10 Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools for Pinterest Marketing


Have you been searching for automation tools to gain growth on Pinterest? Then you have come to the right place. We have a list of Pinterest bots that can help you find the right audience.

Getting referrals through Pinterest is a valid strategy to success if you know the necessary steps to take. Instagram and Facebook are other platforms tht have boomed over the years when it comes to obtaining referrals, but enough competition and innovations have caused referral traffic to decline. On the other hand, people are now turning to Pinterest.

The potential is there. But finding your feet on Pinterest is not as easy as it may seem. It is quite demanding to manage a Pinterest board. That is why we are recommending the use of Pinterest Bots. They can help reduce the burden and give you the needed time to focus on other things.

Although it is risky since Pinterest frowns upon the use of automation, you can still be safe if you find the right bot. Let us examine some of the best Pinterest bot out there.

Top Pinterest Bots

1. Jarvee

Jarvee Pinterest Bots

Jarvee is unarguably one of the best automation service tools out there. It cuts across several social media platforms. Thus it is no surprise that Pinterest Automation is part of its service. Though Jarvee is quite sophisticated and not ideal for the beginner, it is a credible automation tool that has been found very worthy by many brands and professionals on social media.

Creating boards, watermarking your pins, scheduling pins and URL shortening are among some of the activities that you can accomplish with the Jarvee Pinterest Automation. Their plans are a bit expensive, but they do offer a 5-day free trial. At the end of that, you can decide to opt-in for the paid version if you so wish. Jarvee works only on Windows.

2. ASB Pinterest Bot

ASB Pinterest Bot

Auto Social Bot are the creators of ASB Pinterest Bot. they also have a cross-platform automation tool, but it is said to be quite expensive. On the other hand, the ASB Pinterest Bot is quite cheap and affordable, and thus, is suitable for those with a slim budget

ASB Pinterest Bot can take charge of all your activities on Pinterest. Its refund policy and free-trial version make this Pinterest bot quite attractive. It is quite flexible, allows multiple accounts, and regular updates ensure that ASB Pinterest Bot would keep working efficiently. One downside is that It works on Windows OS only.

3. FollowingLike

FollowingLike Pinterest Bot

If you have your content across other platforms like Twitter, Spotify, and many others, then you should consider using a multi-social platform automated tool like Following Like. Whatever your Pinterest growth demands might be, Following Like will surely get you there.

The flexibility and ease of use of FollowingLike’s complex features are some of the qualities that endear it to many. The fact that it has support for proxy binding means that you don’t have to worry about running into trouble with Pinterest.

4. Socinator

Socinator Pinterest Bot

If you want a tool that is close to feeling like a real human in the way it works, then Socinator should be your pick. It isn’t just a Pinterest automation tool; it covers other social media platforms as well. They say that they are the best for brands that are determined to succeed.

Their features on Pinterest include generating comments, follow and unfollow, creating boards, auto pins and repin, and many more. They are not expensive but work only on Windows OS.

5. Follow Liker

Follow Liker Pinterest Bot

Another versatile automation tool that can help grow your audience on Pinterest is Follow Liker. They are capable of taking your brand from the doldrums to the forefront. Follow Liker demands a one-time payment that is subsequently renewed monthly for as low as $5.

Follow Liker has unique human attributes which allow it to remain undetected, thereby keeping its clients safe. This makes it one of the best Pinterest automation tools available out there.

6. UseViral

UseViral Pinterest Bot

There is so much competition among automation service tools that it is sometimes difficult to tell which among them is doing everything more than the others. But UseViral is one unique multi-platform service tool that has been tested and trusted by many.

UseViral can greatly improve you’re your reach on Pinterest. UseViral isn’t new to the automation world and thus, know what their clients want and deliver without fail. They have one of the best Pinterest features among Pinterest bots.

As earlier said, UseViral cut across other social platforms like YouTube, and Twitter; therefore, this Pinterest bot can grow your brand simultaneously on multiple grounds. This makes a credible service tool to consider.

7. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Pinterest Bot

SidesMedia is one of the best and reliable social media automation tools you can find out there. Their track record confirms that they have helped so many of their clients in achieving success on Pinterest. SidesMedia has a proven track record that can’t be matched by so many bots out there.

Their features are flexible and of top quality. Thus, if you want to take your Pinterest profile to the next level, we suggest you hop on SidesMedia bandwagon.

8. Media Mister

Media Mister Pinterest Bot

Media Mister is a unique Pinterest bot that also extends across various social media platforms. Thus, they can help promote your brand, not just on Pinterest alone. They can take charge of all your activities and give you the right exposure you need. They have a customer care unit that is always on hand to proffer solutions to your problems. This means that they are a customer-friendly automation tool.

9. Pin Pinterest

Pin Pinterest

As the name suggests, Pin Pinterest is a social media marketing service tool that operates only on Pinterest. They boast of more than 7000 subscribers. This is to say they are well adept at giving their best to their clients. Liking and following others who share your ideas are some activities that Pin Pinterest can help you achieve.

10. Tailwind


Tailwind is another unique Pinterest board. They can help you generate new ideas which go to your board. They can also keep tabs on engagements with your brand, bring up analysis and make use of it wisely.


Does Pinterest support the use of bots?

No. Pinterest prohibits the use of bots on the platform. However, if you play your game properly, you wouldn’t have to bother about being detected.

What do Pinterest bots do?

They help you grow your audience on Pinterest and can also create boards, help you watermark your pins, schedule pins and URL shortening.


Growing your brand on Pinterest is a difficult thing to achieve. That is why Pinterest bots are out there waiting to make the work easier for you. Pinterest bots can entirely take charge of your Pinterest profiles and give you the right exposure. But ensure you make a good choice so as not to be disappointed in the long run. We are certain that the above suggestions will go a long way in helping you decide which of the bots to choose.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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