How to Fix YouTube ReVanced Not Working – A Complete Troubleshooting Guide for Video Addicts

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YouTube ReVanced is hands down one of the most popular modded YouTube apps among streaming fans. With over 1 million downloads and counting, ReVanced delivers coveted premium features like adblocking, background play, and video downloads without paying a dime.

But like any modified app, ReVanced can be a temperamental beast. One day you‘re bingeing videos ad-free, the next ReVanced won‘t load anything and you feel lost without your YouTube fix!

If this sounds familiar, don‘t panic. I‘ve been modding YouTube for years and through much trial and error, have put together this complete troubleshooting guide to help fellow streaming junkies get ReVanced working again.

In this detailed walkthrough, you‘ll learn:

  • Why ReVanced stops working and how to prevent issues
  • Step-by-step instructions to update ReVanced Manager and MicroG
  • How to workaround account and YouTube app problems
  • Advanced troubleshooting for stubborn issues
  • Alternate modded YouTube options if all else fails

So grab your Android, put on your propeller hat, and let‘s get tinkering under the hood to keep the videos flowing!

Why We Mod YouTube in the First Place

Before fixing issues, it helps to understand why ReVanced and other modded YouTube apps came about.

YouTube is by far the biggest streaming platform, with over 2 billion monthly users. But the standard YouTube experience has some annoying limitations:

  • Preroll video ads that interrupt your viewing
  • No background or picture-in-picture playback
  • No option to download videos

You can pay $11.99/month for YouTube Premium to remove these restrictions. But with YouTube being just one subscription among Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others competing for your wallet, not everyone wants yet another monthly fee.

This is where modded or tweaked YouTube apps come to the rescue! By reverse engineering the YouTube API, developers can strip out annoying ads and unlock premium features…without paying a dime.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of YouTube Modding

For years, Vanced was the king of modded YouTube apps with millions of faithful users. But in March 2022, Google dropped the banhammer and shut down Vanced for good.

This is where ReVanced picked up the mantle. Built on Vanced‘s legacy but with renewed spoofing techniques to avoid detection, ReVanced quickly amassed over 1 million installs:

ReVanced download stats

However, being an unofficial mod of a Google service makes ReVanced a bit delicate. Updates to the YouTube API or sudden restrictions on your account can quickly break features.

When ReVanced stops working properly, it interrupts your ad-free video enjoyment. But never fear – with the right troubleshooting, you can get your modded YouTube back up and running.

Why Does ReVanced Stop Working? A Look Under the Hood

Before we start troubleshooting, it helps to understand exactly why ReVanced can stop working seamlessly. Potential culprits include:

Outdated App Versions

ReVanced relies on modifying the official YouTube app to inject its tweaks. But when YouTube updates, it sometimes deliberately blocks modified apps until they update too. Running an outdated ReVanced build can lead to breakages.

MicroG Login Issues

Logging into YouTube requires spoofing your identity via the MicroG framework. MicroG account problems or outdated versions can prevent ReVanced from functioning correctly.

Account Restrictions

For unclear reasons, YouTube sometimes restricts specific accounts from working properly with modded apps. ReVanced might work in Incognito mode but not your main account.

Connection Problems

Like any internet-reliant app, connection drops or glitches between your device and YouTube‘s servers can also disrupt ReVanced.

General Bugginess

As a modified APK, ReVanced is more prone to occasional hiccups and bugs, especially right after YouTube or app updates.

By understanding what causes problems, we can better troubleshoot and get ReVanced up and running again. Now let‘s dig in!

Step 1: Update ReVanced Manager and MicroG

The #1 cause of ReVanced issues is an outdated base app and patching toolkit. ReVanced relies on components called ReVanced Manager and MicroG to function properly.

ReVanced Manager handles ripping the official YouTube APK, analyzing its code, and integrating mods like adblocking. MicroG is used to spoof your login credentials so YouTube thinks you have a premium account.

Both ReVanced Manager and MicroG need to stay updated to the latest versions for optimal compatibility:

Table showing latest versions of ReVanced Manager and MicroG

When you see videos not loading properly in ReVanced, your first troubleshooting step should be:

1. Update ReVanced Manager

  • Open the Play Store or APKMirror and install the newest ReVanced Manager.

2. Update MicroG

  • In ReVanced Manager, go to Installations and update MicroG if an update is available.

3. Rebuild ReVanced

  • In ReVanced Manager, use ReVanced Builder to build a new ReVanced APK with patches enabled.

  • Uninstall any old version and install the new ReVanced APK.

Updating these core components often resolves general issues caused by changes to YouTube‘s API or mobile client.

Step 2: Double Check MicroG Settings

In addition to updating MicroG itself, also ensure your MicroG settings are configured properly:

1. Enable Spoofing

In ReVanced, go to Settings > ReVanced Settings > Miscellaneous

Make sure "Spoof app version" and "Spoof player" are enabled:

ReVanced settings to enable

These tricks help ReVanced mask itself from YouTube‘s detection methods.

2. Set Proper Versions

With spoofing enabled, you can pretend to be a specific YouTube version. Set this to a current public version like 18.36.37.

