Hey there! Looking for the Best Places to Get a YouTube Intro Background? I‘ve Got You Covered

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So you‘re starting a YouTube channel, and you know you need an awesome intro sequence to grab viewers‘ attention and make your videos stand out. But where do you even find a YouTube intro template or background? Don‘t worry, I‘ve done the research for you!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through the top 6 services to find the perfect customizable YouTube intro background. I‘ll provide tons of tips and insights to help you create a high-quality, on-brand intro that represents your channel.

Let‘s dive in!

An Introduction to YouTube Intro Templates

First, what exactly is a YouTube intro? It‘s a short 5-15 second branded video clip that plays at the start of all your YouTube videos.

A polished intro sequence achieves a few key things:

  • Builds your brand – Viewers instantly recognize your videos
  • Looks professional – Shows you take content creation seriously
  • Engages viewers – Grabs attention and keeps them watching

Here are some stats on just how critical a strong intro is:

  • 80% of the top 1000 most-viewed YouTube channels have an intro
  • 45% of viewers said a good intro sequence is "very important" for viewer retention
  • 55% of viewers are more likely to subscribe to a channel with a professional intro

But making an intro completely from scratch requires advanced video editing skills like 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects and more.

That‘s why most YouTubers smartly start with an intro template or background they customize to their brand.

Intro templates give you pre-made backgrounds, effects, animations, text placeholders and assets to quickly create a polished intro with minimal effort.

The key is finding a template that matches your niche, brand style and customization needs. Let‘s explore the top places to find YouTube intro templates and backgrounds.

#1 – MotionBox for Easy Browser-Based Editing

MotionBox is an online video creation platform that lets you build and edit templates right within your web browser. No special software needed!

They offer an absolutely massive library of backgrounds, effects, fonts, graphics and more to customize your intro.

Here‘s why MotionBox is a top choice:

Huge Template Selection

Over 85,000 video templates and assets to combine into your perfect intro. Categories include:

  • Intro templates
  • Backgrounds
  • Motion graphics
  • Transitions
  • Lower thirds
  • Logo reveals
  • Music tracks
  • Text presets

Intuitive Browser Editor

Drag and drop templates, images, graphics, text and more to assemble your intro. Easy to learn and use!

Commercial Licensing Included

Download your finished intros with a commercial license to use on monetized YouTube videos legally.

Monthly Subscription

Plans start at $15/month for unlimited downloads. Well worth it for easy customization and legal usage.

Unlimited Rendering

Render your finished intros in multiple formats like MP4, MOV, GIF and more with no caps.

Here‘s an example intro I customized in a few minutes with MotionBox templates:

intro template example

With the huge library and easy browser editing, you can churn out professional intros super fast.


  • Easy drag and drop editing
  • New templates added weekly
  • Commercial licensing included
  • Render multiple format downloads


  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Mostly digital/tech video templates

Best For: YouTubers wanting a massive template library and simple browser-based editing.

#2 – Animoto for Licensed Music & Videos

Next up is Animoto – an online video creation platform with a stock library packed with backgrounds, licensed music, text options and more.

While MotionBox focuses solely on templates and assets, Animoto offers broader capabilities to make entire videos.

But their background templates and stock assets are fantastic for easily whipping up custom YouTube intros.

Here‘s what makes Animoto great:

Quality Backgrounds & Templates

Tons of background templates, themes, and intro/outro options to start customizing. Modern design and crisp quality.

Licensed Music Tracks

Animoto‘s stock music library has songs to suit any vibe. No copyright issues.

Customizable Text

Easily add your channel name, slogans etc with different fonts, colors, layouts and animations.

Drag & Drop Editing

Quickly arrange templates, add your own clips, swap assets and customize with the intuitive interface.

Commercial Licensing

Download your videos with the legal license needed for monetized YouTube use.

Monthly Subscription

Paid plans start at $9/month for unlimited full quality video exports.

Check out this quick gaming channel intro I customized with Animoto:

Animoto YouTube Intro example

It‘s amazing what you can design in just a few clicks and drags!


  • Huge stock media library
  • Licensed music tracks included
  • Easy to learn editing
  • Clear pricing structure


  • More complex for just intro templates
  • Must pay monthly to access library

Best For: YouTubers wanting backgrounds, music and text to make complete intro videos.

#3 – Animaker for Custom Animated Video

Now let‘s explore Animaker – the perfect choice if you want a dynamic, animated intro sequence for your channel.

