Hey, Let‘s Figure Out Why Venmo Isn‘t Working For You

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I totally get it, you tried to send or receive money with Venmo and got that super annoying "There was an issue with your payment" error message. I‘ve been there too. Venmo not working as expected can be so frustrating!

But don‘t stress my friend, I‘ve got you covered. In this detailed guide, we‘ll get to the bottom of why this happens and how to fix it once and for all.

By the end, Venmo will be making payments smoothly again – I promise!

Why You‘re Getting The "There Was An Issue With Your Payment" Message

Before we solve this, it helps to understand what‘s causing that unfriendly error message in the first place.

Here are the most common reasons Venmo may not be able to complete your payment or transfer:

  • You don‘t have enough money – Either in your Venmo balance or connected bank account/card. Venmo can‘t send money you don‘t have!

  • Your card details are wrong or outdated – For instance, you entered the wrong expiration date or CVV code. Easy mistake to make!

  • Your bank thinks it‘s fraudulent – Banks will decline payments over your normal sending limit or flagged as risky.

  • Venmo is having technical issues – Even apps mess up sometimes with bugs or glitches.

  • You made a mistake – Like typing the wrong username or amount. Hey, it happens to all of us!

  • Your Venmo account is frozen – This can happen if Venmo suspects shady business.

  • Something‘s up with the recipient‘s account – Maybe their account isn‘t verified or can‘t accept payments.

I know right, so many things could go wrong! No wonder that unspecific error message pops up. But now we know the likely suspects, time to get debugging.

Step-By-Step Guide To Fixing Venmo Payment Problems

Let‘s walk through all the ways to troubleshoot and solve this step-by-step:

Step 1: Check You Have A Solid Internet Connection

Venmo relies on the internet to work, so first up – make sure your WiFi or cellular data connection is strong on your device! Here are a few tips:

  • Restart your phone to refresh the network connection
  • Turn WiFi off and on again
  • Try switching from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa
  • Move closer to your WiFi router if the signal is weak
  • Check if other apps that require internet are working or not

If it‘s just Venmo that‘s not working, then we can rule out a general network problem. Next step!

Step 2: Update Your Venmo Payment Information

Log into the Venmo app and go to your profile settings:

  • Tap the ☰ menu icon

  • Select Settings

  • Choose Payment Methods

Here‘s what to look out for:

  • Make sure all your card and bank details are filled out correctly and up to date.

  • Delete and re-add any expired cards. Double check the expiration date and CVV code.

  • Make sure your billing address matches your card details.

I‘d also advise calling your bank to give them a heads up about any large transfers you plan to send or receive via Venmo. That way they won‘t be alarmed and block payments.

Step 3: Verify Your Venmo Account

Is your Venmo account fully verified with your current personal information? Here‘s how to check and update if needed:

  • In Venmo, tap the ☰ menu icon

  • Select Settings > Profile

  • Scroll down and tap "Verify Identity" if that option is available

  • Follow the steps to verify your identity with details like your SSN, ID document, and a selfie

Venmo requires identity verification for higher sending and receiving limits. So get that done if you haven‘t yet!

Step 4: Check You Have Sufficient Funds

Alright, now the money part!

Tap your Venmo balance shown at the top of the app homepage. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the amount you want to send or cash out.

If your Venmo balance is low, you can instantly add money from a connected bank account or card.

While you‘re at it, log into your bank account or credit card app to confirm sufficient funds there too. Top up if required!

Step 5: Try A Different Payment Method

One of your payment methods might be on the fritz. Try making the Venmo payment again using another verified payment source connected to your account:

  • Different linked bank account

  • Different debit or credit card

  • Venmo balance

See if another payment method works. If so, the issue was with that card or bank specifically. We can now remove and replace it with a shiny new one!

Step 6: Contact Venmo Customer Support

If you still see the payment error after trying all the above steps, it‘s time to bring in the pros.

Reach out to Venmo‘s customer support team directly in the Venmo app:

  • Tap the ☰ menu icon

  • Select Settings > Get Support

  • Choose the issue type (sending money)

  • Select payment issue, then "There was an issue with your payment"

  • Tap continue and explain the problem

The Venmo pros will then walk you through fixing more complex or account-specific issues. Don‘t be shy to ask them for help!