YouTube sometimes blocks obviously faked versions, so matching a real one helps avoid issues.

3. Disable Battery Optimization

Go to your device Settings > Apps > MicroG and disable battery optimization. This prevents OS-level restrictions from interfering with MicroG.

4. Revoke Old Logins

In MicroG settings, go to Account Management and revoke any old Google logins no longer needed. Removing stale credentials can resolve odd account issues.

With MicroG updated and properly configured, see if this resolves any improper YouTube logins or blocking.

Step 3: Try Different Accounts and Incognito Mode

Sometimes ReVanced works fine generally but has problems with your specific YouTube account.

To test if account-related issues are the culprit:

1. Use Incognito Mode

Open ReVanced, go to its Settings > Account and switch to Incognito. Then try loading videos.

Incognito uses a temporary account to login. If videos now work, your main account has some sort of restriction.

2. Add Another Account

Add a different Google account to your device. Open ReVanced, switch logins, and test videos again.

If ReVanced works properly with another account, the issue lies with your primary account rather than the app.

3. Contact YouTube Support

If videos only work in Incognito or on another account, contact YouTube support. Ask if they can remove restrictions or conflicts on your account preventing modded app logins.

Account-specific issues are frustratingly common with ReVanced. While YouTube refuses to officially support modded apps, you can sometimes persuade them to resolve arbitrary restrictions.

Step 4: Completely Uninstall and Reinstall ReVanced

If general troubleshooting hasn‘t helped, the nuclear option is fully removing and reinstalling ReVanced from scratch. This blasts away any lingering gremlins:

1. Uninstall ReVanced and MicroG

Fully uninstall the ReVanced app and MicroG from your device. Also uninstall any YouTube updates (leave it on the factory version).

2. Reset ReVanced Manager

Open ReVanced Manager, go to Settings > Data Management and reset app data. This clears out old code caches.

3. Delete App Data

Go to your device Settings > Apps and delete app data for YouTube, ReVanced Manager, and MicroG. This wipes their stored settings.

4. Reinstall ReVanced

Use the latest ReVanced Manager to rebuild the app and MicroG with your preferred patches. Reinstall the new versions.

5. Re-enable Settings

Open ReVanced and re-enable key options like spoof versions in the app settings. Log into your YouTube account again.

A full reinstall flushes out any lingering issues and resets ReVanced to a clean state. Surprisingly often, this will fix problems that other troubleshooting couldn‘t resolve.

Step 5: Downgrade the YouTube App

If ReVanced stops working after a YouTube update, downgrading the official YouTube app can help restore compatibility:

1. Find Previous Version

Go to APKMirror and browse older YouTube releases like 17.36.37.

2. Install Older APK

Uninstall any YouTube updates on your device. Then install the older APK you downloaded from APKMirror.

3. Spoof Old Version

In ReVanced settings, change "Spoof app version" to match the downgraded YouTube app‘s number.

Running an older YouTube build with matched settings in ReVanced prevents API conflicts that can occur after YouTube updates. As a temporary fix, downgrading allows you to keep enjoying ReVanced until it updates to support the new YouTube release.

Alternative Modded YouTube Options

If you continue having issues getting ReVanced working properly, another option is trying alternate modded YouTube apps:

Table comparing top alternative YouTube mods

Vanced: The original king now discontinued, but older Vanced APKs still work if you can find a download. No longer maintained or updated.

NewPipe: Open source YouTube client for Android. Currently maintained but barebones UI.

LibreTube: Another open source option similar to NewPipe. Updated more regularly.

Inotia YouTube: ReVanced fork with alternate patching. Better compatibility for some issues.

Revanced: Original app from Vanced developers. Discontinued but can be hard to find.

Trying a different mod app can help determine if the issues lie with core YouTube restrictions on your account versus bugs with ReVanced itself.

The various modded options have tradeoffs, but are worth testing if you need your ad-free YouTube fix. Just be sure to use trustworthy sources when downloading alternate APKs.

Conclusion and Preventing Future Issues

Phew, quite a journey! With this complete troubleshooting walkthrough, you should now have the knowledge to resuscitate ReVanced and get your ad-free YouTube back working again.

To recap the key steps:

  • Update ReVanced Manager and MicroG
  • Double check MicroG settings are properly configured
  • Try alternate accounts or Incognito Mode to isolate account issues
  • Completely uninstall and reinstall ReVanced if needed
  • Downgrade the official YouTube app to maintain compatibility
  • Test alternate modded YouTube apps as a workaround

While fixing issues can be frustrating, the best way to avoid problems is prevention:

  • Check ReVanced Manager weekly for updates
  • Monitor change logs to know when YouTube updates cause breakages
  • Periodically rebuild your ReVanced APK to incorporate latest patches
  • Join their Telegram group to stay on top of announcements

Keeping ReVanced and MicroG regularly updated is the #1 way to avoid sudden issues interrupting your ad-free YouTube bingeing.

Armed with this troubleshooting knowledge, you can now tinker under the hood with confidence to keep ReVanced working smoothly! Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for fixing stubborn ReVanced problems.

Happy (uninterrupted) streaming!


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