How To Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase (& Change It)

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If you‘re an avid crypto investor like me, you know how important it is to keep your assets and wallet secure. As a non-custodial wallet, Trust Wallet puts you in control of your private keys and funds. But this also means you alone are responsible for keeping your recovery phrase safe.

Lose your recovery phrase, and you lose access to your crypto – potentially for good!

In this jam-packed guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through how to find your Trust Wallet recovery phrase. I‘ll also explore if you can change your phrase, and provide plenty of pro tips to keep your phrase ultra-secure based on my years in cybersecurity.

Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is the Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase?

The Trust Wallet recovery phrase is a randomly generated 12 or 24 word sequence presented to you when first setting up your Trust Wallet.

This recovery phrase represents the master private key that gives you access to all the crypto funds held in your Trust Wallet.

Without this exact phrase entered in the proper order, it‘s mathematically impossible to restore your wallet or recover your digital assets.

According to Binance, Trust Wallet uses industry standard BIP39 protocol to generate your recovery phrase. This creates a vast number of possible word combinations for enhanced security.

Here‘s a Quick Rundown of How Recovery Phrases Work:

  • Your private keys are generated from your recovery phrase using cryptographic hashing algorithms

  • Even Trust Wallet itself cannot access your funds – only someone with your phrase

  • The phrase is device independent – you can restore your wallet on any supported device

  • Each wallet has its own unique recovery phrase to restore that specific wallet

  • The phrase should be kept private and never shared with anyone

Now that you understand the critical importance of the recovery phrase, let‘s go over how you can view it in your Trust Wallet app.

How to View Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Don‘t panic if you didn‘t properly save your recovery phrase during your initial Trust Wallet setup. The good news is you can easily view your recovery phrase at any time by following these quick steps:

  1. Launch the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device

  2. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner

  3. Tap on “Settings” in the dropdown menu

  4. Select "Wallets"

  5. Tap on the specific wallet you want to view the recovery phrase for

  6. Tap "Show Recovery Phrase" then enter your password

  7. Carefully review and record your recovery phrase of 12 or 24 words

  8. Tap "Done" when finished

Remember to never take a screenshot or photo of your phrase – this poses a major security risk if your device is hacked. Only physically write down your phrase on paper or another non-digital format.

Now let‘s explore if you can change your existing phrase.

Can You Change Your Existing Recovery Phrase?

I‘ll be straight with you – unfortunately there is no way to change or reset your current Trust Wallet recovery phrase.

Here‘s why:

Your recovery phrase is cryptographically linked to the master private key that controls your wallet. This means the word sequence can‘t be altered or updated once originally generated.

But don‘t panic yet! If you have reason to believe your recovery phrase has been compromised, you can still protect your assets by transferring them to a brand new Trust Wallet with a new recovery phrase only you control.

Here are the steps I recommend to securely migrate wallets:

  1. Install Trust Wallet on a clean device not associated with your old wallet

  2. Carefully record the new recovery phrase during initial setup

  3. Use your old wallet to send your crypto funds to the address for your new wallet

  4. Once the transfer is complete, delete your old Trust Wallet app from all devices

By following this process, you can make sure your crypto stays safe under a new recovery phrase that only you hold the keys to.

Now let‘s explore some critical tips to keep your phrase ultra-secure.

7 Must-Follow Tips to Keep Your Recovery Phrase Safe

As a cybersecurity expert, I can‘t stress enough how vital it is to keep your recovery phrase protected. Make sure to follow these security best practices:

1. Avoid Digital Storage of Your Raw Phrase

Never store your recovery phrase in plain text digitally such as in emails, texts, cloud drives, photos, screenshots, etc. Doing so exposes your phrase to potential hacking.

2. Use Multiple Physical Copies as Backups

Write down your phrase on paper or metal. Make a few copies to store in different secure locations in case a copy is lost or destroyed.

3. Consider an Encrypted Password Manager

Use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to store your phrase behind encryption and two-factor authentication for added security.

4. Hide Written Copies in Secure Locations

Conceal written copies somewhere only you‘d look – like a home safe, safety deposit box, hidden book, or other secure spot.

5. Protect Paper Copies from Damage

Store paper copies somewhere cool, dry, and away from fire or water damage. Consider laminating for durability.

6. Never Type Your Phrase into Devices or Websites

This exposes your phrase to hacking. Trust Wallet will never ask for your phrase except within their official app during wallet recovery.

7. Use a Stainless Steel Backup

For ultra-paranoid protection, engrave your recovery phrase onto stainless steel. This fireproof and waterproof metal backup will withstand practically any disaster.

How to Recover Your Trust Wallet if You Lose Access

Uh oh. If you lose access to your Trust Wallet by forgetting your password or losing a device, don‘t panic. You can still fully restore your wallet and crypto funds with your recovery phrase by following these steps:

  1. Download and install Trust Wallet on your new device

  2. Choose “Import Wallet” during setup

  3. Select “Recovery Phrase” when prompted

  4. Carefully enter your recovery phrase in order

  5. Create a strong, new password

  6. Triple check your phrase again to confirm

  7. Approve the import

  8. Your Trust Wallet is restored! You can now access your crypto funds again

Only enter your recovery phrase on official Trust Wallet apps you download from legitimate app stores like the App Store or Google Play Store.

Let‘s Recap the Key Takeaways…

  • The recovery phrase is the master key to your Trust Wallet – keep it safe!

  • You can view your phrase at any time in the Trust Wallet app

  • It‘s impossible to change your existing phrase – but you can transfer funds to a new wallet

  • Follow security best practices to avoid phrase theft or loss

  • With your phrase properly backed up, you can restore your Trust Wallet if disaster strikes

Thanks for sticking with me through this jam-packed guide! I hope you now feel empowered to keep your Trust Wallet ultra-secure using your recovery phrase. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions. Talk soon!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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