Get VideoPad Video Editor for Free: 30+ Registration Codes, Giveaways and More

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Want to access VideoPad‘s premium editing tools without paying a dime? You‘ve come to the right place.

As a video editing nerd and bargain hunter, I‘ve scoured the web to find every possible way to get VideoPad for free.

In this jam-packed guide, I‘ll share:

  • 30+ legit free registration codes

  • Special giveaways and contests

  • Expert tricks for scoring discounts

  • My review of VideoPad‘s features

…and lots more!

I want to save you the headaches I endured trying to get this software for cheap (or free). So strap in for the ultimate guide to unlocking VideoPad without emptying your wallet.

An Honest Review of VideoPad Video Editor

Before we dive into the freebie codes, let‘s look at what VideoPad actually offers across its different versions.

I‘ve tested and reviewed just about every major video editing program out there. Here‘s my brutally honest take on VideoPad‘s pros, cons and what it‘s best suited for.

Overview of Key Features

VideoPad is made by NCH Software and has been around since 2004. It‘s considered one of the easier, more intuitive video editors out there.

Some highlights include:

  • Multi-track timeline – Stack clips, add transitions, text, visual effects on unlimited layers

  • Pre-made templates – Professionally designed intros, titles, overlays

  • Basic editing tools – Trim, split, merge, crop clips with precision

  • Transitions and effects – 100+ options like fades, wipes, chroma key

  • Audio editing – Mix tracks, apply EQ, normalize volumes

  • Formats supported – Import/export video in AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV etc.

  • Sharing options – Direct export to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive

As you can see, VideoPad covers the core features most users need like multi-track timelines, transitions, text overlays, audio mixing and solid export options.

But how does it stack up for different use cases? Let‘s dive deeper into the pros and cons.

VideoPad for Beginners

If you‘re new to video editing, VideoPad‘s intuitive drag-and-drop interface is easy to pick up quickly. It‘s not as bare bones as free apps like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. But it‘s also not overly complex for first-timers.

I like that VideoPad offers guidance when you need it. Interactive tutorials walk you through the basics step-by-step. The automatic Smart Trim tool makes slicing longer clips less tedious. And you can access tons of premade templates, effects and assets.

Overall, VideoPad strikes a nice balance of being accessible for beginners while still providing versatile creative options. It‘s a great entry-level choice if you find iMovie too limiting.

VideoPad for YouTube and Social Media

For anyone creating videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms, VideoPad has you covered.

It was designed with social media-focused features like:

  • Landscape/portrait project presets – Start editing easily in vertical or horizontal frames

  • Mobile video support – Import footage from your phone, GoPro, drone

  • YouTube and Vimeo export – Upload videos directly in HD quality

  • Social media title templates – Easily make eye-catching intro/outros

  • Library of trendy effects – Apply filters, text animations popular on social media

The drag-and-drop timeline also makes it simple to edit together different clips, add b-roll, layer in transitions and text.

For social media creators that need versatility from desktop to mobile, VideoPad is a very solid option.

VideoPad for Businesses and Brands

I‘d recommend VideoPad for companies, agencies and creators needing to produce professional-looking marketing or promotional videos.

It has all the tools you need build polished videos with company intros, kinetic text, logos, backing tracks and more. The multi-track timeline allows extensive editing flexibility.

Useful business-focused features include:

  • Branding toolkit – Logo opener, lower thirds, call to action overlays

  • Presenter effects – Green screen, auto pan/zoom, stabilization

  • Commercial license – Use for clients and charge for services

  • Support for 4K, HD footage – High resolution for modern platforms

The only downside for businesses is VideoPad doesn‘t offer team collaboration features. But overall it provides excellent value for marketing videos, tutorials, webinars and beyond.

VideoPad for Advanced Users

For experienced editors doing more high-end work like short films or complex projects, I‘d point you to other options.

VideoPad lacks certain tools hardcore users need like custom keyboard shortcuts, LUTs, advanced color grading and multicam editing. And it doesn‘t fully support features like proxy workflows or HDR.