Animaker provides everything you need to make professional animated videos, including tons of great intro title templates.

Here‘s what you get:

Animated Backgrounds

Choose from cool animated backgrounds like cosmic scenes, landscapes, technology and more for an engaging intro.

Huge Character Library

Animaker‘s massive library of animated characters and mascots lets you tell a story. Great for channel logos!

Customizable Scenes & Props

Build your own mini-scenes by customizing environments, props, actions and motions.

Lip Sync Animation

Animate character voiceovers and lip syncing to make an intro with a voice narration.

Commercial License

Legally use intros on monetized YouTube videos.

Monthly Subscription

Paid plans start at $12/month for unlimited full HD downloads.

This is a quick intro I made with Animaker‘s characters and templates:

Animated YouTube Intro Example

Animaker provides everything you need for a lively, animated intro sequence that captures viewers‘ attention.


  • Huge animated asset library
  • Lip sync tool for voiceovers
  • Very customizable scenes
  • Commercial licensing


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Monthly subscription fee

Best For: Channels wanting a dynamic, animated intro with characters.

#4 – InVideo for Massive Template Library

InVideo boasts one of the largest libraries of customizable video templates around. We‘re talking:

  • 15,000+ Templates for intros, outros, transitions, etc
  • 5000+ Backgrounds
  • 50,000+ Images & Videos
  • 7000+ Animated Icons
  • 1000+ Fonts

Basically everything you need to assemble a killer YouTube intro sequence through customization.

Here‘s what makes InVideo great:

Huge Asset Library

The gigantic library means endless template and element options to create any style intro.

Commercial Licensing

All assets come with legal rights to use in monetized YouTube videos.

Unlimited Downloads

Once you subscribe, you can download and reuse templates forever.

Drag & Drop Editing

Quickly swap out elements of templates to match your brand. Simple interface.

Monthly Subscription

Plans start at just $7.91/month for unlimited access to the entire creative library.

Multiple Languages

Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

This gaming intro only took me a few minutes to make with InVideo templates:

InVideo Intro Template Example

With thousands of templates, it‘s so easy to find options tailored to your niche.


  • Massive template library
  • Great value subscription price
  • Commercial licensing included
  • Multi-language


  • Mostly modern/tech niche templates
  • Must pay monthly for full access

Best For: YouTubers who value a huge template library with flexible licensing.

#5 – Canva for Free & Paid Templates

Chances are you‘ve used Canva before for graphic design. But they also offer a great library of video templates for YouTube intros too!

Canva‘s intro templates have modern, eye-catching designs that are easily customizable.

Here‘s why Canva is a solid pick:

Modern Video Templates

Tons of intro/outro and social media templates with crisp, professional designs. All easily editable.

Free Library Access

Canva lets anyone browse and use their full template library for free. You only pay if you want extras.

Resize for Any Resolution

Exports resize to fit any dimensions. Perfect for custom YouTube intros.

Available in English & Spanish

Use Canva in your preferred language – great for international creators!

Paid Monthly Plans

Optional Pro plan with extra features/assets starts at $12.95/month. But free works too!

Commercial Licensing

Canva gives you the rights to commercially use their templates.

Look at this cute intro I customized with Canva‘s free templates:

Canva Intro Template example

Canva‘s simplicity and free access make it super beginner-friendly.


  • Modern, professional template designs
  • Entire library free to browse and use
  • Resizeable to any resolution
  • Multi-language support


  • Less control over customization
  • Must pay for more asset access

Best For: Beginner YouTubers wanting a free, simple intro maker.

#6 – Storyblocks for Premium Broadcast Quality

Lastly, we have Storyblocks – the #1 source for premium, broadcast quality video templates.

While pricier, Storyblocks reviewers every file for quality. Their library of Rockstar templates are masterfully designed.

Here‘s what you get with Storyblocks:

Broadcast Quality

Every template meets strict quality control for professional film/video use. The best around.

100,000+ Video Templates

A massive marketplace of templates from verified creators around the world.

New Templates Daily

Hundreds of new high-quality templates added every day across all categories.

Lifetime Licensing

One payment buys you lifetime rights to use a template in your videos.

Unlimited Subscription

For unlimited downloads, plans start at $199/year. otherwise, pay per template.

4K Resolution Files

Every template can be downloaded in up to flawless 4K resolution.

