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Mobile devices are currently the most common and advanced gadgets in the world. Basically, most of the evolution in technology has been focused on mobile devices. Among the mobile devices that have received the most advancement are the Smartphones, which are also the most used devices. The mobile gadgets are used in various areas, other than making calls or sending text as they were initially developed to do. They also have amazing facts and related history, which are interesting, yet others are somewhat shocking.

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Here are 10 stunning statistics and facts about mobile device use

1. First Mobile Call Made In 1973

Martin Cooper, who used to work as an inventor in Motorola, made the first mobile call on the 3rd of April, 1973. Mr. Cooper was and is referred to as the father of mobile phones. Martin made the call from New York and he called the boss of a rival phone company. It is believed that the two had agreed on discovering the first portable phone. Cooper won the challenge.

2. Nokia 1100 Is The Best Selling Definite Model

Made by the Finland-based company, Nokia, the Nokia 1100 model has made an overall sale of more than 250 million gadgets. This record made the phone model the best selling electric device in history, this was ahead of the video game, PlayStation 2. There are still some users who are purchasing the devices on the second hand market, especially for use in remote areas with limited reception.

3. Mobile Devices Have More Bacteria Than Toilet Knobs

A research was done and it was found out that there are bacteria on mobile devices, especially the mobile phones, 18 times more than the bacteria on toilet handles. This is characterized by the handling of the devices with multiple hands, which are mostly dirty. It is unusual to wash your hands before handling your mobile device, and too many people eat without washing their hands after using a mobile gadget

4. Most Of The Mobile Phones In Japan Are Waterproof

Other than China, Japan is nearly the second most technology-advanced country in the world. About 90% of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. The main reason for the manufacturing of waterproof phones is because most of the users are youngsters, who use the phones in showers too. Other than the showers, the youngsters also use the phones while in swimming pools. The phone companies considered the tendency of the phone usage and developed waterproof devices.

5. The 21st Century Kids Are The Most Advanced Young Generation In Mobile Devices Usage Of All Time

A research was carried and it was found out that over 70% of the kids that were 8 and below, used mobile devices to perform several media activities. Some of the activities performed include watching videos, playing games or running an application. An amazing statistic that was carried showed that children under the age of 2 already know how to use a mobile device.

6. Checking The time Is The Most Common Use Of Mobile Devices

It has been studied and proven that the most common use of mobile is not sending texts or making calls. A person would check the time more frequently than how they would make calls or send text messages. This is a very true practice, and it has become more of a habit, whereby, one would check the time on their mobile phones, even if they had a wrist watch.

7. Using The Phone While Driving Is More Dangerous Than DUI

It has been proved that the driver will react slower by about a third, compared to when Driving Under the Influence (Of Alcohol). Apparently, there has been more car accidents reported due to the use of mobile devices. The most common use that will steal away the attention, which in turn reduces the reaction, is texting, then calling. One case was reported of a lady who was replying to a text from her boyfriend. The lady ended up driving off the road and into a river, she was saved before drowning, but was later sued for careless driving.

8. Too Many Mobile Device Users Suffer From Nomophobia

Nomophobia is basically the fear of losing your signal or not having your mobile phone with you. Several users of mobile phones tend to worry too much if they cannot find their phones. Another factor that causes too much anxiety with the mobile device users is the lack or loss of signal. If one is making a call or using their phone, they will always want to see the signal bars complete.

9. Mobile Devices Are The Most Common Gadgets Used In Any Public Gathering

In what might seem like a funny scene, mobile devices are the most used gadgets in any public gathering. Whether it is a celebration, education, business or any other meeting, the mobile devices will be used most frequently. People use their mobile gadgets to take photos, which is the most common practice, record audio or video. People will mostly take photos of captivating events and scenes and share on social media.

10. People Access The Internet More On Their Mobile Devices

The mobile gadget, especially the tablets and Smartphones, are the most common devices used by people to surf the net. Statistically, the internet users in China are more on mobile gadgets than on laptops and computers. Besides China, the entire world has internet users on Smartphones and tablets than on computers. This has pushed web developers to design mobile version websites, since people tend to be more online, especially while on-the-go.

These are the 10 stunning statistics and facts about mobile device use, both today and in history. There are some facts that are history and it is difficult to alter them. For instance, the use of the Nokia 1100, which has a record holder of the best selling portable device. The technology is expected to advance even more in the coming years and maybe children will perform more functions with the portable devices. The use of mobile is increasing gradually and people are using them to practically do anything, thanks to the applications installed. Even though the phones are more susceptible to bacteria, there have been limited cases of metabolic infections caused by the phones.


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