14 Best Spotify Bots to Grow Your Plays, Likes & Followers


Are you a musician looking for the best Spotify bot to grow your music on the Spotify platform? Then you are in luck. Here we have decided to assemble some of the best Spotify bots that can certainly meet your needs.

As a young and promising musician, there is no better feeling than the prospect of gaining exposure through one of the popular social media platforms like Spotify. You just can’t wait to hear your song on the lips of many and being talked about a great deal. After opening your Spotify account, you can begin to fantasize about all that success.

But then, the truth is that it is not that easy as you may have imagined. You would come to know that reaching those who would perfectly resonate and appreciate your brand of music may be somewhat harder than the process of creating your work itself. One of the chief reasons for this is that technological advancement has brought about a boom of talents in the music industry.

Like you, there are thousands of others who are aiming for the same fame and success. There are those who are already on the table of stardom. Thus, there is little room with a lot of people jostling to fit in. How do you then find your way around such stiff competition and get your music into the ears of many?

Spotify bots are tailored to scale you through these insurmountable hurdles. If properly handled and with the right investment, they have the capacity to catapult your Spotify account to the top by taking your music to the right doorsteps.

For this reason, we have decided to assemble some notable Spotify bots that are available to users. However, this list is not exhaustive as there are surely many automated bots out there than we can name at this moment. Let us now look at some of these Spotify bots that can help take your music to greater heights.

Best Spotify Bots

1. UseViral

UseViral Spotify Bot

UseViral prides itself as one of the few Spotify automation service tools that can provide you with unique services not found elsewhere. This is because their strategy is different from others, they say. They are adept at providing tested methods to influence your music growth on the Spotify platform.

Their specialty is in helping develop their clients’ social media handles by multiplying their engagement rate. They are proficient at providing more Spotify plays which help in increasing the likelihood of attracting people to your content.

UseViral employs its expansive system of real humans to aid its users to achieve growth on Spotify. This is also one of the reasons why they stand tall among most of their contemporaries.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Spotify Bot

There are many Spotify bots out there which makes recognizing the best among them quite a difficult task. But going by what we have heard, SidesMedia is no pushover when it comes to rating the best Spotify bots. They are growth inclined like many of their competitors.

But what sets SidesMedia apart is that they want to foster more engagement with the right audience. They possess unique features that are suitable to help your music grow on Spotify. And they are quite fast to get things working for their clients as compared to other applications.

3. StormLikes

StormLikes Spotify Bot

Another Spotify automation service tool that boasts of being one of the best in the industry is StormLikes. When we talk about being proficient, relentless, and professional, StormLikes makes the cut. One thing to enjoy about StormLikes is that they make it easy for their users to tailor their needs to what they have on offer since their features are divided into several groups.

Thus, what you require is exactly what you would be given. And there is always room for more adjustments to be made. This flexibility is endearing to users.

4. Followersup

Followersup Spotify Bot

Longevity is what Followersup boasts of. And one doesn’t achieve that status if they are not doing things right. We have seen many service tools fold up over the past years for one reason or another. This alone is enough reason to put Follwersup ahead of its competitors. They have enough experience to deal properly with their clients and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

Follerwsup has garnered enough reviews to show that they are one of the best bots in the industry. And the fact that their pricing hasn’t gone overboard even with their pedigree is an added advantage. And they exhibit enough flexibility, which allows clients to maximally employ available features to meet their needs.

5. SocialViral

SocialViral Spotify Bot

SocialViral is an excellent Spotify Automated service tool. This is because it can act as an all-inclusive management outfit. Its scope doesn’t just cover Spotify only, but other social media platforms like Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram and TikTok. Thus, if you want your brand to span across various platforms and reach a different set of audience, SocialViral is the ship that can take you to the promised land.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister Spotify Bot

If you use multiple social platforms, you would think that perhaps you need various bots to help you grow in each. But where the problem lies is when you try to streamline your brand across these platforms. Different bots work differently, and it may be hard to make them work together to achieve one goal.

Thus, finding that one service tool whose reach spans across several social media platforms is a better idea. This is one reason why we recommend Media Mister. You can carry your music influence from Spotify to YouTube and Soundcloud, all with the help of Media Mister.