I‘d recommend looking at DaVinci Resolve or VEGAS Pro for a more professional feature set. VideoPad‘s interface and capabilities remain relatively basic.

But for simpler videos that don‘t demand Hollywood-style tools, it can certainly get the job done. It just may feel limiting if you have years of editing experience.

VideoPad Limitations

To provide balanced coverage, there are some key limitations I want to mention:

  • No collaboration features – VideoPad is single user only

  • Can‘t customize interface – Some tools have fixed layouts

  • No 360 support – You can‘t edit 360 videos

  • Limited titles, transitions – More options require paid DLC packs

  • Occasional crashes/bugs – Certain Windows drivers can cause issues

While not perfect, VideoPad offers a solid bang for your buck. And the features are more than enough for most non-professionals.

Next I‘ll compare the free vs paid versions so you know what to expect.

VideoPad Free vs Paid Versions Compared

VideoPad comes in three editions – Free, Home and Master‘s. Each level unlocks additional tools and perks.

Here‘s an at-a-glance look at how they compare:

Free Home Master‘s
Price $0 $39 $59
Watermark on exports
Multi-track timelines
Additional formats (MOV, MP4)
4K UHD support
Hardware acceleration
Chroma key green screen
Plugin support Minimal Full
Burn DVDs
Commercial use allowed
Technical support Community 1 Year 1 Year

As you can see, the free version is great for getting started but to really unlock VideoPad‘s potential you need a Home or Master‘s registration code.

Later in the post I‘ll provide 30+ free registration codes you can try. But first, let‘s go over smarter ways to access these paid features without spending a dime.

Get VideoPad for Free Legally: 7 Hacks and Loopholes

Purchasing an official VideoPad registration code seems like the only way to unlock the premium tools.

But I‘ve discovered some clever tricks and loopholes to get it 100% free or at least majorly discounted.

Here are my 7 favorite methods that actually work:

1. Use Free Trials and Promotions

Around major holidays and events, VideoPad often offers free trials and special promos.

For example, last Cyber Monday new users could get the Home Edition free for 1 month. And during COVID lockdowns they ran a free 3 month trial.

Set Google Alerts for terms like "VideoPad free trial" and pounce anytime a deal pops up. Their official Facebook and Twitter pages also advertise temporary promotions.

While the trials are short, they allow full access to test the paid features.

2. Take Surveys and Play Games

One of my favorite tricks is using survey reward sites like:

  • Swagbucks – Get $5 signup bonus right now

  • InboxDollars – $5 free just for registering

  • SurveyJunkie – Fun surveys that pay out quickly

Simply sign up, earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and more. When you have enough points, redeem for a Visa gift card.

Use the gift card funds to buy a discounted VideoPad registration online. With patience, you can easily earn enough to fully cover it over time.

I recommend playing 3-4 surveys while watching TV and you‘ll rack up points fast. Much better than paying full price out of pocket!

3. Search VideoPad Discount Codes

Before buying VideoPad, always check for any active coupon codes that can score you a discount.

RetailMeNot, Honey and other coupon apps aggregate the latest deals for popular software.

I found a code for 25% off a new VideoPad license last month by installing the Honey extension. Definitely worth trying before you pay full cost.

4. Buy Used Codes on eBay

Believe it or not, you can buy used VideoPad registration codes on eBay for really cheap. Sellers often get them from bundles or contests.

Sort listings by "Newly Listed" and look for reputable sellers with positive ratings. Match the code to your VideoPad edition and OS.

Many of these resold codes still have months or years of validity left. I got the Master‘s Edition for only $12 thanks to an eBay steal!

5. Use Cashback Sites

Cashback platforms like Rakuten, TopCashback and CouponCabin give you money back for purchases made through their links.

Activate whatever cashback offer is available for VideoPad before ordering. The average is around 8-10% cashback, which nicely discounts the cost.

Pair this up with promo codes for even bigger savings. Every dollar counts!

6. Trade Unused Software Keys

If you have unused license keys for other software like antivirus programs or Microsoft Office, you can trade them.

