The Viral No Jumper Fight Video – An Inside Look

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No Jumper, the rebellious hip hop podcast led by controversial host Adam22, is no stranger to viral moments. But the recent physical altercation between rappers Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy has ignited social media and caused major backlash.

As a long-time No Jumper fan, I wanted to give you an in-depth look at this fight video craze and why it blew up online. Strap in for a wild ride into the sensational world of internet beefs and scandalous content!

Introducing No Jumper and Adam22

Before we get into the fight itself, let me give you some background on the No Jumper podcast and its infamous founder Adam Grandmaison, AKA Adam22.

No Jumper began back in 2011 as a humble BMX and hip hop interview show run by Adam22 out of his apartment. But over the past decade, it has morphed into a new media empire with:

  • 4.4 million YouTube subscribers
  • 1.4 billion lifetime views
  • 4,000+ episodes
  • 2 million Instagram followers
  • Popular subsidiary channels and shows
  • A merchandise store selling branded goods

As the CEO of No Jumper, Adam22 curates the rebellious, no-holds-barred style that draws in millions of viewers. But he‘s also stirred up plenty of controversy over the years.

At 37 years old, Adam22 doesn‘t fit the typical hip hop persona – he‘s a white former BMX dirtbike rider from New Hampshire. But through opportunism and marketing savvy, he‘s made himself a major force in giving underground rappers mainstream exposure.

No Jumper‘s greatest claim to fame has been helping launch the careers of artists like XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp. Adam22‘s loose, conversational interview style allows up-and-coming talents to open up and connect with fans.

But No Jumper also profits off outrageous moments including guests passing out, starting fights, flashing guns, and more. Critics accuse Adam22 of exploiting black culture and letting negative behavior slide to drive views.

Nonetheless, No Jumper brings in 7 figures in annual revenue through YouTube monetization, merch sales, branded content, and other monetization strategies. Adam22 himself has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Clearly, controversy pays – which brings us to the latest viral fight video.

Key Players: Almighty Suspect vs Lil Kelpy

The shocking fight broke out between two rising rappers: Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy. Neither are big mainstream stars yet, but have cultivated internet and street fame.

Almighty Suspect is an LA-based rapper affiliated with the Neighborhood Bloods gang. The 30 year old has been involved in the West Coast hip hop scene for over a decade. While he only has 25k YouTube subscribers currently, his slick production and blood-themed lyrics have gotten him respect in the streets.

Lil Kelpy is a different breed – a 23 year old Detroit rapper and social media personality who relies more on memes and clout than traditional hip hop craft. With only 5k YouTube subscribers, Lil Kelpy instead curates his Instagram personality – flaunting designer clothes, guns, and stacks of cash to his 125k followers. Beef and controversy are his bread and butter.

This mismatch pairing was clearly a recipe for disaster from the start. Now let‘s break down how it popped off.

The Fight Build Up and Breakdown

The back and forth exchange that led to blows has been immortalized online:

Almighty Suspect dismissively asks "Who are you?"

Lil Kelpy responds arrogantly, refusing to say who he is and calling the other rapper a "b*tch."

Almighty Suspect warns "Who you calling a b*tch though?"

Lil Kelpy doubles down, bluntly calling Almighty Suspect a "b*tch" to his face.

Not one to let disrespect slide, Almighty Suspect immediately jumps from his seat and starts swinging at Lil Kelpy. Chaos ensues inside the small studio.

While caught by surprise, Lil Kelpy quickly starts dodging the blows and leaving his seat. For about 15 seconds, Almighty Suspect lands punches while Lil Kelpy slips away and avoids taking major damage.

The No Jumper crew finally steps in and separates the two before things get uglier. Almighty Suspect is dragged away while yelling threats. Meanwhile, Lil Kelpy collects himself while sporting a bloody lip.

For many No Jumper viewers, it was shocking to see tensions escalate to violence so quickly. But for others familiar with hip hop beef, it was an inevitable powder keg waiting to explode.

The Aftermath – Analyzing The Viral Fallout

In the aftermath, Lil Kelpy tried to save face and act unphased by the attack. But the damage was done – the fight video exposing him getting rocked went insanely viral within hours.

Here‘s a rundown of the incredible viewer stats across platforms:

  • 14 million views of the fight clip on Twitter
  • 100k Likes on Twitter
  • Millions more views on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
  • Trending nationally on Twitter
  • Posted on major outlets like The Shade Room (18 million IG followers)

This fight achieved the kind of viral success that marketing teams spend millions chasing. Here‘s why it blew up so big:

Dramatic Conflict – The tense build up and shocking fight was perfect content bait.

No Jumper‘s Platform – With millions of loyal hip hop fans, it was primed to be shared.

Controversial Figures – Both rappers have real beef reputations.

Leak Appeal – A "banned" video feels illicit and spreads more.

Meme Potential – Lil Kelpy‘s battered appearance launched infinite jokes.

