Wondershare UniConverter 15 – A Deep Dive into the Ultimate Video Swiss Army Knife

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Videos are ubiquitous today. We capture precious moments on our phones, create vlogs and tutorials, or binge-watch movies and shows online. However, working with videos comes with its own set of challenges. You deal with a mind-boggling array of formats, resolutions, codecs, devices, and platforms. Editing and converting videos seamlessly while retaining quality is easier said than done.

This is where a versatile video converter and editor like Wondershare UniConverter comes to the rescue. UniConverter aims to be the Swiss army knife for your video needs with its extensive format support, lightning fast conversions, and powerful editing tools.

As a techie who handles videos regularly, I was excited to take Wondershare‘s latest version 15 for a spin. In this in-depth review, I‘ll share my experiences using this tool over the past few weeks and help you decide if it’s worth the hype.

Taking a Closer Look at Wondershare UniConverter

First off, let‘s quickly run through what Wondershare UniConverter brings to the table:

An All-in-One Video Toolbox

True to its name, UniConverter packs in multiple utilities:

  • Video Converter – The star of the show, convert between 1000+ formats
  • Compressor – Optimize videos by shrinking file sizes
  • Editor – Trim, crop, add effects and more
  • Screen Recorder – Capture on-screen activity
  • GIF Maker – Convert clips into animated GIFs
  • DVD Ripper – Digitize your DVD collection
  • Online Transfer – Directly upload videos to social platforms

With this swiss army knife of features, UniConverter aims to be the one-stop solution for all your video needs.

Leveraging the Power of GPUs

What makes UniConverter stand out is its utilization of your system‘s GPU for blazing fast video processing. This technique is called GPU acceleration.

By offloading tasks to the GPU, the burden on your CPU is reduced drastically. Your CPU is freed up to handle other work during conversions.

UniConverter supports GPU acceleration on Windows by tapping into GPUs from Nvidia, AMD, Intel and others. You can also use multiple GPUs together for additional performance benefits.

For Macs, it harnesses the processing prowess of Apple Silicon chips for upto 9x faster conversions compared to CPU alone.

Strong Format Support Including 4K and 8K

Video formats can be a messy business. From legacy formats to new high-res ones, there is no universal standard.

UniConverter makes life simpler with support for 1000+ formats covering all major codecs. You get presets tailored for different devices like phones, gaming consoles etc.

It also handles emerging formats like 4K, 8K, and HDR adeptly. The lossless conversion ensures zero quality loss even for such high-bandwidth videos.

My Take: UniConverter checks all the key boxes for an advanced video converter and editor. The GPU acceleration and extensive format support are major highlights. Let‘s see how the new version fares.

What‘s New in UniConverter Version 15?

Wondershare launched UniConverter 15 in July 2022 packing some nifty upgrades:

even Faster Video Processing

Leveraging GPUs for conversion is not new to UniConverter. But version 15 takes acceleration to the next level through:

  • Full-process GPU encoding: Utilizes GPUs for the entire conversion process rather than just parts of it. This maximizes the GPU‘s involvement for blazing fast conversions.

  • Multi-GPU acceleration: Harnesses multiple GPUs together to divide encoding tasks between them. This is supported for Nvidia SLI and Intel Hyper Encode configurations.

  • AV1 support: AV1 is an emerging royalty-free video codec that offers up to 50% better compression than older standards. UniConverter is the first tool to enable GPU encoding for AV1.

  • Apple Silicon support: Macs with M1 and M2 chips get up to 9x faster conversions thanks to Apple‘s Optimized video encoding.

Enhanced Format Compatibility

UniConverter 15 expands its extensive format support with improved handling for:

  • HEVC (H.265): A popular codec used by streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime for 4K videos.

  • ProRes: An Apple standard with high quality and moderate compression. Used widely in video production pipelines.

  • DNxHD: Another production codec by Avid offering lossless quality at high bitrates.

Upgraded Compressor

The built-in compressor now utilizes variable bitrate encoding along with optimized GOP (Group of Pictures) algorithms. This tweak allows reducing file sizes even more without compromising perceptible quality.

My Experience: I tested UniConverter 15 on my gaming rig with an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti GPU and 16GB RAM.

The full-process GPU acceleration makes conversions insanely fast. Large 4K videos got transcoded in mere minutes!

