencers Dominating Instagram

Now that we’ve covered the tremendous advantages of partnering with mom influencers, let’s look at 10 stellar examples:

1. Jess Cagle (@jesscagle)

As Editorial Director of People and former Editor-in-Chief of Entertainment Weekly, Cagle boasts an impressive media background.

But her 259K Instagram followers connect with her unfiltered mom content on the joys and frustrations of juggling 5 kids. Relatable stories and helpful parenting hacks drive engagement rates exceeding 6%.

Cagle has partnered with brands like eBay, Dove and GE Appliances to authentically integrate promotions into real-life mom content. Her influence as both media expert and everyday parent offers brands unique partnership opportunities.

2. Julia Dodds (@juliodds)

Food blogger Dodds serves up hearty family recipes to 161K hungry followers. As a busy mom of three kids under 5, she keeps things quick and satisfying.

Fans flock to her feed for meal inspiration intermixed with cute behind-the-scenes family moments. An average engagement rate of 4% indicates followers eagerly consume content.

True to her authentic self, Dodds focuses partnerships only on brands she fully endorses as a working mom. Collaborations with Green Chef meal kits and Once Upon a Farm baby products inspire trust in her suggestions.

3. Amber Fillerup Clark (@amberfillerup)

As a mother of three and founder of clothing brand Haus of Amber, Clark skyrocketed to influencer fame thanks to raw transparency about her postpartum depression journey. She now boasts 1.3 million followers.

Clark strikes a careful balance between aspirational and relatable content while showcasing enviable style. She drives sky-high engagement rates up to 11% with gorgeous photography anchored in family-focused narratives.

Aligning with brands like TaxAct that mesh with her modem sensibilities, Clark wields her social clout to drive impressive ROI for sponsorship partners.

4. Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules)

The Los Angeles designer and entrepreneur of fashion line Shop Sincerely Jules invites 4.5 million Instagram followers into her chic SoCal world of work, wellness and motherhood.

Sariñana masterfully filters aspirational content with relatable mom moments to portray a dreamy but authentic lifestyle. Engagement remains strong at 3.6% as she bridges the gap between influencer glam and accessible parenthood.

She amplifies top brands like Dove Baby, Lego, Grantouristo Skincare and Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags while retaining credibility thanks to transparency about partnerships.

5. Joy Cho (@ohjoy)

As author of parenting books like Oh Joy! For Modern Families, blogger, entrepreneur and mom of two, Cho packed her decade-long influence career with inspiration for brands craving her 779K engaged followers.

Her beautifully curated Instagram feed merges DIY projects, parenting advice, style tips and insight into running her product and media company. Upbeat content earns engagement exceeding 5%.

Cho lends her optimism to brands like Olay, SodaStream and Thrive Causemetics, merging seamlessly into her vibrant take on work-life balance.

6. Audra Wilford (@maxandmurals)

This Ireland-based influencer proves micro moms also wield impressive brand partner power. With 21.5K Instagram followers, she drives 7.3% engagement with colorful, positive content about parenting hacks, family adventures and home decor.

Offering a refreshing perspective far from the major mom influencer hubs, Wilford provides intimate access while maintaining premium content quality.

Aligning perfectly with her DIY/design aesthetic, Wilford created sponsored content for brands like Jabra and Gibson that reflected beautifully in her charming content style.

7. Sabrina Soto (@thesabrinasoto)

Television host and Target home design guru Soto attracts 143K fans to her beautifully curated Instagram feed featuring style, travel, food and family.

The working mom of two keeps it real about the joys and challenges of balancing parenthood with her thriving career. She drives 4% engagement with a stylish-yet-relatable vibe.

Partners like Olay, HauteLook and Spot & Tango resonate well with her engaged audience, as she artfully blends sponsored content with mom adventures.

8. Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim)

As founder of Cinq Sept fashion line and media company Chriselle Inc, this mom of two juggles motherhood with an ultra-successful influence career pulling in 1 million Instagram followers.

With a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Lim nails aspirational content while keeping it grounded in genuine family experiences. She drives a stellar 7.1% engagement rate.

Aligning with luxury brands like The Ritz-Carlton and Audi, Lim brings serious upscale influence coveted by VIP brands while avoiding flashy excess.

9. Danielle Walker (@againstallgrain)

Dedicating her blog and influence career to grain-free recipes to battle autoimmune disease, Walker brings health-conscious moms meal inspiration approved by her 380K Instagram followers.

Mouth-watering food photos blending delicious recipes with interactions with her five kids satiate engagement up to 5%. Fans rely on her tested creations to keep families healthy and satisfied.

Partnerships with brands like nutpods plant-based creamers and US Wellness Meats fit seamlessly with her specialty diet niche content.

10. Ashlee Casserly (@ashleecasserly)

Micro mom influencer Casserly may only have 2,089 Instagram followers, but she packs a partnership punch with an 8.3% engagement rate.

Offering a refreshing break from polished influencer feeds, Casserly gets silly and honest with her tiny tots while dishing out daily inspiration to marginalized moms.

Relatability reigns supreme with Casserly. She creates a safe space for brands targeting mothers seeking authentic connections through shared experiences.

As moms drive increasingly more household purchasing, consumers crave seeing how brands fit authentically into mom influencers’ real life stories.

Micro moms have tremendous untapped potential for brands seeking genuine partnerships.

Secrets to Working Effectively with Mom Influencers

Hopefully these examples demonstrate the incredible opportunity mom influencers offer brands seeking to inspire consumers through authentic storytelling and real-life demonstrations.

But critical keys exist to fostering effective partnerships with mom influencers:

1. Embrace Creativity

The most successful collaborations allow mom influencers to tap into their unique creative ideas rather than sticking to strict promotional checklists. Provide guidance on campaign goals and parameters, but let their instincts guide content.

2. Champion Honesty

Influencers should openly communicate sponsored content. But beyond formal disclosures, followers appreciate transparency about business partnerships intermixed with unfiltered personal anecdotes.

3. Spotlight Relevance

Ensure chosen mom influencers align closely with brand values, personality and target demographics. Content should spotlight organic fits between respective offerings rather than forced associations.

4. Allow Control

While conveying campaign expectations, avoid constraining creativity. Influencers intuitively understand follower preferences. Allow wiggle room for them to showcase products within their established content style.

5. Foster Relationships

Look beyond one-off transactions to foster long-term ambassador roles. Consistent alignment allows influencers to become genuine experts on promoting brands through recurring exposure.

The key is facilitating win-win partnerships where brands receive exceptional promotion while influencers retain creative license to delight their audiences.

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Moms Shape the Future of Influence

As heads of households and primary purchasers, mothers represent the most influential consumer segment. Instagram #momlife content resonates because it spotlights their realities and aspirations.

Brands should take notice of these shifting dynamics. Partnering thoughtfully with mom influencers allows companies to blend into the conversations moms already embrace rather than interrupting them with sales pitches.

Aligning messaging with the modern mom mindset through intimate collaborations positions brands for relevance with existing and future generations of consumers.

When brands champion authenticity, creativity and relationships, everybody wins. Influence strategies rooted in emotion and meaning will stand the test of time.

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