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12 Best Spotify Proxies to Bypass IP Block (2023 Updated)

Spotify Proxies

Do you want to conceal your activities on Spotify and stay anonymous as your surf the platform? This article provides you with a top list of Spotify proxies that can help you circumvent and bypass geo-restrictions and stay anonymous.

Any proxy server on the market will work with Spotify. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between a user’s computer and a web server. A proxy server is used by a client computer so that requests from the computer are routed through the proxy server before they are sent to the websites the computer is trying to access.

You can remove your computer IP address from your requests by using this proxy server, and you’ll instead have your IP address attached to requests before they reach their intended destination. This means that the client’s IP address is completely obscured by the proxy server. Spotify does not allow all proxies on the market to be used without detection and blocking. Spotify Proxies are the only proxies that work with Spotify.

In this article, I will share some of these amazing Spotify proxies that I have been using. I recommend trying them out to know which one works best for you because my preference might differ from yours. Let’s get started!


1. Bright Data

Bright Data for Spotify Proxy

If you need one of the best proxy providers compatible with Spotify, Bright Data is definitely the answer. It helps you access and unblock Spotify in any restricted region, thanks to its pool of 72+ million IP addresses. With this good number of IPs, you are assured that Bright Data can effectively mask your IP address and keep you anonymous on the Spotify site. Its IP rotation time is 100% self-control and provides you with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 which are very vital for a fast and secure connection.

Using the leading Spotify proxy bots, BrightData proxies can easily be integrated into the platform. Not only do they keep your identity a secret, but they also allow you to use features like auto-play, track saving, and playlist saving. To begin generating a large Spotify audience, you'll need to get a lot of attention on Spotify. For a seamless listening experience, you'll want to use BrightData Spotify proxies because they guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Spotify's high-quality streaming is made possible by the platform's ability to handle fast data transfers. Because of this, their proxies avoid IP blacklisting. They also provide quick response time. Artists interested in increasing their Spotify following, visibility, track plays, and revenue should use BrightData proxies.

2. Proxy Seller

Proxy-seller overview

Proxy Seller is one of the best Spotify Proxies providers. It’s effective for Spotify data collection. To ensure a wider outreach for your music, it needs to reach a lot of people and this isn’t possible without the use of proxies. This is where Proxy Seller comes in.

With Proxy Seller, your Spotify can reach a large audience. This is made possible with its use of SOCKS5 and HTTPS servers. I believe Proxy Seller is one of the greatest proxy companies I have encountered in a long time for this type of service.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the security of your Spotify data as all Proxy Seller’s servers have two-factor authentication to ensure the safety of your data. Without a doubt, my recommendation for a reputable Spotify proxy service is Proxy Seller.

3. SmartProxy

Smartproxy for Spotify Proxy

The third Spotify Proxy provider on this list is SmartProxy. You can trust their service to help catapult your music to a large number of streamers on the Spotify platform. For those seeking a reliable proxy service with a large number of servers to choose from, I recommend SmartProxy as my top pick. In fact, they now have 10 million proxies in their database and provide 20 Gigabytes of storage with each one.

Their clients state that they are among the best-performing proxies you can get in the business, and they provide various options, including HTTPs. I like the fact that they now cover over 195 regions and are constantly working on expanding their database and regions to ensure that you will never run out of proxies to use.

Additionally, these folks are a touch pricey when compared to other proxy firms, but they’re actually rather reasonable. It’s a great value to pay 75 USD a month for all your Spotify proxies.

4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Homepage

Oxylabs is a good choice if you’re looking for a unique proxy service that can collect Spotify data on a large scale. Don’t worry; Oxylabs isn’t as pricey as Bright Data — their costs are more in line with Smartproxy.

Because they provide excellent customer service and other features like proxy rotation and control of sessions, you never have to be concerned about running into problems and being unable to receive assistance. One of the best features of this proxy service is that they don’t ask for your payment card information during their free 7-day trial.

Oxylabs is an excellent choice if you want to use your Spotify proxy for data scraping and site crawls. You can manage your account using the self-service dashboard provided by Oxylabs. Its data collection technology has a success record of one hundred percent.

Market research, travel fare aggregation, brand protection, price monitoring, SEO monitoring, and other uses are all possible with this system. I recommend you try out Oxylabs if you want a surge in your Spotify music outreach.

5. Shifter

Shifter for Spotify Proxy

As a leading provider of Spotify proxies, Shifter takes great satisfaction in its reasonable pricing and high-quality service. Rightly so, they offer a wide variety of reasonably priced proxy products, all of which are intended to meet the needs of different customers.

Shared HTTP/S proxies and Backconnect proxy services are two examples of this type of service. The majority of Spotify bots will connect to Shifter proxies easily. As a result, you can use the platform from any location. Proxies are all you need to get more followers, track plays, or even manage numerous Spotify accounts at the same time.

With these proxies, you can be sure of unlimited bandwidth, support for HTTP/S and Socks internet protocols, network speeds of up to 1GBps, 99.9 percent network uptime, and 24/7 customer assistance for easy management of your proxy IPs.

6. Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Seo Overview

Blazing SEO Proxy is my next pick for the best Spotify proxy provider. It’s possible that this company is newer and less experienced than the others, but if you’re just as new and used to proxy use, this is an excellent choice. Client service is available around the clock, and proxies cost just 2.50 USD each.

Only five distinct regions are covered right now. I am certain and optimistic that this will increase as time goes on. Without a doubt, if you’re new to utilizing proxies for Spotify and want someone you can trust, Blazing SEO Proxy is an excellent option.

7. High Proxies

Highproxies for Spotify Proxy

Check out High Proxies if you're seeking quick, dependable, and affordable Spotify proxies. All of their proxies are set up to provide maximum security and privacy protection. You can choose from four sorts of proxies offered by this company: private proxies, social media proxies, classified proxies and shared proxies. You'll get the best Spotify streaming experience with their dedicated and virgin IPs.

High Proxies has a variety of distinct advantages. Cloud storage, millions of dedicated and virgin IPs, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee are just some of the features offered by these providers. In order to automate Spotify playbacks, add tunes to Spotify playlists, and gain more Spotify followers, High Proxies is the best option for you.

8. Buy Personal Proxy

Buy Personal Proxy Overview

When it comes to the price of their proxies, Buy Personal Proxy is a close second to High Proxies. You can use them for just 7 USD monthly, which is going to appeal to a lot of users. I often use them to mask my IP address in order to manage multiple Spotify accounts.

My favorite part about this proxy firm is that they go above and beyond just providing a service. You can count on them to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the world of proxies since they are devoted to doing so. Buy Personal Proxy is a great resource if you’re just getting started with Spotify proxies.

9. Soax

Soax overview

Soax has an IP pool of over 8.5 million, making it one of the largest Spotify proxy services online. Residential and mobile proxies can be targeted by city, country, area, and ISP using these services. With their proxies, you can not only create and manage many Spotify accounts, but you can also grow all of your Spotify accounts. Spotify-compatible proxies are available from Soax in three different price ranges.

Bundles of Micro Wi-Fi, Starter Wi-Fi, and Plus Wi-Fi are available for purchase. Spotify users will have no trouble using any of these premium proxies because they are all whitelisted and offer limitless bandwidth. Twelve major nations are now covered by Soax’s Spotify proxy IPs.

Finally, the Soax User Dashboard is available to all users and includes features such as proxy configuration.

10. Webshare

Webshare Overview

My list of Spotify-compatible proxies would be incomplete without Webshare. Webshare’s proxies are really cheap, and they even provide free private proxies, but you won’t be able to use them. If you only need their proxies to get around Spotify blocked content, then dedicated proxies are the way to go.

Their rotating proxies also help your scrape Spotify data. With them, it is possible to get quick and anonymous Spotify proxy services for a bit of cost.

11. Stormproxies

Stormproxies Residential Proxies

Storm Proxies is an essential part of any discussion of dependable Spotify proxy providers. Both rotating and residential proxies can be used with Spotify bots, and they all work well. In addition to being extremely reliable, their proxy packages are also quite cost-effective.

Users of Storm Proxies can enjoy up to 1GBps network speeds for a seamless streaming experience, among other things. In addition, they provide unlimited bandwidth, so you don't have to be concerned about running out of space to listen to your favorite music.

Interestingly, their proxies are built on a specialized in-house technology that ensures complete anonymity on the internet. So there's no need to be concerned about being discovered. Nothing could be better than listening to music on Spotify. If you decide to change your mind, Storm proxies provide you with a 24-hour return policy.

12. Proxy-cheap

Proxy-Cheap for Spotify Proxy

The fact that the phrase “cheap” is included in this proxy’s name makes it live up to that description. Proxy-cheap, just like Bright Data and Smart Proxy, offers limited bandwidth memberships. In order to play high-quality music on Spotify without draining your bandwidth, you need inexpensive proxies like those offered by Proxy-cheap.

In total, Proxy-cheap has 6 million residential IP addresses and serves 127 countries throughout the world. Spotify has proven to be a good fit for their proxies.


Q. What are Spotify’s supported proxy settings?

Using a proxy requires that Spotify users change their app’s settings. Just go into the app’s settings and set the proxy host, type (HTTPS or SOCKS), and port. Afterward, you can easily change the proxy settings on this platform.

Q. Can a proxy server be pinged?

Due to the fact that direct network connections at the IP level are required for the purpose of pinging a proxy, it is not always possible to do so. In other words, if a proxy is being utilized, the user will not be able to ping the IP address.

Q. Can I access Spotify without using a VPN?

Members of the general public, as well as music fans, can visit Spotify’s website and sign up for an account to access their playlists. To access their account, customers need to sign in each time they visit the website.


As you can see, employing a proxy for your Spotify plays and activity involves a few steps. Your best chance of success lies in selecting a company with reasonable pricing, a stellar reputation, and the ability to teach you how to make effective use of a proxy.

Take your pick from the options I have provided, and you will have an amazing experience in no time.

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