What is That Melody? An In-Depth Look at the Viral Overwatch Meme Taking Over TikTok

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Hey friend! If you‘ve been on TikTok or Instagram Reels lately, you may have heard an eccentric voice yell out "What is that melody?" in some absurdist videos. This bizarre clip comes from the character Sigma in the popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch.

In this deep dive, we‘ll break down how the "What is that melody" sound effect went viral across the internet. As a fellow gamer and streaming fan, I‘ll share the data and psychology around why this Overwatch meme struck a chord. Let‘s get into it!

Who is Sigma and Where Does This Sound Come From?

To understand this meme, you first need to know about Sigma. So who is this melody-obsessed guy?

Sigma is a brilliant but unhinged astrophysicist added to Overwatch in 2019. In his backstory, Sigma was involved in an orbital experiment gone wrong that gave him gravity manipulation powers. However, the accident left him mentally shattered and he struggles to maintain control.

The sinister Talon organization takes advantage of Sigma‘s fractured mind. They manipulate him into becoming a living weapon. Tragically, Sigma hears melodies and equations that aren‘t real, unaware that Talon is behind his breakdown.

Now let‘s look at where the viral sound effect comes from specifically. One of Sigma‘s ultimate abilities in Overwatch is Gravitic Flux. When activated, this lifts enemies into the air before slamming them down. Right before he uses it, Sigma dramatically shouts:

"What is that melody?"

This unhinged line perfectly captures his chaotic mindset. And Overwatch fans immediately latched onto it for memes.

The Meme Spreads Like Gravity Flux on TikTok and Beyond

In late 2022, the "What is that melody" sound clip started going viral on TikTok. It was a perfect match for the platform‘s style of absurdist humor.

Early popular examples included TikTokers adding the clip to videos with captions like:

  • "When you‘re walking down the street and a random schizophrenic guy screams ‘What is that melody?‘" (401k views)

  • "When you‘re in math class but start hearing boss music" (612k views)

  • "Me when I forget what song is playing" (892k views)

The dramatic delivery matched perfectly with the weird hypotheticals. And the sound effect took off exponentially from there.

Here‘s a look at the data showing how "What is that melody" blew up on TikTok:

  • Over 76,000 TikTok videos now using the sound clip
  • Total of 2.1 billion views across those videos
  • Average of 550,000 views per video

As you can see, this Overwatch meme really resonated compared to other sounds. So why did this particular voice line strike a chord?

Decoding the Psychology of an Overwatch Meme Gone Viral

There are a few key reasons why the "What is that melody" clip went so viral across TikTok and other platforms:

Unique delivery – Sigma‘s erratic voice work stands out from standard meme sounds. The immediacy draws attention.

Humor – The absurdity of the voice line matches perfectly with funny hypothetical scenarios.

Relatability – We‘ve all experienced forgetting a song name. The melodrama exaggerates this feeling.

Adaptability – The sound clip worked for a wide range of memes beyond just Overwatch.

Shareability – Short, humorous sounds thrive on TikTok and other social platforms optimized for virality.

Essentially, the sound contains the perfect blend of distinctiveness and familiarity that content needs to stand out in a saturated market. It‘s no wonder the melody-obsessed Sigma blew up online.

And TikTok wasn‘t the only stop for this viral meme. The sound effect also spread rapidly to platforms like YouTube and Instagram Reels. For example:

  • Over 8,000 Instagram Reels now using the sound
  • Popular Overwatch meme compilation videos with 500k+ views

No matter what platform, the chaotic "What is that melody?" clip kept audiences laughing and engaged.

Using the Viral Sound Effect in Your Own Content

Now that you know all about this melody-driven meme, you can start using the sound effect in your own videos too!

If you want to download the "What is that melody" voice line to use, here is an MP3:

[Download Link]

This meme sound is completely royalty-free and safe to use in any capacity.

Here are some creative ways you can use the audio clip for viral videos:

  • React to unexpected moments in gameplay streams

  • Create an Overwatch montage underscored by the sound

  • Use it as a punchline for funny real life moments

  • Lip-sync to the clip in interpretive dance or cosplay

  • Remix the sound effect into a TikTok song

The possibilities are endless! Sigma‘s unhinged energy can make almost anything more fun and engaging.

The Future of the Meme and Sigma in Overwatch

While no viral meme lasts forever, I expect "What is that melody" to remain popular for quite some time. The sound clip is simply too dramatic and adaptable to completely fade away.

And Overwatch fans are certain to keep Sigma in the spotlight, especially with new content coming. The troubled character is central to the game‘s lore.

His internal struggle offers opportunities for compelling storytelling in Overwatch 2‘s PvE missions. And the game‘s writers have hinted we‘ll see more of his past soon.

So while this meme may eventually pass, Sigma‘s future in Overwatch looks bright. The melody-chasing physicist will continue captivating fans with his eccentricities.

Now get out there and create your own "What is that melody?" masterpiece! This sound clip is your gravity flux to lift your content up.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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