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ProxyEmpire Review 2023

ProxyEmpire Review

Have you always wanted to stay secure while surfing the internet? Perhaps, you’ve heard about ProxyEmpire and wish to utilize its service but are skeptical about it. This article provides you with a detailed review of ProxyEmpire to know if it’s safe, legit, and a good alternative to 911 proxy.

Proxy servers are not an unusual concept in the virtual world.

The fact that they are so helpful is what caused them to proliferate from their early days as a resource only used by companies and their workers during the early days of the internet to their current prominence.

Although their final value may vary from one person to the next, it’s crucial to keep in mind that they provide a number of advantages just like any other paid service.

This surge in demand has resulted in a proliferation of new proxy service providers.

ProxyEmpire is a very new company in this field.

It has to prove itself in the face of rivalry from more established companies.

What is ProxyEmpire?

ProxyEmpire Overview

ProxyEmpire is a service that provides both residential and mobile proxies that are constantly being switched out.

ProxyEmpire is a young firm that just began operations in 2021, yet they provide excellent service at reasonable rates.

You simply pay for the data you transfer, and they are the only home proxy service that provides limitless rollover bandwidth.

Pros of ProxyEmpire

  • Customer’s usage of the network is analogous to a horde of people actively searching for, scraping, and collecting the information the company’s model necessitates.
  • ProxyEmpire offers its clients anonymity and access to any website in the world through its mobile and residential proxy networks.
  • You can permanently save the proxies, and they can be customized and set to rotate anywhere from once per minute to an hour.
  • Some countries, like China, prohibit data gathering through national firewalls, making it necessary for travel aggregators to get real-time data from countries all over the globe.
  • With ProxyEmpire’s proxies, you get connected to the intended parties and work with many different trading platforms.
  • The ProxyEmpire control panel has a country/region/city selector for limiting the sources of stock market data.
  • Since their infrastructure is built on top of that of legal ISPs, you may be able to gain entry to secure data aggregation systems.

Cons of ProxyEmpire

  • It’s a relatively new service in the marketplace.
  • ProxyEmpire doesn’t provide a free demo for you to have a feel of how the service works.

Features of ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire Feature

1. Eliminates Fraudulent Advertising

Ad networks often use the strategy of combining clicks from normal users with clicks from malicious software as one of their most common forms of deception.

They can do this in secret, without the advertiser’s knowledge. Given that your ads might potentially be seen on thousands of websites, determining whether or not an ad network is trustworthy in terms of generating revenue-generating traffic can seem like a daunting task.

Using fast network development over 150 different nations and the acquisition of millions of nodes, ProxyEmpire was built from the bottom up to eliminate fraudulent advertising.

ProxyEmpire receives its proxies from reputable ISPs that serve both homes and businesses through wireless networks.

2. Reverse Internet Protocol Address Lookup

Using an inverted IP address search, advertising networks can identify data center proxies with suspicious activity, allowing them to bypass advertising authentication. This occurs because the servers provide public proxies.

In order to find the proxy servers and limit the port, advertising networks may simply do a reverse Internet Protocol (IP) address lookup. All attempts to verify advertisements will now be futile.

ProxyEmpire customers utilize our large residential and mobile proxy networks that mimic a regular user by making use of genuine IP addresses issued by ISPs and carriers.

Advertiser networks will not allow the blocking of IP addresses that they believe provide them with high-quality traffic in exchange for their ads.

As a consequence, you are able to bypass restrictions and see promotional content on the internet.

3. Resolves Geo-location Restriction Issue

Smart advertising verification strategies may make global targeting more challenging for advertisers.

It’s hard to verify where your ads are running since they’re shown regionally instead of locally.

Let’s say that in the case of online sales to the UK, a geographical-location limitation would make it impossible for you to keep tabs on where you’re located in the United States.

Their customers can quickly and simply address this problem in a matter of seconds by picking a certain area and acquiring a mobile or residential proxy list that matches the locations in which the ad is delivered.

4. Supports Management of Reputation

With the use of a widespread network and geographical targeting tools, reputation management firms can now track their customers’ reputations on a worldwide scale while gathering data on a regional level.

This helps companies get insight into how people throughout the world see them.

In contrast to using inefficient or ineffective ways, reputation management firms may now collect data where it really counts using the ProxyEmpire’s network.

