How To Send BNB From Binance To MetaMask – A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

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As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you’ve likely heard about Binance Coin (BNB) and MetaMask wallet.

BNB is the native token of the Binance ecosystem. MetaMask is a popular Ethereum and blockchain wallet.

So what if you want to store your BNB in a MetaMask wallet? Can you send crypto from Binance to MetaMask?

The answer is yes! In this beginner‘s guide, I‘ll walk you through the entire process of transferring BNB from Binance to MetaMask step-by-step.

By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of:

  • How to send BNB from Binance to MetaMask
  • Why you may want to transfer BNB to MetaMask
  • Step-by-step tutorial from start to finish
  • Tips for keeping your crypto secure

Let’s get started!

Why Send BNB from Binance to MetaMask?

First things first – why would you even want to transfer BNB to MetaMask in the first place?

Here are the main reasons why storing BNB (or any tokens) in MetaMask is beneficial:

Enhanced Security

MetaMask gives you full control of your private keys, which means you alone have access to your funds. Your crypto is more secure compared to leaving them on an exchange like Binance.

Binance has top-notch security and has never been hacked. However, many users prefer peace of mind knowing only they can access their tokens in MetaMask.

Access DeFi & dApps

By storing BNB in MetaMask, you can easily interact with BNB-compatible dApps and DeFi protocols on Binance Smart Chain.

For example, you can use MetaMask to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap or stake tokens in

Easier Account Management

With MetaMask, you can store multiple types of crypto assets in one wallet seamlessly. It gives you a better birds-eye view of your overall portfolio.

Greater Portability

Since it’s a software wallet, MetaMask goes wherever your browser goes. You can access your wallet from any device easily compared to a hardware wallet.

So in summary, MetaMask gives you enhanced security, interoperability, management, and portability compared to leaving everything on an exchange.

Next, let’s look at a quick refresher on what BNB and MetaMask are…

What is BNB?

BNB (Binance Coin) is the native token of both the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

It has a variety of use cases, including:

  • Paying for fees on Binance Exchange – you get a discount if you use BNB to pay for trading fees.

  • Processing transactions on Binance Chain & Binance Smart Chain.

  • Participating in token sales on Launchpad.

  • Paying for travel expenses through Binance’s TravelbyBit.

  • Making in-store crypto payments with Binance Card.

As Binance has grown to become the top crypto exchange worldwide, BNB has cemented itself as one of the most popular and valuable crypto assets.

It currently ranks among the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is one of the most popular Ethereum and blockchain wallets available today.

Here are some key facts about MetaMask:

  • It’s a software wallet that implements accounts, private keys, and other functionality to interact with Ethereum and blockchain networks.

  • MetaMask can be added as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. It’s also available on iOS and Android mobile.

  • It allows you to store, send, and receive ETH and ERC-20 tokens as well as connect to dApps and DeFi protocols.

  • MetaMask gives you control of your private keys compared to a custodial exchange like Binance.

  • As of January 2022, MetaMask had over 30 million monthly active users and $327 billion in total transaction volume.

  • It’s becoming the gateway to the decentralized web and is simple enough for mainstream users new to crypto.

Alright, now that you know what BNB and MetaMask are, let’s go through the step-by-step process…

Step 1 – Install & Set Up MetaMask

The first step is to install MetaMask and configure a new wallet:

  1. Go to the MetaMask website and download the browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge.

  2. Open the MetaMask extension and click to accept their Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

  3. You’ll now see the MetaMask onboarding process to set up your wallet.

  4. Follow the steps to create a new wallet. MetaMask will generate a 12 or 24-word Secret Recovery Phrase – save this somewhere secure offline as it gives you access to your funds if you ever lose your password.

  5. Next, set a strong and unique password for your MetaMask wallet.

  6. Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase and password to complete setup.

Great, your MetaMask wallet is now ready! Make sure you never share your Secret Recovery Phrase or password with anyone.

Next, you need to connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain…

Step 2 – Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

Since BNB is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you need to add BSC to MetaMask to be able to receive BNB.

Here are the steps:

  1. In your MetaMask browser extension, click on your account icon in the top right corner.

  2. In the dropdown menu, select “Settings”.

  3. On the Settings page, navigate to “Networks”.

  4. Click the "Add Network" button.

  5. Enter the following details:

  1. Once entered, click "Save".

You should now see “Smart Chain” added to your list of networks.

