7 Premium Conan Exiles Servers for Everyone

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As both a lifelong gamer and data analyst, I‘ve spent countless hours exploring virtual worlds and crunching numbers behind the scenes. Conan Exiles has quickly risen to become one of my top open-world survival games since its launch in 2018. The raw challenge of surviving the harsh exiled lands alongside friends never gets old.

But hosting your own private Conan Exiles server takes the experience to a whole new level. You gain full control to mod, boost, and customize to your heart‘s content. No more public server trolls or abusive admins to ruin your fun. Just good times battling and building alongside fellow players.

Of course, finding the right hosting provider is key. There are tons of hosts out there, but quality can vary wildly. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing my top picks for premium Conan Exiles server hosting in 2022. I‘ve tested out and analyzed dozens of hosts as both a gamer and technology specialist. So I‘ll be bringing hard data, insider tips, and my personal opinions to guide you in choosing a provider that fits your needs.

Let‘s first cover what factors make for ideal Conan Exiles hosting.

Key Criteria for Choosing a Conan Exiles Server Host

From cross-referencing provider feature lists to consulting with fellow gamers, I‘ve found several core criteria that lead to an excellent Conan Exiles server experience:

Performance and Reliability Are Paramount

Conan Exiles can tax even high-end rigs, especially when modded. A laggy, crashing server will destroy immersion quicker than anything. Prioritize hosts using quality hardware with SSD drives, lots of RAM and CPU cores, and redundant enterprise-grade networks.

Look for average ping rates below 30ms from major regions the host covers. Uptime history should be 99% or better month-to-month. Frequent automated backups are also a must in case your world gets corrupted.

I also highly recommend seeking out hosts with DDoS protection included. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are unfortunately common against gaming servers. A strong defense system can intercept and mitigate these malicious efforts to knock your server offline.

Global Infrastructure Is Ideal

The best Conan Exiles server hosts operate data centers spread across multiple continents. This allows for lower pings no matter where your players are located. Average Conan Exiles servers see players connecting from 5-10 different countries.

North America and Europe are covered by pretty much all major hosts. But also look for presence in Australia, South America, Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East. The more options the better.

Easy Mods and Customization Are a Must

A big draw of running your own server is modifying Conan Exiles extensively to your liking. The top hosts make installing mods, customizing settings, and uploading your own content a breeze.

You shouldn‘t need to touch any code or use FTP/SSH. One-click mod packs, steam workshop integration, and intuitive control panels are ideal for both new and veteran server owners.

Unlimited mod storage is also nice for the most customized experience possible. Some hosts even offer "mods included" packages with popular ones pre-installed to get you started quickly.

Player Control and Flexibility Add Major Value

Look for a provider that gives you total control over your player environment. Settings to password protect the server, choose specific Steam users that can join, and ban disruptive players are highly useful.

The ability to seamlessly switch between games is also great. You can change from Conan Exiles to Rust, Ark, 7 Days to Die, Valheim, and more without losing progress. Some even let you run multiple game servers under a single account.

Responsive 24/7 Customer Support Can‘t Be Beat

Even seasoned server admins sometimes need help. Choose a host with multiple real-time support channels such as live chat, phone, Discord server, tickets, etc. I prefer ones with specific game-related support teams that offer the quickest, most knowledgeable assistance.

Transparent Pricing and Free Trials

While certainly not free, running a quality Conan Exiles server doesn‘t have to drain your bank account. Watch out for hosts using bait-and-switch pricing with hidden fees. Clear published pricing and free trials let you know exactly what you are getting.

I also advise looking closely at discounts for 3, 6, and 12 month terms which can save you 15% or more over month-to-month payments.

Okay, with our evaluation criteria covered, let‘s get into my top Conan Exiles server host recommendations!

1. Host Havoc – My Top Pick Overall

Host Havoc uptime chart

I have used Host Havoc for over 3 years across dozens of game servers, including Conan Exiles. They have become my #1 recommendation for most gamers thanks to rock-solid performance, reliability, and knowledgeable 24/7 support.

Host Havoc checks all the major boxes we want in a quality Conan Exiles provider:

Globally Distributed Infrastructure – 15+ data center regions across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. I consistently average under 30ms pings which beats even official game servers.

Powerful Hardware – Enterprise-level setups with SSD storage, high-frequency DDR4 RAM, top-tier AMD/Intel CPUs and redundant networking. Conan Exiles runs incredibly smooth even with 100+ players and mods galore.

