How to See How Many Friends You Have On Snapchat in 2022: The Complete Guide

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Wondering exactly how many friends you have added on Snapchat? It‘s easy to lose count, especially if you love tapping that Quick Add button.

Well my friend, you‘ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide, I‘ll be showing you how to see your total Snapchat friends count.

While Snapchat doesn‘t display your friend number directly, there is a simple trick to reveal it.

I‘ll walk you through how to do it step-by-step. I‘ll also cover extra insights like:

  • Snapchat‘s friends limit
  • If others can see your friends count
  • Who can view your Snapchat story
  • How Snapchat calculates best friends

And more! By the end, you‘ll be a Snapchat friends list pro.

Let‘s dive in and uncover your Snapchat entourage!

Can You See Your Total Snapchat Friends Count?

The short answer – yes! But Snapchat doesn‘t make it too obvious.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat‘s app doesn‘t show the total number of friends directly on your friends list.

So how do you reveal the magical friends number? Don‘t worry, I‘ll show you how in a bit.

First, let‘s talk about why Snapchat doesn‘t show your friend count…

Why Your Friend Count Is "Hidden"

According to Snapchat, they designed the app this way for privacy reasons.

Showing the total number of friends a person has can reveal information about them publicly. Snapchat wants to keep things private.

Specifically for teens and younger users, Snapchat does not want friend counts being used competitively or promoting "clout chasing."

So your friends number is kept more exclusive. But as you‘ll see, you can still access it with a simple trick…

How To See Your Total Snapchat Friends Count

Ready to uncover your Snapchat friends list count? Let me show you how:

Step 1: Open Snap Map

Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Snap Map icon in the bottom left corner.

Snap Map shows you where your friends are if they have location sharing enabled.

If prompted, allow Snapchat access to your location. You can do this temporarily if you don‘t want to keep location on all the time.

Once you‘re in Snap Map view, you‘ll see the map screen populate with Bitmoji‘s of friends who are sharing their location.

Step 2: Go To Snap Map Settings

Next, tap on the Settings cog icon in the top right corner of the Snap Map screen.

This will open the Settings page for Snap Map.

Step 3: Select "Only These Friends…"

In Settings, tap on "Only These Friends" and make sure the toggle is enabled.

Tapping this will open your full friends list. Scroll down and select the "Select All" option at the bottom.

And voila! You should now see the total number of Snapchat friends you have under the "Sharing Location" header.

It‘s that simple to find your Snapchat friends count!

Other Ways To Estimate Your Snapchat Friends

While the Snap Map method is the most accurate for getting your total count, there are a couple other less precise ways to estimate your number of Snapchat friends:

Check Views on Your Snapchat Story

Post a story, and see how many people viewed it. This can give you a rough estimate of your friend count, although not all friends will view your story.

Count Friends Manually

If you have the patience, you can manually scroll through and tally each friend one by one. This becomes tiresome if you have a lot of friends though.

Overall, the Snap Map approach is the easiest and most precise way to get your friend count. But the other methods can give you a ballpark idea.

Snapchat Friends Limit

Now you know how to count your friends, but is there a limit to how many you can have?

As of 2022, the maximum number of friends allowed on Snapchat per account is 6,000.

Here‘s a brief history of Snapchat‘s friends cap:

  • When Snapchat first launched, the limit was 2,500 friends
  • This was eventually increased to 5,000 friends as the app grew
  • Now since 2022, the limit is 6,000 friends

For most personal Snapchat users, hitting the 6,000 maximum likely isn‘t a concern. However, some public figures and celebs with huge followings can reach the limit quickly.

Here are some examples of celebrities with over 6,000 Snapchat friends:

  • DJ Khaled: 14,000+ friends
  • Shawn Mendes: 9,500+ friends
  • Selena Gomez: 6,500+ friends

The average Snapchat user however has between 50 to 200 friends on the app according to surveys.

Can Others See Your Snapchat Friends Count?

You might be wondering – can other Snapchatters see how many friends I have?

The answer is no. Snapchat keeps your total friend count private from other users.

However, any Snapchat friends you‘ve added can see your friends list if your profile is public. They won‘t see the number total, but they can view parts of your friend list.

So your total count stays private, but your list isn‘t completely invisible to friends if your profile is public.

This is important to note regarding privacy settings. Let‘s take a quick look at who can see what on Snapchat when it comes to your friends.

Your Snapchat Friends Can See:

  • Your friends list if you‘re not on "Ghost Mode"
  • Mutual friends between you and them
  • Your public Snapchat story

Strangers/Non-Friends Can See:

  • Your public Snapchat story if shared username
  • Your Snapscore if profile is public

But no one except you can see your complete friend count number. That stays between you and Snapchat 😉

Who Can View Your Snapchat Story?

Since we‘re talking about friends, you might also be wondering who can view the Snapchat stories you post.

Your Snapchat story can be seen by:

  • All friends you‘ve added
  • Anyone who you‘ve shared your Snapchat username with

So unlike your private snaps which go to specific people, your story is available to all friends as well as anyone else you give your username to.

The views are not limited only to your friends. Stories can be seen by whoever you‘ve shared access with.

This makes Snapchat stories ideal for reaching a broader audience beyond just direct friends, especially for influencers, artists, businesses, and creators.

How Snapchat Determines Your Best Friends

Beyond your total friend count, you may also be curious how Snapchat calculates your "Best Friends."

Let‘s unpack how it decides who your top friends are:

The Snapchat Best Friends Algorithm

Snapchat‘s algorithm looks at your messaging patterns – who you‘re snapping and chatting with the most.

The #1 person you interact with the most over the last 7 days becomes your "Best Friend" in that period.

What Counts Towards Best Friend Status?

All your direct snaps and chat messages with someone are counted. Sending pictures, videos, text chats, video calls, etc boosts your interaction score with that friend.

Replayed snaps and reacted chats also can help someone move up in your best friends ranking. Overall two-way communication is key.

How Often Does It Update?

The Best Friend status is recalculated every week. So your top friends list will shuffle week to week based on your latest messaging activity.

This encourages you to keep actively snapping with all your friends if you want them to stay at the top of your besties list!

FAQs About Snapchat Friends

Let‘s wrap up with some common questions about Snapchat friends:

How do you know if you‘re friends with someone on Snapchat?

An easy way to check is if you can view their Snapscore on their profile. If you see their score, it means you are friends.

Can someone with no mutual friends see your story?

Yes, anyone you share your username with can view your public story, even without mutual friends.

Can strangers see your Snapchat friends list?

No, only users who are your added friends can see your friend list. Strangers or non-friends cannot view it.

What happens when you have max Snapchat friends?

If you hit the limit of 6,000 friends, you cannot add any more friends until you delete some existing friends from your list.

Is there a Snapchat friend request limit?

Yes, you can only have 100 pending friend requests at a time. Once you hit 100, you have to accept or delete requests before sending new ones.

Can you see someone‘s best friends?

No, Snapchat keeps your best friends ranking private – only you can see your top best friends.

Can I see my friends‘ stories without them knowing?

No, Snapchat always notifies someone when you view their story. There is no anonymous/incognito way to view friend stories.

Wrap Up: How Many Snapchat Friends Do You Have?

There you have it my friend! You now know how to reveal your total number of Snapchat friends with the Snap Map hack.

I also covered key details like Snapchat‘s friend limit, story privacy, and more.

Now I‘m excited for you to try it out. Follow the steps to open Snap Map and view your friends count. Let me know how many buddies are on your Snapchat squad!

And if you want to grow your Snapchat network, check out my other guide on how to get more Snapchat friends.

Happy Snapping and connecting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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