Cultural Commentary – People used it to criticize hip hop culture.

Adam22‘s Infamy – He has a knack for stirring up publicity and outrage.

Fan Engagement – No Jumper‘s core audience was highly engaged to share and react.

The viral fight cemented No Jumper‘s reputation as a wild platform with real Hip Hop drama just like the streets. But it also opened up Adam22 to more criticism for promoting negativity.

More No Jumper Viral Moments

While this fight video has been the most viral recently, No Jumper is no stranger to outlandish moments that get internet buzz:

  • XXXTentacion‘s Final Interview – This interview uploaded after his murder got 43M views

  • Lil Pump Urinating – Pump peeing on a $100 dollar bill racked up 4.5M views

  • Famous Dex Passes Out – Dex falling asleep/passing out mid-interview got 6M views

  • Slikk Da Shocker Exposure – Slikk exposing himself on IG Live crossed 1M views

  • Andy Milonakis Freestyle – Milonakis hilariously failing to rap got 4M views

Love them or hate them, these viral moments are exactly what Adam22 wants. Controversy equals clicks. But does that justify giving unstable characters a spotlight?

The Business of No Jumper

While critics lambast Adam22 for exploiting hip hop culture, there‘s no denying his business savvy. No Jumper brings in serious money from:

YouTube Revenue

  • 4.4 million subscribers
  • 1.4 billion lifetime views
  • Average 500k views per video
  • $2-$5 RPM estimated YouTube earnings
  • $30k-$60k estimated monthly YouTube revenue


  • Massive merchandise store
  • Signature products like Nocap hats
  • Collabs with major streetwear brands
  • $100k+ estimated monthly merchandise revenue

Other Revenue Streams

  • Podcast ads and sponsors
  • Paid content/partnerships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Royalties and rights management
  • Events and ticketing

Based on these income streams, No Jumper likely generates over $1 million per year for Adam22 and growing. Is this type of business sustainable in the long run as hip hop evolves?

The Aftermath and Criticisms

In the direct aftermath of the fight, Adam22 tried to downplay the incident and claimed Almighty Suspect was blacklisted.

But many pointed out Adam22‘s hypocrisy given No Jumper‘s brand is built on controversy and showcasing toxic hip hop beefs. Artists like Almighty Suspect feel pressured to act out for fame and views.

Critics also noted the lack of security precautions to prevent physical violence. And they highlighted the need for more responsible screening of guests.

For Almighty Suspect, the fight has made him more notorious, but also threatened his mainstream career potential by reinforcing the "gangster rapper" image.

Meanwhile, Lil Kelpy‘s reputation took a big L for getting beat up on camera. But either way, he benefited from the flood of attention, memes, etc.

It begs the question – should we keep rewarding bad behavior just because it drives viral content? Does No Jumper have a social responsibility?

The Complex Ethics of No Jumper Content

There are compelling ethics arguments on both sides:

In Defense of No Jumper

  • They showcase raw, authentic hip hop culture

  • It provides opportunities to underground artists

  • The fans clearly enjoy the content

  • Viewers ultimately bear responsibility

Against No Jumper

  • They encourage and monetize negativity

  • Normalizes violence and toxic behavior

  • Exploits black culture for profit

  • Rewards unstable personalities

I don‘t have a simple answer here. No Jumper does highlight the gritty essence of hip hop while providing a platform. But more guardrails may be needed.

What do you think? Does No Jumper glorify the worst of hip hop culture or reveal an important side of it? I‘m curious to hear your take!

Looking Ahead

No Jumper and Adam22 show no signs of backing down from controversy anytime soon. But the growing backlash and profiling risks may force some changes.

Adam22 himself seems exhausted at times from the constant scandals and criticism over every new viral fight or wild episode. Meanwhile, hip hop fans have more entertainment options than ever.

While Adam22 has proven masterful at tapping into underground hip hop drama and turning it mainstream, that well could run dry eventually.

Could No Jumper expand beyond just showcasing beefs and lean more into music commentary, interviews, and cultural analysis? Will it need to diversify its guest lineup at some point?

Either way, the fallout from this latest viral fight video will likely lead to new reflections and adjustments to the No Jumper formula going forward. Stay tuned for what comes next.

The Takeaway

If you made it this far reading, thank you for joining me on that deep dive into No Jumper, Adam22, and the fight video craze!

Here are the key takeaways about this viral moment:

  • It reveals the chaotic, drama-filled side of hip hop beefs and clout chasing.

  • But it also raises concerns about exploiting negativity and normalizing violence.

  • Adam22 and No Jumper have mastered turning raw hip hop culture into viral, monetized content.

  • However, backlash is growing over the lack ethics and responsibility.

  • The fight‘s viral success shows our appetite for internet controversy and drama.

No Jumper will likely keep courting scandal – but hopefully with more caution. As consumers, we also should consider the ethics of what we choose to click, share, and reward.

What do you think about this viral fight and No Jumper controversy as a whole? I‘d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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