Industry-Leading Uptime – Host Havoc has maintained 99.99%+ uptime each month over the past 2+ years. I have never experienced unexpected downtime even once for any game server.

Robust DDoS Mitigation – All servers are protected by enterprise-grade DDoS mitigation. This gives me great peace of mind that some attack won‘t knock my community offline.

Extensive Mod Support – One-click modpack installs, unlimited storage, and Steam workshop integration makes customizing my server a breeze. I can get things setup just how my community likes with minimal hassle.

Intuitive Control Panel – Everything from launching my server, managing players, installing mods, and updating configs is easy via the control panel. I‘m able to handle admin tasks seamlessly even with limited technical skills.

Responsive Support – The 24/7 team has helped me numerous times with server-specific issues promptly via live chat and Discord. It‘s reassuring having knowledgeable experts available around the clock.

Affordable Pricing – Host Havoc offers exceptionally good value with Conan Exiles plans starting at just $15 monthly for up to 30 slots. Significant discounts for longer terms helps lower costs further.

After extensive personal use and seeing countless positive reviews from other gamers, Host Havoc remains my highest recommendation for hosting Conan Exiles. Their premium network, hardware, features, support and pricing simply can‘t be beat.

2. Survival Servers – Most Global Locations

For Conan Exiles players worldwide, Survival Servers is another top contender to consider. They operate one of the largest gaming infrastructure networks with data centers covering all inhabited continents.

Some key highlights:

  • 20+ Global Regions – With locations spread across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceana, Africa and India, most gamers can achieve excellent pings.

  • Quality Hardware – Survival Servers uses enterprise-grade setups packed with SSD drives, DDR4 RAM, high-end Intel/AMD CPUs for smooth performance.

  • 99.99% Uptime – Over the past year, Survival Servers has maintained near-perfect uptime allowing for always-online Conan Exiles servers.

  • DDoS Protection – Basic DDoS defense is included plus options for more advanced mitigation add-ons. This helps keep servers protected from malicious attacks.

  • Mod Support – Download and install mods directly within the control panel. Unlimited storage space allows for extensive customization freedom.

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Get quick assistance with any server issues via live chat, phone, tickets, email and Discord.

  • Reasonable Costs – Conan Exiles plans start at $13 monthly. Discounts for longer terms can drive costs down further.

With more location options than any host I‘ve seen, Survival Servers is a top choice for Conan Exiles players worldwide needing low latency regardless of geography.

3. Bisect Hosting – Best Performance

If raw performance is your top priority, Bisect Hosting has consistently impressive offerings. Their enterprise-grade hardware and network optimizations provide some of the lowest in-game latency and lag I‘ve tested.

Some standout features:

  • Cutting-Edge Hardware – Bisect utilizes premium setups with i9 CPUs, NVMe SSDs and high-frequency DDR4 RAM for max speed.

  • Worldwide Data Centers – Locations across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia help provide all users with very low pings.

  • 99.99% Uptime – With an industry-leading uptime SLA, you can count on your Bisect Hosting server being online 24/7.

  • Optimized Network – Bisect fine-tunes their network for gaming using BGP routing, targeted peering, and traffic shaping for excellent performance.

  • Easy Mods/Plugins – One-click installs available for popular Conan Exiles mods and streamlined configuration edits.

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Get quick help via Discord, phone, tickets, and live chat with their game server savvy agents.

  • Mid-Range Pricing – Conan Exiles plans start at $20 monthly. Longer terms unlock nice discounts up to 35% off.

If you want your Conan Exiles server to run as smooth and responsive as possible for you and your fellow survivors, Bisect Hosting is easily one of the top choices to consider with their specialized infrastructure.

4. Shockbyte – Unlimited Mod Storage

For gamers wanting unlimited freedom when modding and customizing their server, Shockbyte is a leading choice. Their Conan Exiles plans come with unrestricted mod storage for the most extensive customization possible.

Some more benefits Shockbyte offers:

  • Global Infrastructure – Data centers located in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia help provide worldwide users with lower pings.

  • Top Hardware – Servers are equipped with fast NVMe SSD drives, dedicated CPU cores, and premium networking bandwidth.

  • Intuitive Control Panel – Effortlessly browse, install, and configure the mods you want for your ideal setup.