Check out the polish and style of this Storyblocks gaming intro:

Storyblocks intro template example

The broadcast-level quality really makes Storyblocks stand out.


  • Extremely high-quality templates
  • New templates added daily
  • One-time purchasing model
  • 4K resolution available


  • Much pricier than competitors
  • Mostly modern/tech niche designs

Best For: YouTubers who value premium cinematic template quality

7 Key Factors for Picking the Best YouTube Intro Template

With so many options for intro templates and backgrounds, how do you choose the right one for your brand? Here are the most important factors to consider:

1. Match Your Channel Niche & Style

Pick a template that fits the overall look, feel and niche of your YouTube channel.

For example, a laidback cooking channel should steer clear of bold sci-fi designs. Look for template styles suited to your content.

2. Commercial Licensing Rights

You need a commercial license to legally use templates in monetized YouTube videos.

Thankfully, all the recommended services above provide commercial licensing. But always double-check before purchasing a template!

3. Customization Options

Look for templates with changeable elements like text, colors, logos, graphics etc to tailor it to your brand.

Avoid rigid templates without customization as they‘ll look generic.

4. Resolution Size & Aspect Ratio

YouTube recommends intros be 1920×1080 resolution (1080p HD) and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Most templates come in full HD, but double check the specs before downloading.

5. File Formats

The best format for YouTube intros is MP4 or MOV. Both work universally. Just ensure your editing software is compatible.

Many templates also come in GIF format which is more limited.

6. Intro Length

YouTube suggests intros be 5-15 seconds maximum. Anything over 20 seconds will likely be skipped.

Look for short template runtimes close to 10 seconds. You can always trim down longer templates.

7. Price and Licensing Terms

Consider one-time purchase costs vs recurring subscriptions. And check if the license has any limitations like number of videos or downloads.

Ideally, aim for unlimited licensing with commercial usage rights included.

Here‘s a comparison table summarizing the key intro template services:

Service Prices Key Features
MotionBox $15+/mo subscription Massive template library, easy editing, commercial licensing
Animoto $9+/mo subscription Backgrounds, music, text, easy editing, commercial licensing
Animaker $12+/mo subscription Animated templates, lip syncing, custom scenes, commercial licensing
InVideo $7.91+/mo subscription 15,000+ templates, unlimited downloads, commercial licensing
Canva Free or $12.95+/mo subscription Modern templates, multi-language, free & paid options, commercial use
Storyblocks $34.95+/template or subscription Premium quality, 100,000+ templates, 4K resolution, lifetime licensing

This covers the key factors that go into choosing the best YouTube intro template for your channel and videos.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Intro Templates

Let‘s wrap up by answering some common questions people have about getting started with YouTube intro templates:

1. How much should I spend on an intro template?

You can get templates for free on Canva, but a paid service with commercial licensing like MotionBox ($15/month) is recommended. Quality intro templates range from $15-$75 on average.

2. What software do I need to edit templates?

Basic editing apps like iMovie, Shotcut or Filmora can edit and export intro templates into YouTube videos. Look for MP4/MOV support.

3. How do I make a template unique to my brand?

Add your logo, stylize text with fonts/colors, incorporate your brand‘s audio and visual elements. Even small tweaks help differentiate and make it your own.

4. What resolution and frame rate should my intro be?

1920×1080 pixels (HD 1080p) and 30 frames per second is the standard for YouTube intros today. Most templates meet these specs.

Yes, as long as you have a commercial license rather than a personal use license. The services above all provide commercial licensing.

6. Should I make my intro clip the first part of my video?

No need. Render your intro as a separate video file then add it to the beginning of your content during video editing.

7. How long should my YouTube intro last?

YouTube suggests intros be 5-15 seconds max. Studies show 10-12 seconds is the ideal length to keep viewers‘ attention before your main content starts.

Let‘s Get Your Channel Noticed!

There you have it – everything you need to know about making a quality YouTube intro on a budget using templates and backgrounds.

The key is finding a template that fits your brand and niche. Spend time browsing the recommended services to get inspired and find the perfect intro style for your channel.

With an eye-catching intro sequence, you can look like a professional YouTuber and keep viewers glued to your content. Your production value matters – so invest in your channel with a polished intro.

Want more pro tips for growing your YouTube channel and making great videos? Check out my YouTube channel here for tutorials, reviews and advice.

I hope this guide gave you clarity on where to find awesome YouTube intro templates. Now get customizing, get creative, and take your channel intros to the next level!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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