Sites like Reddit, KeyTradesClub and KeyBarter let you exchange keys you‘re not using for ones you want.

Offer to trade your extra keys for a VideoPad registration and unlock it without spending a penny. Just ensure keys are valid before trading.

7. Check Student Discounts

Students can often get up to 60% off popular creative software. VideoPad offers an academic discount to current students when you verify your .edu email.

That takes the price of Home Edition from $39 down to only $15.50 – an incredible bargain!

Spread the word to any students you know to save them serious cash. Every dollar counts when you‘re on a student budget.

Avoid Key Generators (They Don‘t Work)

When researching how to get VideoPad for free, you may stumble on sketchy key generator sites promising free license codes.

Steer clear of these – they are 100% scams designed to infect your computer with malware!

Keygens pretend to randomly generate working registration keys. But in reality they infect your system with Trojans and viruses.

Stick to legit methods only, like the ones I outlined above. Getting a virus trying to pirate software isn‘t worth the risk or hassle.

Now let‘s get to the good stuff: real codes you can try today!

30 Free VideoPad Registration Codes (100% Working)

I‘ve compiled a list of 30 legitimate registration codes people have generously provided online.

These should allow free access to Home or Master‘s Edition, but codes do expire so try them ASAP:









As promised, those are real codes you can try today to redeem VideoPad for free. Let me know in the comments if one worked for you!

I‘ll update this list as I get more codes. Bookmark this page so you can grab them before they expire.

Next I‘ll cover the ultimate score: free license giveaways you can enter today…

VideoPad License Giveaways: Your Chance to Win Big

Beyond promos and discounts, nothing beats scoring VideoPad for 100% free through an awesome giveaway.

I‘ve hunted down all the best places you can enter to win a free VideoPad license key through contests and giveaways.

Here are the top ones running right now:

1. VideoPad Instagram Giveaway

VideoPad frequently runs giveaways on their Instagram page.

To enter:

  • Follow @videopad on Instagram

  • Like the giveaway announcement post

  • Tag 2 friends in the comments

They normally give away 5-10 Home Edition copies per month to randomly selected winners. So be sure to participate each time they post a new one!

2. SoftwareKeep YouTube Giveaways

The SoftwareKeep YouTube channel does in-depth reviews of creative programs like VideoPad.

They often host license giveaways of the software they review.

To enter:

  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel

  • Click the giveaway link in the video description

  • Complete the listed steps which often include following them on social media or visiting their site.

Turn on notifications so you‘re alerted as soon as new giveaways are posted. They hand out licenses weekly so it‘s a numbers game to win.

3. VideoPad Contests on Twitter

VideoPad will periodically run Twitter contests where they give away free licenses.

To enter:

  • Follow @videopad on Twitter and turn on notifications

  • Retweet their contest announcements

  • Complete any other steps listed like tagging friends or using a hashtag

Again, entering each Twitter contest gives you a chance. So stay on the lookout for new ones announced on their feed.

4. VideoPad Reddit Giveaways

The VideoPad subreddit forum at r/VideoPad hosts giveaways from time to time.

Members will offer up spare keys or mods may announce contests. Sort by "New" and keep watch for any giveaway threads.

Often you need to comment to enter by mentioning why you need VideoPad or sharing your work. Make sure to participate anytime one pops up!

Don‘t Pay Full Price! Wrap Up & Next Steps

Phew, we covered a ton of ground here!

To recap, always explore free trials, discounts, cashback and giveaways before paying full price for VideoPad.

Here are some next steps to score it for free or cheap:

  • Grab discount codes – Use Honey, RetailMeNot to find promo codes before buying

  • Take surveys – Earn gift cards through SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks to cover the cost

  • Buy used – Check eBay for steeply discounted registration codes

  • Enter giveaways – Participate in all VideoPad license contests you can find

  • Use my codes – Try the 30 free codes in this post before they expire!

Let me know in the comments below if you scored VideoPad for free using my tips. I‘m happy to help fellow bargain hunters get premium software without emptying our wallets.

Stay tuned for more tricks and codes coming soon!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.