They also exhibit some level of flexibility. You can decide to focus on a particular platform or a couple of those. Whichever you want it, Media Mister can work it out for you.

7. AIO Stream

AIO Stream Spotify Bot

AIO Stream is a unique Spotify plays bot. It prides itself as a credible music marketing software available. One advantage which they claim to have is that they can turn in a huge number of engagements, be it likes or views, in a limited time. Speed is certainly something that would attract prospective clients.

AIO Stream can effectively take charge of your Spotify activities by making credible content and running streams. This will give you ample opportunity to engage in making fresh and laudable audio content. AIO Stream’s features are quite easy to understand and use without much fuss. There’s an account manager on hand to take charge of various tasks if need be. This makes them very user-friendly.

8. Somiibo

Somiibo Spotify Bot

One Spotify plays bot that is proficient at virtually all that concerns clients’ growth on the platform is Somiibo. This will be a wise choice for those who want someone else to make important decisions in achieving their music goal.

It is also a service tool that cuts across various social media platforms, making it ideal for building their brand across a couple of platforms like Soundcloud and Facebook. Thus they will bring about exposure to your music which will attract the proper audience.

They can take charge of creating direct messages and comments, generate likes and views. One good thing about using Somiibo is compatibility. They can work efficiently across several devices.

9. MEE6


MEE6 runs round the clock. This ensures that your song is constantly being played, which increases the likelihood of it being encountered by many people. If your audio content extends to other music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify Plays Generator Bot can assist you in running the show over there as well.

One exciting thing about this service tool is that it can work for free. It boasts of a unique visual player amongst its features, making it easy for you to choose your music preferences without any influence. This flexibility makes them a good fit for all. The application’s aesthetic design is quite simple and attractive, which makes it easily manageable.

One other thing they also do is that they provide their subscribers with thorough progress reports and strategic feedback. You can check from time to time how well the bot is performing its duties.

10. Sellix


This is another Spotify bot that ensures steady growth and development. They can work across various platforms too to achieve your desired goal. They can take full responsibility for moving your brand to the next level without much trouble.

This is suitable for those who, even with their talent, still fear they lack the managerial ability to put themselves at the forefront and attain visibility. Thus, Sellix is a good choice as it would promote your music and put it at the doorsteps of your target audience.

11. Groovy


Groovy effectively streams Spotify music on the Discord server and is said not to lag. The stability of the connection is of high quality as compared to some. And their functionalities aren’t complex; thus, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate your way around Groovy. They are also capable of assisting you across various platforms, which makes them quite invaluable.

12. Rythm


Rhythm boasts of both free and paid options for subscribers. However, the features available are limited in the free version. The paid version has extensive features and tools that would make the subscription worth it. One good thing about Rhythm is its flexibility.

You can tailor your needs according to your budget and opt for the desired features that would serve that purpose at that given moment. Rhythm claims to command about 560 million complete users, 16 million servers, and more than 50 useful commands.

13. Hydra


What makes Hydra stand out among several Spotify bots is the ease of adding music to your Spotify account. Like some others, Hydra also cut across multiple music streaming platforms. This makes it easy for you to align your interests across several platforms. They possess a distinct song streaming channel which you can control according to your taste.

14. FredBoat


Whether you have a small or large server at your disposal, FredBoat is sure to work just fine without any trouble. This unique Spotify bot helps your server with music of top quality. They are quite flexible too, as they boast of various options for clients to choose from. They also have extended reach with other music-oriented platforms.


What are Spotify bots used for?

Spotify bots help you project your song to other Spotify users. It makes it easy for you to gain outreach as an upcoming musical artist.

Spotify states in its T&C that the use of third-party software is strictly prohibited. This doesn’t mean bots don’t work on Spotify; however, you have to be careful not to be detected.


Thus, you have seen that from our list above, different bots give different options and contain certain features which they believe Spotify users would require. Some of these applications aren’t entirely different in what they give. It is quite difficult to reach a targeted audience in this era; thus, having a bot that can do the entire dirty job for you is surely a welcome idea.

Nevertheless, you should be careful when choosing a bot to care for your needs on Spotify. Ensure that any application out there is modern enough to cope with the tasks and demands. Free trials, if available, is a sure way to test run a bot to ensure it has what you want before fully subscribing.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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