Let‘s Explore the Viral "Wo Xing Shi" TikTok Trend Together

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Hey friend! Have you heard the catchy tune "Wo Xing Shi" going viral on TikTok lately? People across the globe are shaking their hips and dancing along to the Chinese song “My Surname is Shi.” But what‘s behind this funky track that has become a worldwide sensation?

As a hip hop head and meme culture nerd, I’m fascinated by how viral trends like Wo Xing Shi take off on social media. In this post, we’ll unravel the story behind the meme, analyze the lyrics, and explore why it resonated so strongly worldwide. Let’s dive in!

The Creator Behind Wo Xing Shi

First, a little background. “Wo Xing Shi” was created by Gu Xi, a hip hop musician and influencer from China. He’s known for making shareable short songs based on fan comments and viral phrases.

Gu Xi got his start on Douyin (the Chinese TikTok) in 2018, sharing freestyle rapping videos. His cool attitude and witty bars quickly gained him a following. He leveraged this online fame into a hip hop career, releasing albums and performing live shows.

Today, Gu Xi has over 19 million Douyin followers and frequently trends for his catchy tracks. He knows how to make music optimized for meme virality. “Wo Xing Shi” is just his latest viral hit, following other popular songs of his like “Hotpot Soup Base” and “Yin Yang Master.”

The Trend Goes Viral on Chinese Social Media

The story behind the lyrics of “Wo Xing Shi” gives a glimpse into Gu Xi’s process. In a Douyin comment, a fan simply wrote “my surname is Shi.” Inspired, Gu Xi spun this phrase into a full hype track.

He dropped “Wo Xing Shi” on Douyin in February 2022. The song immediately caught fire, spreading across Chinese social platforms like wildfire.

Platform Views/Uses
Douyin 1.2 million video uses
Kuaishou 120,000 video uses
Weibo 13.2 million video views

People were drawn to the repetitive lyrics,references to ancient Chinese culture, and blend of rap/pop. Fans started filming themselves dancing to the tune for Douyin, kicking off a viral hip swaying meme.

Breaking Down the Meaning and Lyrics

Now let’s analyze the lyrics fueling this catchy track:

Chinese Lyrics:



wǒ xìng shí , wú lùn hé shí yǔ nǐ xiāng shí wǒ dū zhí 。wǒ xìng shí , zhǐ bǐ xiě zì yóu rú jùn mǎ zài bēn chí 。wǒ xìng shí , jīn bǎng shén chí zhí bǐ zài yì luò bǐ zhí 。wǒ xìng shí , gāo jiē yuǎn shì rén rú qí míng hěn wú chǐ 。shí , bù jù fēng fēi shā 。 shí , zhòng rén bǎ nǐ kuā 。shí , zhòng xīng shǒu hù tā 。 shí , rén zhōng cái zǐ jiā 。shí , yī lù zài qián xíng 。 shí , yī shēng zhù dìng yíng 。shí , fēng yǔ jiē huì píng 。 shí , yáng fān zài yáng míng 。

English Translation:

My surname is Shi, whenever I meet you, I am worth it.
My surname is Shi, and writing with pen and paper is like a galloping horse.
My surname is Shi, Jinbang Shenchi writes and cares about the value of the pen.
My surname is Shi, and it is shameless for a high-level hyperopic person to live up to his name.
Stone, not afraid of wind and sand.
Shi, everyone praises you.
Stone, the stars guard her.
Stone is the best talent among people.
Stone, go all the way.
Stone, destined to win in life.
Stone, wind and rain will be flat.
Stone, Yang Fan will become famous again.

The lyrics use “Shi” to symbolize strength and virtue. Shi is portrayed as a noble figure who stays true to his values. The verse asserts Shi will overcome all obstacles and gain glory.

By repeating “My surname is Shi,” the song drills pride and confidence around bearing this surname. Chinese listeners would recognize “Shi” references ancient scholars and generals like Shi Cong and Shi Fen.

The lyrics blend poetic verses with hip hop swagger. For example, the line “writing with pen and paper is like a galloping horse” comes from a Tang dynasty poem. This fusion of classic poetry and catchy rap gives the song cross-generational appeal.

Spreading Far Beyond China

Soon after taking China by storm, Wo Xing Shi spread globally as fans plugged the song into TikTok dances. The #woxingshi hashtag has over 180 million TikTok views and counting!

Top Wo Xing Shi Videos Likes
@justmaiko 4.6 million
@zhusixuan 3.5 million
@badgalronnie 2.8 million

The viral tune resonated worldwide even without understanding the lyrics. The repetitive chorus is easy to latch onto. And the funky vibe and dance moves are universal.

Experts believe beats and rhythms can transcend language barriers. So while the meaning may be lost, the catchiness translates. TikTok’s global reach accelerated this cross-cultural transmission.

Why "Wo Xing Shi" Blew Up

So what elements made “Wo Xing Shi” perfect viral meme material? I have some theories as a pop culture analyst:

  • Repetition – The same phrase chanted over and over sticks in your head
  • Danceable – The pulsing rhythm you can groove to
  • Humor – An absurd song premise that makes you laugh
  • Relatability – Everyone has a surname/identity they take pride in
  • Participation – Easy to recreate by lip-syncing and dancing

Viral hits often have these attributes. The simplicity and repetition of “Wo Xing Shi” made it ripe for memedom. While novelty sparked the initial explosion, the global nostalgia kept it spreading.

Memes follow a cyclical life cycle, but can resurge periodically. Music-based memes tend to have longevity compared to fleeting jokes. We’ll have to see if “Wo Xing Shi” has staying power or fades as a fad!

Final Thoughts on Music Memes

Tracing the origins and spread of “Wo Xing Shi” shows how viral sounds transfix global youth culture. Through TikTok, music transcends backgrounds as people replicate trends for fun and connection.

Memes like this highlight our shared human instincts. The urge to dance, sing, and belong persists across cultures. While the lyrics may get lost in translation, the vibe carries over.

So next time you hear “Wo Xing Shi,” appreciate the journey of this earworm. Shareability, remixability and global visibility propelled a niche Chinese song to worldwide fame. Now that’s something to dance about!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this catchy TikTok phenomenon. I had a blast geeking out over the data and culture behind it with you!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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