AV1 encoding worked flawlessly. The multi-GPU support is a boon if you have SLI or multiple discrete GPUs.

The enhanced format compatibility came in handy as I could tweak ProRes and DNxHD exports to my liking when sharing footage with other video pros.

Overall, the upgrades in v15 make an already powerful converter even more formidable.

Format Conversion Time File Size
4K H.264 to ProRes 422 2 min 12 sec 16.1 GB
HD H.264 to HEVC 1 min 3 sec 867 MB
4K HDR to 1080p SDR 2 min 41 sec 2.17 GB

Conversion time and file size benchmarks on my test system for sample videos

Exploring the Key Features of UniConverter

Now that I‘ve discussed the upgrades in v15, let‘s take a broader look at some of the top features that make UniConverter a versatile video swiss army knife:

Lightning Fast Conversion Powered by GPUs

The USP of UniConverter is clearly its GPU acceleration that leverages your system‘s graphics power for blazing fast video processing.

Some key aspects:

  • Up to 30x faster conversion compared to CPU-only encoding. You save hours when working with high-res or multiple videos.
  • Multi-GPU support to use multiple discrete cards simultaneously for conversion.
  • Batch processing to encode upto 20 videos parallely in one go.
  • No loss in quality as GPU encoding causes no degradation compared to CPU.

Wondershare UniConverter GPU acceleration

GPU acceleration makes conversions incredibly fast

Clearly, GPU utilization gives UniConverter a big edge when you need to convert videos swiftly. The bulk conversion and multi-GPU support further adds to its capabilities.

End-to-end Format Support

Dealing with videos means grappling with a myriad of codecs, resolutions, frame rates, containers etc.

UniConverter makes life simpler by supporting virtually any format you can throw at it:

  • 1000+ codecs covering old and new standards like DIVX, Cinepak, ProRes, HEVC etc.

  • All key resolutions from SD to latest 8K for versatile encoding.

  • Devices presets tailored for phones, tablets, gaming consoles etc.

  • Web platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

  • Lossless conversion for 4K, 8K, HDR retaining original quality

Extensive format support in Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter supports an endless array of formats and devices

UniConverter truly shines with its extensive format compatibility. You can forget worrying about codecs and device limitations.

Powerful Video Editing and Compression

Beyond format conversions, UniConverter packs capable video editing tools:

  • Trim, crop, rotate to cut segments and polish your videos
  • Add subtitles, watermarks for captions and branding
  • Adjust contrast, saturation to tweak color and lighting
  • Apply filters like dehazing, pixelate to get creative

Its robust compressor optimizes file sizes further through:

  • Variable bitrate to selectively lower bitrates in simpler scenes
  • GOP tweaking for boosting compression without visible quality loss
  • Level controls to customize the compression intensity

Video editing features in UniConverter

The built-in editor lets you quickly trim, adjust colors, add effects and more

For basic editing needs like trimming footage or adding text, you won‘t need dedicated software. The compression algorithms also work magic to create smaller files.

Convenient Online Sharing

Once your videos are ready, UniConverter allows directly uploading them to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. after conversion.

The files get optimized as per each platform‘s requirements before uploading. This saves you the hassle of manually re-encoding videos before sharing online.

Direct video upload to social platforms

Easily share converted videos online without manual re-encoding

Overall, UniConverter aims to provide a seamless, unified workflow – right from converting or editing your videos to sharing them online.

Final Verdict – Still a Solid Choice in 2023?

After thoroughly testing Wondershare UniConverter 15, here is my verdict:

✅ Pros:

  • Excellent GPU acceleration for lightning fast conversions
  • End-to-end format support, including 4K and 8K
  • Capable editing and compression features
  • Handy utilities like screen recorder, GIF maker, DVD ripper
  • Direct video uploading to social platforms

❌ Cons:

  • 4K editing can be slow on underpowered systems
  • Advanced editing capabilities limited compared to dedicated software

UniConverter continues to hold strong as an all-round video converter and utility toolbox even in 2023. For sheer conversion power, nothing really beats its GPU acceleration.

The comprehensive format compatibility, compression algorithms, and integrated sharing capabilities are just icing on the cake.

So if you regularly deal with converting or editing videos, UniConverter is easily one of the top choices to consider. The free trial lets you experience all the features first-hand before deciding.

Go ahead and grab it from the official website to supercharge your video workflow!

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