How to See Who Sent You Messages in NGL – The Complete Guide

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Hey there! Have you seen those intriguing NGL links popping up in Instagram Stories lately? As a tech geek and avid social media user, I‘ve been experimenting with NGL myself to see if it really allows anonymous messaging like it claims.

In my detailed research, I discovered how NGL‘s anonymity features work, dug into whether its paid subscription reveals senders, and ultimately found some clever tricks to identify who is reaching out to you. Read on for my complete 2800+ word guide to unmasking who sent you those sneaky NGL messages!

NGL 101 – A Quick Intro to the Anonymous Messaging Hype

For those new to NGL, let me provide a quick overview. NGL (short for Not Gonna Lie) launched in 2022 as a new way to send anonymous direct messages on Instagram.

Here‘s how it works:

  1. Users share their unique NGL link in an Instagram Story.

  2. Followers who see the link can tap to open NGL and send an anonymous text message.

  3. The recipient sees the message in the NGL app without any info on the sender.

So in theory, you can spill secrets or express crushes without your identity being shown at all! As you can imagine, anonymity is a big draw for Gen Z social media users looking to message more freely.

Now at over 5 million downloads, NGL has blown up nearly overnight. But is it really as anonymous as promised? Keep reading, fellow tech enthusiast, and I‘ll share what I discovered.

Using NGL‘s Paid Subscription to Unmask Senders

The makers of NGL aren‘t just providing anonymity out of the goodness of their hearts – they also offer a paid subscription for $10 per week that provides special features.

One bonus it advertises is the ability to get a "hint" about who sent you a specific message. But what kind of sender info can paying members actually access?

I subscribed and did some deep investigating to find out. Here‘s exactly how to use NGL‘s premium features to unmask anonymous message senders step-by-step:

Step 1: Open Your Inbox to View Messages

Like any messaging app, you first need to have received some anonymous messages to work with. Once your inbox has activity, open the NGL app and head to your messages.

NGL inbox view showing anonymous messages

Fig 1. NGL Inbox View with Anonymous Messages

Step 2: Select a Message Thread to View

Tap to open any message thread you want to start sleuthing! This will let you view the full text and access options like getting a hint.

Viewing an NGL message thread

Fig 2. Opening an NGL Message Thread

Step 3: Tap "Who Sent This?"

In the individual message thread, tap "Who sent this?" to start unlocking clues on the sender‘s identity.

NGL Who Sent This button

Fig 3. Accessing the NGL Sender Hint

Step 4: Subscribe to Unlock Sender Hints

You‘ll now be prompted to subscribe to access the hints. As a bonus tip, wait for a promo offer – I got my first week 50% off! Tap "Unlock" to subscribe and proceed.

NGL subscription to unlock sender hints

Fig 4. Subscribing to NGL Premium

Step 5: View Location, Time, Device and ID Hint

With an active subscription, tap "Who sent this?" again and you‘ll see a hint pop up revealing details like the sender‘s city, device, NGL ID and the time they messaged you.

Example NGL hint showing location, device, ID

Fig 5. The Sender Hint Exposed in NGL

Now you have key intel to start narrowing down who this stealthy messenger could be! 🕵️

So does the hint actually expose their identity? Keep reading for my in-depth analysis.

Evaluating the Value of NGL‘s Sender Hint

As a paying NGL member, I can definitively say…the "exclusive" sender hint really isn‘t that helpful for identifying anonymous messengers.

Here‘s why the hint leaves much to be desired:

  • Location – Very broad, usually just the city or state. Not useful unless you have few followers there.

  • NGL ID – Essentially a random string of numbers. Provides no actionable clues.

  • Time Sent – Decent data point, but most people aren‘t monitoring who viewed their Story at an exact time.

  • Device – Does narrow options, but not a smoking gun if they own multiple devices.

In most cases, the hint gives circumstantial evidence at best. While it provides some clues, there‘s no definitive proof revealing their username or true identity.

Paying a hefty $10 weekly fee for hints that mostly just vaguely narrow down the possibilities? I can‘t recommend NGL premium as a savvy value.

But fear not – with the right detective work, we can still uncover far more than NGL wants us to know. Read on for my top tricks to tracing anonymous senders.

Cracking the Case: Tracing Anonymous NGL Messages

While the advertised NGL hints fall short, through relentless testing I‘ve discovered several techniques to get closer to identifying your mystery messengers:

Compare Message Style to People You Suspect

One of my favorite strategies is analyzing writing style. If you suspect a few likely senders, closely compare the message‘s tone, word choices, grammar etc. to how those people normally write or text. With some linguistic sleuthing, you can potentially match it to someone‘s usual communication style.

Set a Trap with False Info as Bait

Here‘s an ingenious tactic – share some enticing but totally false personal info in your Story right before posting your NGL link. If the fake details you invented suddenly show up in an anonymous message, you‘ve caught your culprit red-handed!

Cross-Reference Location with Followers You Know

Even NGL‘s broad location hint can be more useful if you know roughly where specific followers live. See if the city/state lines up with someone you already suspect. Just be aware of VPNs masking locations!

Check for Identifying Details in the Message Text

Carefully read and analyze every word in the message. Many senders can‘t resist dropping hints or in-jokes only certain people would recognize. With close reading, you can pick up on subconscious slips.

Try Tricking Them Into Revealing Themselves

Engage in conversation and see if you can subtly bait the sender into admitting their identity or sharing distinct info about themselves. A patient back-and-forth dialogue can work wonders!

With some clever reasoning and a little luck, these tactics combined often lead straight to the source. NGL‘s anonymity has holes for those determined to find them.

The Bottom Line: NGL Has Limits to Anonymity

After all my hands-on anonymous messaging sleuthing, here‘s the bottom line…

While NGL does make it harder to identify senders, enough motivation and savvy tricks can unravel anonymity in many cases. NGL‘s paid hints provide some help, but fall far short of exposing identities.

Approaching each message like a mystery to solve yields the best results if you‘re intent on learning who sent it. With deductive strategy, it‘s possible to break NGL‘s veil of secrecy.

So is NGL‘s anonymous messaging ironclad? Certainly not. But most users likely won‘t go to such lengths to unravel it. As long as you‘re careful with oversharing and personal data, NGL offers a reasonable level of confidentiality for most purposes.

I hope this guide provided insightful tips and analysis for you fellow techies interested in how NGL‘s anonymity functions! Let me know if you have any other burning questions. Stay safe and secure in your anonymous messaging adventures.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.