Due to their natural network architecture, they may be utilized without raising red flags, as those caused by data center proxies often do.

5. Data Flow Restrictions

The dynamic retail business has a data barrier at a time when demand outstrips its capacity to collect data from a variety of competing seasonal locations.

Thus, the information is insufficient, and the forecasts are inaccurate.

During the busy Christmas shopping season, many companies are trying to go back into the black by balancing their books.

Under these terms, ProxyEmpire may grow its operations and continue to provide its residential proxy data service.

This means you may save the data that is seldom used during the slow periods while still having enough data available during the peak seasons.

This should eliminate bottlenecks and guarantee that retailers have access to all necessary information in a timely manner.

6. Infringement on Intellectual Property

In underdeveloped nations, trademarks and intellectual property are seldom respected.

Protecting and using as one’s own are two of the most important aspects of protecting company ideas.

The issue is that much of this wrongdoing occurs on a worldwide scale and has little to do with a company’s headquarters anywhere in the world.

Employees with limited networks have no way to protect their property right.

The global reach of ProxyEmpires’ network allows IP theft to be monitored and dealt with on six continents and in more than 150 different countries.

It can look for IP violations across several platforms because of the decentralized structure of its network, which might help in court.

7. Obtaining Anonymized Information

Using the mobile and home proxy networks provided by ProxyEmpire, you may quickly break into the domain of your rival and determine their price without them knowing or being able to prevent your activities.

This makes residential proxies seem like they are coming from the outside. Since they serve over a hundred different nations, this goal is within reach.

After that, an individual city within a nation may be selected.

ProxyEmpire’s dashboard was developed with retailers in mind who want to keep tabs on prices and make accurate predictions about future business occurrences.

Select a plan that can grow with your company as a first step.

Pricing of ProxyEmpire

Mobile Proxy

ProxyEmpire Mobile Proxy Plan

  • Mobile A (2 Gigabytes) costs 60 USD monthly
  • Mobile S (5 Gigabytes) costs 150 USD monthly
  • Mobile M (12 Gigabytes) costs 300 USD monthly
  • Mobile L (30 Gigabytes) costs 660 USD monthly
  • Mobile XL (85 Gigabytes) costs 1530 USD monthly
  • Enterprise M (300 Gigabytes) costs 4500 USD monthly

Residential Proxy

ProxyEmpire Residential Proxy Plan

  • Starter Plan costs 45 USD monthly
  • Hobby Plan costs 150 USD monthly
  • Startup Plan costs 300 USD monthly
  • Business Plan costs 600 USD monthly
  • Company Plan costs 1250 USD monthly
  • Enterprise Plan costs 4000 USD monthly

ProxyEmpire Performance Review

ProxyEmpire boasts “fast proxies,” however, it provides no more explanation.

When I inquired about the performance of their US proxies, I was informed that they were obtaining 50 Mbps during their most recent tests, which is more than enough.

You can run as many simultaneous connections as you want, and the provider guarantees 99.7 percent uptime, so you understand that the proxies are reliable.

According to the reviews I read, the proxies are fast enough without being lightning fast, but they do have decent latency.

Using ProxyEmpire for scraping websites or other proxy operations should not cause any problems because of the service’s fast proxies.

ProxyEmpire Usage Review

To begin, visit their user-friendly control panel and register with an active email address.

The next step is to select a payment method and a proxy service type (home or mobile).

The moment you do so, your account will be authorized and made available for usage. ProxyEmpire has two main usage forms:

1. Manual Usage of a Single Proxy

The proxy manager is going to supply you with a dynamic internet protocol addressing their 5 load balancers, as well as the standard access credentials, such as password and username, and the 9k default port.

When you input the proxy details in this way, they will automatically assign you a random cellular or home proxy internet protocol address from their worldwide pool list.

To automate password changes for a given nation or region, use the proxy targeting settings up top.

With whatever proxy password you enter, your connection will be made.

2. Multiple Proxy Export

This multiple proxy export is for automatic use. You’ll see a column labeled “Proxy List Length” after the details of your single proxy.

Create a proxy list to be used in your program by generating up to 10, 20, 50, 500, or 1000 strings.

ProxyEmpire Customer Support Review

ProxyEmpire Customer Support

I was first drawn to the website because of the convenient live chat option, which allows any visitor to the website to immediately get any of their inquiries addressed.