Step 7: Get The Recipient To Verify Their Venmo Account

Lastly, the issue could be on the recipient‘s end. Kindly ask them to check their Venmo account and make sure it‘s verified with their current details.

If their account is restricted from receiving payments, get them to contact Venmo support for help. You pay your money, they should get it!

And that‘s it, we made it through fixing every possible cause. With this 7 step troubleshooting guide, you and Venmo should be back in business. Let me know if the payment goes through or if you need any other help!

Quick Tips To Avoid Venmo Payment Headaches

Here are some expert tips to avoid those pesky Venmo issues in the future:

  • Link multiple payment sources – Debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts. Gives backups!

  • Stay on top of expired details – Update those old card numbers and expiration dates.

  • Note the weekly sending limits – $299.99 unless you‘re verified!

  • Split big payments into chunks – To avoid surprise bank declines.

  • Give banks a warning first – For any large payments or sudden activity changes.

  • Keep your nose clean – Avoid sketchy business that can get accounts restricted.

  • Update the app and your phone software – Stay current for maximum compatibility.

  • Use strong and stable internet – Dodgy WiFi is asking for payment issues.

I know that‘s a lot to remember! But following my simple tips will help keep Venmo running smoothly for all your payments.

Your Most Common Venmo Questions, Answered!

I get a lot of the same questions from people about Venmo payment problems, so let me answer some here for you:

Why does Venmo say there‘s an issue with my payment when I‘m just trying to pay my buddy for lunch?

That unhelpful error message shows up when any little thing goes wrong with sending the money. It could be the app glitching, your expired card details being wrong, your bank getting suspicious…so many reasons! Follow my guide to pinpoint exactly why.

Venmo won‘t let me send money to pay my roommate back. I know I have enough money, so what‘s the deal?

If you‘re sure you have the funds, it may be your weekly sending limit is maxed out, your account isn‘t verified fully, or your bank is just being overprotective blocking the payment. Verify your account, call your bank to authorize it, and you should be good to pay that roommate back!

Why does my Venmo payment keep getting declined when I‘m trying to pay for my share of pizza?

Repeated declined payments usually mean there are issues with your card details being outdated or incorrect. Log into Venmo, delete that problematic card, and add a new one with 100% correct and up-to-date details. Make sure you have enough funds too, then try the pizza payment again!

My Venmo app keeps freezing and crashing when I try to pay people. What‘s the problem and how can I fix it?

That sounds super frustrating! App issues usually come down to buggy software, outdated app or OS versions not being compatible, or poor internet connection. Try updating the Venmo app and your phone software to the newest versions, switch to a stronger WiFi or cellular network, and restart your phone.

I can‘t add my new credit card to Venmo for some reason. It works fine on other apps, so what‘s the deal?

If Venmo won‘t accept a valid card, first double check you entered all the card number, expiration, and billing details perfectly. Also try on a different phone or on desktop just in case of device-specific issues. Make sure it‘s a supported card type too – some prepaid cards etc don‘t work. Still no luck? Venmo support can help investigate and add it manually.

Why can‘t I receive payments on Venmo suddenly? How do I get my account fixed?

If your account is abruptly restricted from receiving (or sending) money, Venmo may have flagged some unusual activity and locked it down temporarily. Don‘t panic! Get in touch with their support team to explain the situation and sort out lifting the restriction. Verify your identity too if needed.

See, no Venmo question is too silly or small! I‘m always happy to explain why you‘re seeing certain errors and help get your payments working ASAP.

Let‘s Stop Those Venmo Payment Issues For Good!

Well, that about covers everything you need to know to troubleshoot and fix Venmo when you see the "There was an issue with your payment" message.

I hope this guide gave you a bunch of concrete tips to resolve your own Venmo problems. Don‘t hesitate to reach out if you need a hand getting payments and transfers working again. We‘ll figure it out together!

Now get back to seamlessly sending those Venmo payments for concert tickets, splitting bills, and paying back your friends. No more annoying error messages stopping your payments!

Chat soon,

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Written by Alexis Kestler

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