Whenever you need to transact with BNB, make sure Smart Chain is selected in your MetaMask network dropdown menu.

Step 3 – Get BNB Deposit Address from MetaMask

To receive BNB in your MetaMask wallet, you need to get your BNB receiving address:

  1. In the MetaMask extension, select the “Smart Chain” network from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click on your account icon in the top right to view your wallet address.

  3. Copy this address by clicking the handy “Copy to clipboard” icon.

This is your unique BNB deposit address on Smart Chain. Paste it somewhere safe for the next step.

Double check that your network is set to Smart Chain, otherwise your address will be invalid for BNB.

Step 4 – Access Binance & Navigate to BNB Wallet

Now it’s time to head over to Binance to withdraw your BNB.

  1. Go to and log in to your Binance account.

  2. If you don’t already have an account, register & complete KYC verification to access all features.

  3. Once logged in, it’s good security practice to enable Two-Factor Authentication in your account settings if you haven’t already.

  4. Click on your profile icon in the top navigation bar and select “Fiat and Spot” from the dropdown.

  5. On the Fiat & Spot dashboard, you’ll see a list of your cryptocurrency wallets. Click on the “BNB” option.

This will open up your BNB wallet, which shows your available BNB balance.

From here, you can initiate the withdrawal to MetaMask.

Step 5 – Withdraw BNB from Binance to MetaMask

Time for the actual BNB transfer from Binance to your MetaMask wallet address:

  1. In your Binance BNB wallet, click "Withdraw" below your BNB balance.

  2. A withdraw dialog will pop up. Enter the amount of BNB you want to transfer to MetaMask.

  3. Paste the BNB receiving address you copied from MetaMask into the “Recipient’s Address” field.

  4. Double and triple check that the address matches EXACTLY before submitting to avoid any mistakes.

  5. Click “Submit” to initiate the BNB withdrawal.

Depending on your account security settings, you may need to confirm via email before the withdrawal fully processes.

Once submitted successfully, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the BNB to arrive in your MetaMask wallet.

Let’s talk about transaction fees and processing times next…

A Note About BNB Transfer Fees & Processing Times

It’s normal to see a small transaction fee when withdrawing BNB from Binance. This covers the network cost of processing and validating the transaction.

As of writing, the BNB withdrawal fee from Binance is just 0.0005 BNB – very minimal!

In terms of processing time, expect 5-30 minutes for the BNB to deposit into your MetaMask wallet once the withdrawal completes.

The exact time will depend on current blockchain congestion and volume.

You can keep an eye on the withdrawal status using a BNB block explorer like BscScan.

  1. Copy your MetaMask BNB address again.

  2. Paste your address into the BscScan search bar and hit enter.

  3. This will pull up your MetaMask wallet address overview.

  4. Under “Transactions” you can monitor the status of your Binance withdrawal.

Once it shows “Success”, your BNB has been deposited to your wallet successfully!

Step 6 – Add BNB Token to View Balance in MetaMask

You’re so close to the finish line!

While your BNB is safely in your MetaMask wallet now, you won’t see the balance automatically.

This is because you first need to manually add BNB as a custom token to view it in your MetaMask dashboard.

It only takes a few clicks:

  1. In MetaMask, click "Add Token" then select "Custom Token".

  2. Enter the BNB token contract address:


  3. Once added, you‘ll now see your BNB balance reflected in MetaMask!

And that’s it – you’ve officially transferred your BNB from Binance to MetaMask. Well done!

Now some final thoughts for keeping your crypto secure…

Final Thoughts – Staying Secure With MetaMask

Here are my top tips for keeping your tokens safe in MetaMask:

  • Keep your Secret Recovery Phrase written down offline in a secure place – this allows you to restore your MetaMask wallet if anything happens to your device. Never store it digitally.

  • Use a strong, unique password – make sure your MetaMask password is different from passwords for other sites to avoid getting compromised.

  • Always confirm the transaction details – double check the recipient address and network when sending transactions in MetaMask to prevent costly mistakes.

  • Backup your MetaMask account – you can create a backup of your MetaMask wallet data and import it if needed for peace of mind.

  • Beware of phishing – never enter your Secret Recovery Phrase or password on any site other than the official MetaMask site to avoid getting scammed.

By being vigilant and following these security best practices, you can safely store, send and receive BNB along with other tokens using MetaMask.

I hope you found this guide helpful for understanding how to transfer BNB from Binance into your MetaMask wallet step-by-step!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And happy hodling with your BNB!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.