A live help agent responded to my question in under a minute.

You can get in touch with ProxyEmpire through their provided email address as well.

ProxyEmpire’s quick and friendly customer support has been regularly praised in Trustpilot reviews.

Although it may seem otherwise, ProxyEmpire is not alone among businesses in engaging in such practices.

Customers get different levels of support depending on their membership level.

Each tier receives support through an account manager, live chat, and email; the top two tiers also have access to an account manager.

ProxyEmpire Vs. 911 Proxy: Is it a Good Alternative to 911 Proxy?

Well, I must say that the both ProxyEmpire and 911 Proxy are trustworthy proxy services.

Also, the choice of which is better or whether one is a good alternative to the other comes down to the user’s individual preferences and specifications.

Why did I say so? While 911 Proxy focuses on SOCKS5 proxies, ProxyEmpire provides access to a larger variety of proxy protocols, such as SOCKS5, SOCKS4, HTTPS, and HTTP.

You may find that ProxyEmpire is the best choice if you need a certain proxy type.

Also, with both services, you can choose a server at a location that's convenient for you, thanks to the providers’ extensive server networks.

I noticed that both companies also provide quick and trustworthy proxies, and their customer service departments are open round-the-clock to answer any questions you may have.

During my test, I found that plans from ProxyEmpire cost a little more than those from 911 Proxy.

There are more capabilities and customization choices available with ProxyEmpire's paid subscriptions, such as being able to decide a particular city or region as your proxy.

So, I will say that while others may find ProxyEmpire as a good alternative to 911 Proxy, those on a budget may think otherwise based on the fact that ProxyEmpire’s plans are a bit expensive compared to 911 Proxy’s.

Top ProxyEmpire Alternatives

1. Bright Data

Bright Data Overview

Bright Data is a real-time, cloud-based data management tool that streamlines data consumption, analysis, and administration for businesses.

The software provides a full suite of resources for handling the integration of data, management, and preprocessing.

With Bright Data, organizations can quickly and safely process large volumes of data, get useful information from it, and make more informed decisions.


SOAX Overview

Businesses may benefit from SOAX, a cloud-based platform for managing, processing, and analyzing large data.

It provides effective resources for data cleansing, manipulation, and management.

With SOAX, organizations can get insight from their data and use it to improve operations.

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Overview

If you need a trustworthy proxy server for data scraping purposes, go no further than Oxylabs. They have an excellent infrastructure.

Oxylabs provides lightning-fast speeds, thanks to its 2 million data center proxies and 100 million residential proxies.

Oxylabs also provides low-priced access to Scraper APIs.

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Overview

Smartproxy functions as a home proxy network with over 10 million dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from all over the globe.

Users can utilize their own Internet service provider (ISP) IP addresses, which tend to be more trustworthy than data center proxies.

Smartproxy also offers a wide variety of customization options, allowing users to tailor the service to their own needs.

User IP addresses may be changed quickly and easily thanks to features including a streamlined dashboard with filtering options, an application programming interface (API), and a proxy rotation mechanism.

Smartproxy also gives its users unmetered bandwidth and lightning-fast proxies to help them make the most of their time spent online.

Smartproxy is a good option for companies and people that need stable and protected IP addresses for their web browsing.


Q. Is the acquisition of multiple proxies from the same location possible?

Of course, you can. One thousand simultaneous proxy sessions are permitted from the same area or nation. You can easily export a list of targeted proxies by selecting the desired location in the top section of the proxy manager. After that, tap on the Export button in the Proxy List field.

Q. Can I get city or region-level targeting from ProxyEmpire?

Of course, you can. They provide normal country-level targeting alongside more granular options, such as proxies from a particular area or even a single city. In most countries, they cover the top 15 metropolitan areas and include an extra ISP filter for the rest of the nation.

Q. Does ProxyEmpire have a free trial?

You can try it out for free for a while. Nevertheless, there is a cost involved. If you’re not sure what Internet Protocol (IP) address type is best for your needs, you can try out a trial with 150 megabytes of residential bandwidth for only 1.97 USD.


That concludes this article on ProxyEmpire review. ProxyEmpire is an amazing choice for anyone who needs a reliable internet presence as well as who wishes to stay anonymous while surfing the net via proxies. You can try out ProxyEmpire’s mobile and residential proxies to have a feel of what they offer.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.