  • Custom JVM Options – Further tune performance by allocating your server enhanced Java memory for reduced lag.

  • Unlimited Mods – Get truly unlimited storage and freedom when installing any and all desired mods for your community.

  • 24/7 Expert Assistance – Friendly and experienced support agents are available round the clock to assist via chat, Discord, and a phone hotline.

  • Fair Pricing – Conan Exiles plans start at $15 monthly. Nice discounts applied for quarterly and yearly terms.

If you‘re looking to mod and customize your Conan Exiles world extensively, Shockbyte is easily one of the top hosts to consider with their unlimited storage space and great performance.

5. PingPerfect – Best Control Panel

One host that stands out to me for its control panel interface is PingPerfect. Everything from installing mods to managing settings and players is incredibly intuitive with their customized dashboard.

Some key points:

  • Worldwide Data Centers – With locations in NA, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia, most gamers can achieve good pings.

  • Quality Hardware – PingPerfect uses premium setups packed with SSDs, dedicated CPU cores and ample RAM.

  • Seamless Game Switching – Change between Conan Exiles, Ark, Rust and other games with one click. Players stay in same community.

  • Intuitive Control Panel – PingPerfect‘s customized dashboard makes all server management easy even for novices.

  • Helpful Community – Active Discord community provides guidance. Experienced support is available 24/7.

  • Higher Costs – Prices are on the pricier side starting at $23 monthly for 10 slots. More advanced features included however.

With its unrivaled control panel UI, PingPerfect is one of the easiest Conan Exiles hosts to manage for both new and veteran server owners.

6. GameServers – Best Budget Pick

If cost is your main factor, GameServers has some of the most affordable Conan Exiles offerings starting at only $10 monthly. You still get quality hardware and worldwide locations too.

Some more perks:

  • Global Data Centers – Locations in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia keep pings low.

  • SSD-Powered Servers – Faster loading and response times from SSD drives.

  • Easy Mod Installs – Quickly get your mods added using their simplified control panel.

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Friendly reps assist with any issues promptly via live chat and support site.

  • Cheap Pricing – Conan Exiles plans start at only $10 monthly for up to 10 player slots.

For a cheap Conan Exiles server that still delivers good performance, GameServers plans are packed with great value even on a tight budget.

7. Hostinger – Most Generous Free Trial

Finally, Hostinger earns a spot for offering the most generous free trial I‘ve seen – 7 full days to test drive their Conan Exiles hosting completely risk-free. This is a nice perk letting you experience their service before paying.

Some other Hostinger benefits:

  • Global Infrastructure – Data centers in NA, EU, Asia, and South America help provide lower worldwide ping times.

  • NVMe SSD Hardware – Faster response and load times thanks to high-speed solid state drives.

  • Easy Mod/Plugin Installation – Quickly get mods, plugins and customizations added to your liking.

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Contact friendly agents anytime for assistance via live chat, email, Discord and more.

  • Very Low Cost – Conan Exiles plans start at only $8 monthly making them among the cheapest decent hosts.

If trying before you buy sounds good, it‘s hard to beat Hostinger‘s 7-day free trial for testing their Conan Exiles hosting first-hand.

Key Factors When Choosing Your Conan Exiles Server Host

Hopefully this overview gives you a comprehensive look at some of the top Conan Exiles server hosting providers available in 2022. Each brings their own blend of performance, features, support and pricing to appeal to certain needs and budgets.

Based on my extensive research and testing, here are some closing tips when deciding on a host for your Conan Exiles private server:

  • Prioritize performance and uptime – Lag, crashing, and downtime will destroy your community quicker than anything.

  • Seek worldwide locations – This minimizes ping and lag for all your players globally.

  • Ensure mod support – Easy ways to install mods and plugins keeps customizing fun.

  • Review control panels – An intuitive UI lessens headaches managing your server and users.

  • Verify responsive support – Even veterans sometimes need help diagnosing issues.

  • Check free trials – Test driving a host first allows you to experience their service for yourself.

  • Compare pricing – Hidden fees or upcharges can quickly drive up costs.

No matter your preferences, one of these quality hosts can provide an excellent Conan Exiles server experience for you and fellow survivors. Here‘s to many hours of adventure, building, and dominance atop the exiled lands! Just be sure to brace for plenty of brutal sandstorms along the way.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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